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SpaceX Historic Booster Landing

SpaceX Historic Booster Landing

SpaceX Historic Booster Landing

December 21 (Day 355, Grace Blessing):  SpaceX made history with the first ever booster rocket vertical landing at Cape Canaveral.  After launching 11 Global Positioning Orbcomm satellites, the main booster of the Falcon 9 returned to Cape Canaveral Launch Complex 13 and landed successfully.  The booster's return from supersonic speeds was heralded by a loud sonic boom.  After landing, the booster remained standing vertically with its grasshopper legs extended to score an historic first in space flight.

SpaceX Landing ChartThe SpaceX booster glided to its birth on the Florida shores under a bright Moon with the planets configured overhead to mark the historic occasion.  Launch was at 8:29 PM EST (0129 GMT) and landing was at 8:41 PM.  The Moon was in Midheaven in Aries as the sign of a glorious female leader, or Jezebel, corresponding to a rocket booster with a payload (the head) on top.  The Moon was at the point of a Horn, formed by the Almighty God Planet in Leo and the Sun in Sagittarius.  A Horn corresponds to a rocket.

A Ship's Hold (overturned Castle) symbolized the base of the rocket with its engines pointed downward preparing to land.  A Plow pointed to the bottom of the Ship's Hold to the conjunction of the Last Adam and Savior Planets in Sagittarius.  The Plow symbolized the thrust of the rocket engines to counter balance the weight of the rocket, and the Savior Planet symbolized a deliverer.  The launch success was the first since a SpaceX Space Station resupply mission exploded June 28, 2015.  The previous two attempts to land the Falcon 9 booster on a barge in the ocean failed, although they came close.  One landed too hard, and the other tipped over.


The first successful return and landing of a booster rocket was a feat in space flight that surpassed the mission success of putting 11 GPS satellites into orbit.  Space flight impresses people, and landing a rocket Buck Rogers style was impressive.  The technology to do this has been around since the beginning of the space race, but actually doing it has proven more difficult.  Those who finally did it are risk takers.  They are driven to fly faster, farther, and higher, where no man has gone before.

The Moon in Midheaven symbolized the booster seizing the glory from the head (payload).  This is the symbol of a bossy woman, or Jezebel.  King Ahab was timid and shy compared to his ambitious and evil wife, Jezebel (1 Ki 16:31; 21:5-16; Rev 2:20).  The old space pioneers were conservative compared to this new generation of high wire performers.  Satan is their motivation and their inspiration.  He gives them great glory, and God allows it.  God configured the planets overhead to symbolize the truth.

Landing a booster Buck Rogers style was an impressive feat.  It was the classic control system broom balancer applied to a Falcon 9 booster, and it worked.  But who was behind it?  The Moon overhead in Aries said it was Jezebel from New York, which like London and Jerusalem is the great city of the world (Rev 11:8; 17:18).  This was done in the name of cost-saving, but in reality the love of money (1 Tim 6:10).  Space business is big business.  GPS satellites were deployed, but they will fall in the Tribulation (Matt 24:29; Rev 6:13).

It was December 21, 2015, Day 355, where the numbers mean:  21 Providential Preventative Suffering, 15 covering, and 355, Grace blessing in suffering.  Launch failures and delays stalled the SpaceX booster landing until it could be accomplished in its time with the planets properly configured overhead.  The Sovereign design of God trumps the finesse of Satan and free will of man.


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Released Dec. 22, 2015

Author:  Larry Wood