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January Hurricane Alex,

The Ultimate Disgrace

January Hurricane Alex

January Hurricane Alex

January 15 (Day 15, Covering):  Alex became the third January hurricane in the Atlantic since records began in 1851.  Previously Hurricane One became a hurricane on Jan. 4, 1938, and Alice was a hurricane Dec. 31, 1954 through Jan. 4, 1955.  Alice had 90 mph wind, and Alex was estimated to have 85 mph wind with pressure of 981 mb.  Hurricane Alex hit the Azores on January 15, 2016 and passed near the third island of Terciera about 1215 GMT with minimal hurricane force winds of 75 mph.  It was downgraded to a tropical storm at 1500 GMT.

The significance of a January hurricane is the ultimate disgrace, or anachronism.  It is like snow in June, the beginning of the end, a mole on a phi face, or being caught naked in public.  It is the ultimate desecration and disgrace.  It is an anachronism.  It corresponds to desecration of something holy, rejection of true love, and perverting the truth.  It is like the venom of an iconoclast.

There are many slang expressions for this along with many malicious and vulgar insults.  Among them are being stabbed in the back, slimed, slammed, having the rug pulled out from under you, or simply screwed (with its vulgar variations).  In all of Creation Satan was the first and worst case.  He was the most beautiful, wise, and powerful creature that God ever created, and he rejected the Love of God, concocted a litany of lies, and rebelled against the Most High God (Ezek 28:12, 14, 15, 16).  He was symbolized by the King of Tyre (Ezek 27, 28:12).

The storm that became Hurricane Alex began in the Bahamas on January 6, 2016.  It appeared as a horse off Florida.  There was a noticeable circulation over Cape Canaveral on radar.  The unnamed storm quickly moved East and then up the East coast on January 7-8.  It was an impressive sight in the form of a horse off North Carolina as it appeared to be saluting.  Then it crossed the Atlantic and was briefly a subtropical storm.  It quickly transitioned to a tropical storm and then a hurricane on January 14 when it reached the Gulf Stream under the cold upper atmosphere south of the Azores.  It hit the Azores on January 15 as a minimal hurricane and was down graded to a tropical storm.

The Azores are islands in the Atlantic 850 miles off the coast of Portugal. The autonomous region consists of nine volcanic islands.  There are similarities between the Azores and the description of ancient Tyre, which was on an island in the Mediterranean.  The King of Tyre, who symbolized Satan, wore a robe covered with nine types of precious stones (Ezek 28:13).  Satan originally was the keeper of he Throne Room in Heaven which was described as the Mountain of God like a volcano (Ezek 28:14).

The path of Hurricane Alex across the Atlantic is roughly the shape of a Throne with the footstool off Florida in the Bahamas.  Satan was thrown down to the Earth, the Lord's footstool (Ezek 28:17; Matt 5:34-35; Lk 10:18; Rev 9:1; 12:9).  At the time Hurricane Alex hit the Azores, the Morning Star was in Scorpius beside the God of the Covenants.

  1. Morning Star Satan's fall leading to his doom
  2. God of the Covenants Final Judgment.
The Moon and Mediator Planet were in Pisces near the Ascendant.  This corresponds to the meaning of a hurricane, which symbolizes rejection of the Grace message of the pastor like the Right Woman who rejects the authority of her Right Man.
  1. Moon Church
  2. Mediator Pastor
The Astrological Chart at the time contained Skull, a morbid symbol of death at the hands of Satan, who has the power of death with God's permission.


January hurricanes are rare.  They are an anachronism and symbolize the ultimate disgrace, like the desecration of a holy relationship.  The first and ultimate such desecration came from Satan's rejection of God (Ezek 28:2, 16, 17).  When he sinned, he profaned his relationship with God by rejecting Love and Grace.  He persisted in rejecting the Divine solution and chose the Lake of Fire over a Love relationship with God.  He chose to remain unsanctified and was therefore condemned to the Lake of Fire.

Other examples of desecration of sacred relationships include:

  1. The King of Tyre, who symbolized Satan ruling over the divisions of angels.
  2. David and Bathsheba, who desecrated the Right Man Right Woman relationship of Uriah and Bathsheba.
  3. Gomer rejecting Hosea.
  4. The Jews' rejection of Jesus Christ.
The storm that became Alex began off Florida on January 6, for a man stripped of his power standing before the footstool of the conquering king.  It began in the Bahamas at the footstool of the throne formed by its track.  It became a hurricane on January 14, for the Passover, corresponding to the sanctification of the nation of Israel from Egypt.  The January hurricane signified an anachronism and a disgrace.

A hurricane signifies rejection of the Grace message of the pastor by the local congregation like the rejection of the authority of the Right Man by the Right Woman.  This analogy was emphasized when Alex struck the Azores with the Moon and Mediator Planet in Pisces near the Ascendant, for the Church and Pastor.  The Morning Star and God of the Covenants were in Scorpius, for Satan's fall and final judgment.

The year 2016 stands for sanctification.  Hurricane Alex symbolized the opposite desecrating a sacred relationship.  Sacred relationships include the Church and Marriage.


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Released January 15, 2016

Author:  Larry Wood