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Demonic Symbols of Next SpaceX Launch

Merlin Engine, Slug
Demonic Symbols of Next SpaceX Launch

Demonic Symbols of Next SpaceX LaunchSlug Image, 4-24-15

April 24 (Day 114, Passover Witness):  This morning an angel (likely a demon) left a symbol on the sidewalk.  The symbol of a Falcon 9 Merlin engine was drawn by a slug.  The picture of the engine was a good replica in accurate proportion to a Merlin engine.  If a demon can control a slug to produce this quality art, it could exhibit much higher control over a baby or a man.  The demon could surely get Wernher von Braun or the designers of the Falcon 9 to do its bidding.  It could even get them to name the Dragon spacecraft after their master, Satan (Rev 12:9).

The engine symbol on the sidewalk was a demonic calling card to draw attention to the upcoming SpaceX launch on April 27, 2015.  SpaceX will launch the TurkmenAlem52E/MonacoSat communications satellite from Cape Canaveral Launch Complex 40 at 6:14 PM EDT (2214 GMT).  It will be the first satellite of Turkmenistan, one of the world's most repressive and isolated countries.  This month the country banned all satellite dishes.  Only state-run news communication is allowed.  The country on the east side of the Caspian Sea is rich in natural gas.  One well that has been burning since 1971 is known as the Door to Hell.  The country is 93% Sunni Muslim.

Last year SpaceX filled suit against the US Air Force because of its policy of uncompeted procurement of expendable launch vehicles in which only United Launch Alliance is allowed to launch for the Air Force.  SpaceX wanted a slice of the pie.  It argued that ULA Atlas V and Delta IV rockets used Russian engines and the head of Russian space activities, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, was on the sanctions list due to the Ukraine crisis.  However, SpaceX made a deal with the Air Force and withdrew the lawsuit in January, 2015.3
Falcon 9 Engines
The symbolism of Falcon 9 engines and Turkmenistan is even more intriguing.  The nine Merlin engines at the base of the Falcon rocket are arranged in an octagon with one engine in the center.  Similarly, the official Emblem of Turkmenistan is an octagon with a circle in the center.  There is also an hour-glass configuration of stars on the Turkmenistan flag that can be derived by connecting the engines to the central engine as shown in the illustration. Falcon Engines, Turkmenistan Emblem

This begs the question, "Were the octagonal and hour-glass configurations simply due to the Sovereignty of God or were they the skillful manipulation of Satan?"

Launch is scheduled for April 27, 2015, Day 117, where the numbers mean:  27 horn, 15 a covering, 117 witness (11) of lawlessness (17).  An engine bell is shaped like a horn.


A demon (or angel) used a slug to draw a picture of the SpaceX Merlin engine, which is the calling card of the upcoming SpaceX launch.  If a demon can influence a slug to draw a precise picture, the demon could influence people to perform much greater feats.

The octagonal pattern of the Falcon 9 engines and the Emblem of Turkmenistan were likely from demon influence.  The business deal between SpaceX and Turkmenistan may have also been influenced by demons.  However, bringing of the two octagonal configurations together for launch on April 27 is ultimately due to the Sovereign Design of God, who controls human history.  The symbols that are showing up are clues of the sophisticated influence of demons in our daily lives.


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Released April 24, 2015

Author:  Larry Wood