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Devastating Nepal Earthquake

Devastating Nepal Earthquake
Earthquake Chart

Devastating Nepal Earthquake

April 25 (Day 115, Witness of a Covering):  A strong 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal devastated the capital, Katmandu, and killed over 1000.  The earthquake struck at high noon and reduced buildings and houses to rubble.  Many were buried alive.  The earthquake triggered avalanches on nearby Mount Everest that was covered with climbers this time of year.  Nepal is in the Himalayas with the world's highest peaks.

The earthquake, centered at 28.147 N, 84.708 E, was 34 km (21 mi) ESE of Lamjung, Nepal and 77 km (48 mi) NW of Kathmandu, Nepal.  It struck at 0611/26 GMT (1156/26 AM local).  The earthquake struck on April 25, 2015, Day 115, where the numbers mean:  25 Sovereignty; 15 a covering; and 115 the witness (11) of a covering (15).

Earthquake Chart

Nepal Earthquake ChartThe Chart at the time of the Earthquake contains an overturned Building intersected by two opposing Horns, two Plows, and a Yod.  The Building symbolized the buildings destroyed by the earthquake.  The Horns symbolized powerful conflict.  The Plows symbolized intensified punishment of those plowed under by the earthquake.  And the Yod symbolized the critical timing of the earthquake at high noon.  The irony of destruction at noon symbolizes falling from the height of glory (1 Ki 20:16-20; Psa 91:5-6; Prov 16:18; Jer 6:4; Zeph 2:4) as a bird falls from its perch or Satan fell from Heaven (Isa 14:2; Lk 10:18).

The Sun was in conjunction with Midheaven in Aries, for a glorious leader.  The Bottom of Heaven was in Libra for the Judgment of death.  The Ascendant sign was Cancer, which contained two planets:

  1. The Moon security of the family
  2. Almighty God captives of the mighty.
The Descendant sign was Capricornus, corresponding to India to the South.

The Red Planet was in conjunction with the Savior Planet in Aries.

  1. Red Planet father of murderers
  2. Savior deliverer.
This corresponds to the conflict against ISIS, and the opposition of those fools who want to explore the Red Planet.


The earthquake that struck the mountains of Nepal at high noon and toppled building in the capital was the covering Judgment of Ecumenical Babylon.  Rubble of buildings covered the ground and avalanches covered parts of Mount Everest, the world's highest peak.  The devastation on Day 115 symbolized the meaning of the year 2015, for a covering.  It was God's covering Judgment.

The irony of destruction at noon on the peaks of the top of the world symbolizes the fall from worldly glory.  Further, the Sun was in Aries at noon for a glorious leader, such as a military leader or a husband.  This is the sign of one who will fall from the peak of glory.  Sic transit gloria mundi the glory of the world passes away.


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Released April 25, 2015

Author:  Larry Wood