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Friday the 13th Paris Terrorist Attack

Friday the 13th Paris Terrorist Attack

Friday the 13th Paris Terrorist Attack

November 13 (Day 317, Lawlessness):  Seven ISIS terrorists attacked Paris on the night of Friday the 13th and murdered over 100 people with guns and suicide bombs.  The simultaneous attacks began with suicide bombers outside the Stade de France (stadium) in the northern suburb of Saint-Denis at 21:16 CET (2216 GMT).  The deadliest attack was on the Bataclan theatre where three attackers took hostages and murdered the audience until police were able to end a standoff at 00:58 CET, about 2 hours later.   In addition to these attacks restaurants and bars in the heart of Paris were also shot up and at least eleven people killed.  All seven terrorists were killed, six from suicide bombs.

Three suicide bombers detonated bombs in Saint-Denis outside the Stade de France (stadium) where there was a soccer match between France and Germany.  French President François Hollande was attending the match.  The explosions occurred at 21:17, 21:30, and 21:53 CET.

The attack on the Bataclan theatre occurred during a concert by the rock band Eagles of Death Metal from Palm Desert, California.  Three terrorists dressed in black came in and opened fire with AK-47 assault rifles.  As they held police at bay they took hostages and killed many.  Two of them blew themselves up with suicide vests and the third was shot dead as police stormed the hall about two hours later.


The terrorist attack on Paris on Friday the 13th was the work of Satan with Divine permission.  Friday the 13th is a special day of double cursing for rejecting the Divine inheritance of the double blessing.   The Sovereignty of God and genius of Satan combined to reek havoc on Paris, France, which is located in the region of Ephraim and Manasseh corresponding to the double blessing symbolized by the number 13.  On the world map France in Europe corresponds to the location of Israel and California.

The attacks were performed by ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (or the Levant)) terrorists after the death of their chief beheader, Jihadi John, who was killed by a US drone strike the night before.  The attacks began in Saint-Denis, named for the patron bishop of Paris who was beheaded by the Romans shortly after 250 AD.  He is depicted as walking around carrying his head in his hands.  Denis is French for the god Dionysus, from which is also derived Dennis, Denys, Denis, and Denise.

Dionysus, also known as Bacchus, is the Greek god of wine, fertility, theatre, music, and carousing.  He is worshipped through blood sacrifices, orgies, and necromancy.  The Chart of planets at the time of the Paris attack contains a Skull and an upside down Carafe.  The Skull corresponds to the beheadings of Saint Denis and the captives of ISIS by Jihadi John.  The Carafe corresponds to a carafe of wine poured out in association with Dionysus.  France is known for its wine, which is served in the restaurants that were attacked.

The attack on the Bataclan theatre occurred during a concert by the rock band Eagles of Death Metal from Palm Desert, California.  This is the great irony.  "Eagles of Death Metal" is perhaps a double entendre for drones that the US has deployed to fight ISIS.  The drones fly around and kill a terrorist every few days while ISIS methodically takes over cities and districts.

The Paris attacks were from Satan.

  1. Cosmic Babylon Bataclan theatre attack during a concert by Eagles of Death Metal band symbolizing US drones.
  2. Political Babylon - Stade de France (stadium) attack, attended by the French President.
  3. Ecumenical Babylon attacks on French restaurants.
God authorized the attacks under the Cycles of National Cursing to terrorize the French people.

Paris Attack Chart

Paris Attack ChartThe Chart at the time of the Paris attacks contains a Skull and a Carafe.  The Skull is a morbid symbol of death at the hands of Satan, who has the power of death with God's permission.  The attacks began in Saint-Denis, named for a saint who was beheaded and supposedly picked up his own head.  Denis corresponds to Dionysus, the god of wine, women, and song.  A Carafe symbolizes a bottle of blessing or cursing.  The upside down Carafe corresponds to a bottle of wine poured out.  The terrorist attacks were upon restaurants and pubs that were serving wine.

Three pairs of planets in the Chart symbolize a flood.  Europe is facing a flood of Syrian immigrants.  Satan is inspiring the exodus into Europe.

The Sun was in Libra for Sovereign power (over a nation).  It was in conjunction with the Savior Planet, for being rescued, corresponding to those who were rescued from the terrorists.  Satan is behind the immigrants and the terrorists in an attempt to topple the Sovereign power of God and the Divine Institution of nationalism in Europe.  Satan is preparing to use the European Union to conquer the world in the Tribulation.

The Moon was in Scorpius, for Jezebel (Prostitute of Babylon).  The Moon was paired with the God of the Covenants, for final judgment.

Gemini was on the Ascendant, corresponding to France in Europe.  The Last Adam in Sagittarius had set, corresponding to an enemy attack.

The Carafe was aligned from Midheaven to the Bottom of Heaven.  The upside down Carafe corresponds to the pouring out of cursing, as the pouring out of Judgments by the angels in Revelation.  Midheaven was in Pisces along with the Mediator Planet, for a famous priest, namely Saint Denis.  Also at the top of the Carafe was the Redeemer Planet in Aquarius, for being redeemed from Sheol, corresponding to those who survived the attack.

The Bottom of Heaven was in Virgo, for a mortal human going down to the grave.  It was in conjunction with the Red Planet, for a bloody son, corresponding to the bloody sons of France in the attack.  Also in Virgo was the Morning Star for sons of Light, corresponding to believers and to Paris, which is known as the city of light.

The Almighty God Planet in Leo symbolizes a ruler, such as the French President, who was at the soccer match when the terrorist bombs exploded outside.  The Almighty God along with the Red Planet and Morning Star formed a Family configuration.  The Family is associated with the meaning of Friday the 13th, corresponding to the double blessing (or cursing) associated with the firstborn, who receives the family inheritance.


The terrorist attacks on Paris on Friday the 13th, 2015 were the work of Satan under the permissive will of God.  The attacks were part of the Cycles of National Cursing to terrorize the nation.  The irony of Friday the 13th symbolized double cursing in lieu of the double blessing of the inheritance of the firstborn.  The number 13 stands for the double blessing, and France is in the location of the double blessing of Ephraim and Manasseh in Europe.  The attacks began as Gemini, corresponding to France, was rising on the Ascendant.

The three types of targets in the attacks symbolized Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon of Satan's Cosmic System.  The targets were:

  1. The Bataclan theatre with the Eagles of Death Metal band.
  2. The Stade de France (stadium).
  3. The French restaurants.
The Paris attacks were both Divine punishment and Satanic tyranny designed to terrorize the citizens of France and Europe.  Satan was the master genius behind the attacks, but God provided them in his Plan.  Those who are not stabilized by faith in God will be terrorized.  The police and military cannot protect against the genius of Satan.  Only mature Christians can defeat Satan.  Those who reject orthodox Christianity with the filling of the Holy Spirit and Bible Doctrine are doomed to slavery to Satan (Hos 4:6).  There is hope for those who will Rebound and return to God (Jer 3:12, 14, 22).


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Released November 14, 2015

Author:  Larry Wood