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Planned Parenthood Mass Shooting

Staff, 11-27-15, PSC
Planned Parenthood Mass Shooting
Planned Parenthood Shooting Chart
Robert Lewis Dear, Jr. Birth Chart

Planned Parenthood Mass Shooting

November 27 (Day 331, Evil King):  A mass shooting occurred at the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Black Friday, Nov. 27, 2015.  The gunman, Robert Lewis Dear, Jr., 57, began shooting in the parking lot at 11:38 AM MST (1838 GMT) and moved inside.  He killed three and shot nine others (5 police officers and 4 civilians).  Doors were quickly locked to prevent injury to staff and patients.

Police used the SWAT team's armored vehicle called the BearCat to extract people from the building as police watched the shooter on the clinic's security system.  After a five hour stand off the shooter surrendered.  As he was being taken into custody, he ranted about President Obama and said, "No more baby parts."

The image from the weather satellite showed a large staff across the USA with what appeared to be an angel at the bottom and another angel off the East coast facing Washington, DC. It is noted that the Latitude of Colorado Springs is the exact same as Washington, DC.  The weather angels were Elect Angels tasked with insuring that this Divine Judgment was executed according to Plan.  Satan controlled the shooter, but the Elect Angels watched over the events and influenced the President's reaction.

A staff was also associated with President Obama's election on November 4, 2008.  A shepherd's staff, or rod, is a symbol of Divine Judgment, as was the rod of Moses for the Plagues of Egypt.  The staff on the weather image indicates that the Colorado shooting was Divine Judgment administered by Satan and the Elect Angels.  Satan did the killing and the Elect Angels protected those who were not scheduled to die.  The shooting was part of the Cycles of National Cursing of the USA associated with the 44th President, where 44 symbolizes suffering.  The police officer killed in the shooting was 44.

The shooting brought the President out to express his dismay and condolences and to threaten gun control.  Only two days before he had addressed the nation to say that the homeland was safe.

Planned Parenthood Shooting Chart

Planned Parenthood Shooting ChartThe Chart at the time of the shooting contained a Building, a Coffin, and a Plow.  The Building corresponds to the Planned Parenthood Clinic.  The Coffin could also be a gurney one for burying the dead and the other for carrying the injured.  A Plow is for intensified suffering, like being plowed under.  The BearCat armored vehicle plowed through the walls of the clinic in the standoff.

There was a Stellium of three planets in conjunction with Midheaven in Scorpius, corresponding to a powerful Satanic attack of criminality.  The Sun in Scorpius symbolizes Satan as a counterfeit angel of light as well as criminality.  The shooter at the clinic was trying to right the wrongs of society.

The Moon was in Gemini, for a family.  Abortion prevents children from being born and becoming family members.

The Bottom of Heaven was in Taurus, for a rich man's tomb.  Abortion could be considered an option now available in modern prosperous nations.

The shooting began with the Sun in Midheaven and ended at Sunset at 4:52 PM MST.

Robert Lewis Dear, Jr. Birth Chart

Robert Lewis Dear Birth ChartThe Birth Chart for Robert Lewis Dear, Jr. contains a Castle, a Wagon, and a Pedestal.  Since the time of birth is not known, the Castle could be a Pit.  A Castle is the domain of a noble who rules over loyal subjects.  Dear was preoccupied with homes, although they were mostly run-down trailers and not castles.  Dear lived in a trailer (mobile home) in Colorado.  He also had a trailer in Swannanoa, North Carolina, and a cabin in Black Mountain.  A Wagon symbolizes a trailer.  A Pedestal, or altar, is for offering sacrifices and can be associated with iconoclastic arrogance.

A Pole also connected two conjunctions of planets.  This indicates a very strong opposition made even stronger by the planets in Aries and Libra.  This explains Dear's bitter, impulsive, compulsive, reactionary nature.  A Pole also corresponds to a staff, such as the one in the weather image.

The Sun was in Aries, for a husband.  Dear was a husband and father before he was divorced in 2000.

The Wagon pointed to the Moon in Pisces, for the Church.  Dear was a Baptist and by all accounts a Christian.  He even read the Bible, but he obviously didn't obey it.

The Morning Star was in Aquarius, for exposing the feet of clay.  This can be associated with iconoclastic arrogance.  Dear's actions called attention to the selling of body parts from abortion.  The world leaders of this practice are the US and China.

The Red Planet was in Capricornus, for criminal suffering, and the God of the Covenants was in Sagittarius, for the doctrine of war.  Dear made war against the abortion clinic.

The Last Adam was in Leo, for a person who stands before the footstool of the conquering king stripped of his power.  Dear was captured and will face judges.

The Mediator Planet was in Libra, for a negotiator.  Dear negotiated his surrender rather than be killed.


The Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado was not just the work of a lone wolf lunatic.  The weather image of a staff, images of angels, the exact Latitude of Washington, DC, and the astrological signs in the charts of the shooter and the shooting, all point to Divine punishment.  The shooting in Colorado was the work of Satan, who was allowed to administer the punishment.

A staff appeared when Obama was elected the 44th President.  The meaning is now obvious.  Obama has presided over a nation under Divine Discipline.  The staff is God's rod of punishment.  President Obama as the 44th President had to carry that staff.  God has hardened Obama's heart in order to destroy the nation.  Satan is behind government policy including:  Homosexual marriage, uncontrolled immigration, socialized health care, and funding abortion clinics.

The Colorado shooting was Divine punishment under the Cycles of National Cursing not because of abortion.  The abortion problem is not what it appears to be.  It is the tip of a bigger problem, namely the counterattack of the Prostitute of Babylon.  About 90% of the one million abortions per year in this country are in the first trimester of pregnancy, which means human soul life has not yet been imputed.   Human soul life does not begin at conception.  That is a Roman Catholic heresy.  There is no soul at conception.

This does not mean everything is all right, however.  Almost all abortions are from unwanted pregnancies of live-ins.  David was an unwanted child, but he overcame it (Ps 27:10).  Women want abortions because they do not want to bring bastards into the world.  Further, the women Jezebels would bring in children under the curse on their children (Rev 2:20-23).  The women don't want a family without a husband; therefore, the children are aborted to prevent a family.  But it is even worse because fornication and adultery amount to idolatry (1 Cor 6:16; Col 3:5).

The only solution is God's solution.  The government cannot solve the problem.


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Released November 30, 2015

Author:  Larry Wood