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Braintree Driverless Train

Braintree Driverless Train
Driverless Train Chart

Braintree Driverless Train

December 10 (Day 344, Suffering):  A six-car train left Braintree, Massachusetts without its driver and traveled through four stations before being brought to a halt.  The train hit the driver, who had stepped out to check on a signal, and sent him to the hospital.  The train was brought to a halt north of Quincy by cutting power to the third rail.  The driverless train, which left Braintree at 6:08 AM, caused massive delays on the Red Line in the morning rush hour before normal service was restored at 10 AM.

The driver was following a procedure to put the train in emergency bypass mode due to a failed signal.  The train's brake and a hand brake were supposed to be ON when the driver exited the train to pull a switch in the front of the train to activate emergency bypass mode.  An investigation will determine if human error was the cause.

However, regardless of whether the driver is determined to be the cause of the problem, this is another case of angels driving the train.  Whether they distracted the driver or he forgot to put the brakes ON, the angels were running the show.  This case is just like the case of the driver killed by his own truck in Florida three days ago.

A train without a driver symbolizes a woman without a leader, such as Jezebel, or the death of a leader.  When the train took off without the driver, the Moon was on the Ascendant in Scorpius, for Jezebel.  The Moon was in conjunction with the God of the Covenants, for final judgment.  The Sun was also in Scorpius, for Satan as an angel of light.  This all symbolized a Satanic attack.

It was December 10, 2015, Day 344, where 10 is for the Laws of Establishment, and 344 is for suffering (44).  The number on the train was 1502, where 15 corresponds to the meaning of the year 2015, for a covering, and 2 is for Divine Division.  Braintree is at 42 N, for Baal, and 71 W, for a strait.  Baal was further symbolized by the weather elephants over the central and northwestern US.

Driverless Train Chart

Driverless Train ChartThe Chart at the time the train left without its driver is almost identical to the Chart from the Florida driverless truck.  The Chart contained a Skull, a Plow, and Family configuration.  The Moon was on the Ascendant, for Jezebel.  The Family configuration on the Ascendant with the Sun and Moon symbolized a strong Satanic attack.  The 2 plus 1 members of the Family configuration corresponds to the death of Absalom, when his horse kept going after he was stuck in the fork of a tree (2 Sam 18:9).

Midheaven was in conjunction with the Almighty God Planet in Leo, for a glorious ruler.  The Bottom of Heaven was in Aquarius, for bad news.

The Savior Planet had moved into Sagittarius, for a deliverer.


The driverless train from Braintree symbolizes Jezebel, who rebels against her husband and tries to kill him.  This corresponds to women in positions of authority, for which they have no God-given authority and destroy everything they try to lead.  The driverless train with the 2 plus 1 members of a Family configuration on the Ascendant symbolizes the death of Absalom (2 Sam 18:9).

After the train was stopped, the people tried to pry the doors open and break the windows.  This corresponds to knocking at the door discipline (Rev 3:20).  The train was the Red Line, where red is for suffering and corresponds to the name Ormond associated with the Florida driverless truck in Ormond Beach three days before and the home of the San Bernardino terrorists in Redlands.  The driverless train was a repeat of the curse of the driverless truck in Florida.  Disruption of morning rush hour commute by the train at 42 N. corresponds to a strategic problem associated with Baal.


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Released Dec. 10, 2015 - Revised Dec. 11, 2015

Author:  Larry Wood