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Mecca Crane Collapses on 9-11 Anniversary

Mecca Crane Collapses on 9-11 Anniversary

Mecca Crane Collapses on 9-11 Anniversary

September 11 (Day 254, Redemption):  The weather angels caused a sudden thunderstorm over Mecca that toppled a crane on worshippers in a mosque on the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attack on the US.  A construction crane was struck by lightning and toppled onto the Grand Mosque about 5:45 PM Saudi time.  Over 100 were killed and over 200 injured.  The crane belonged to the Bin Laden family construction company, which is in charge of the £14 billion mosque expansion project.

Crance Collapse Chart

Crane Collapse ChartThe Chart at the time of the crane collapse contained a Wing, a Coffin, and two Plows.  A Wing is a symbol of power.  The Wing corresponded to the crane.  A Coffin is for burying the dead, and a Plow symbolizes intensive suffering, like being plowed under.  One Plow pointed to the Last Adam in Sagittarius, for an enemy attack.  The other Plow pointed to the God of the Covenants in Scorpius, for final judgment.  The Judgment on the September 11 anniversary by the weather in an act of God was obviously God's revenge (Rom 12:19), or redemption per the meaning of today, Day 254, for redemption.

The Redeemer Planet was on the Ascendant in Aquarius, for being redeemed from Sheol.  This corresponds to those who didn't die, but it also corresponds to God's payback (Rom 12:19).   Aquarius corresponds to Florida where three of the September 11 hijacker pilots received flight training.

Leo, corresponding to Washington, DC, was on the Descendant.  It contained:

  1. Sun King of glory
  2. Almighty God sovereign ruler or king
  3. Moon politicians.
There were two planets in Cancer, corresponding to Turkey.
  1. Red Planet suffering from a safety breach
  2. Morning Star reaper.


The crane falling on the Mecca mosque during a thunderstorm corresponds to the Battle of the Thunderstorm (1 Sam 2:10; 7:10-11).  The weather angels that caused the thunderstorm work for God not Allah.  The worshippers of Allah were cursed by God on the anniversary of September 11, 2001 by a Bin Laden family crane.

Fifteen of the 19 terrorists on September 11 were Saudi citizens.  This is the link to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.  The Ascendant sign was Aquarius with the Redeemer Planet.  This corresponds to redemption, or payback, associated with Florida, where three of the hijacker pilots trained.  The Descendant was Leo, corresponding to Washington, DC.  The Sun and Moon were setting, corresponding to the end of the day (or time period).

The cursing of the thunderstorm in the desert corresponds to the Judgment of the Prostitute of Babylon, who is behind the Muslim  religion.


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Released September 11, 2015

Author:  Larry Wood