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Florida Manatees Rescued

Florida Manatees Rescued
Manatee Rescue Chart

Florida Manatees Rescued

February 24 (Day 24, Strategy):  Nineteen manatees were rescued from a culvert in Satellite Beach, Florida.  The manatees swam up a canal and into the culvert along Cassia Boulevard to escape cold water and get to warmer, shallow water.  City maintenance crews and wildlife rescue workers spent nine hours hauling them out with heavy equipment.  With scrapes and cuts, they were returned to the Indian River lagoon.  During the rescue an AT&T cable was cut, knocking out telephone service to the Police Department and the local area.

Nineteen is the number for Brevard County where the manatees were stranded.  The number 19 stands for the federal judiciary.  A manatee is the symbol of Baal.  The culvert symbolized a throat corresponding to the covering of the year 2015.  While the North is covered in snow, the Florida manatees swam into a covering culvert.   The manatees were led into the culvert by angels (demons).  They were rescued by Elect Angels who prevailed over the hearts of people who couldn't just leave them there to die.  The rescue was during the afternoon and night of February 23-24, 2015, Day 54, where the numbers mean:  23 historical uptrend; 2015 a covering; 54 salvation.

The stranding of the manatees in Florida symbolizes the stranding of 4 million immigrants in the US due to the federal court ruling in Texas that blocked the President's refusal to deport them.  The illegal immigrants are like the manatees stuck in the pipeline.  Satan, as the Evil King is the man of lawlessness, and Satan as the Prostitute of Babylon is bringing in the illegal immigrants.  Immigrants are men without a country and have no vested interest in the US.  They take its money but will not give their blood to defend it.  Satan is orchestrating the immigration policy of the US from both inside and outside the country just as he did at the Tower of Babel.

The AT&T cable that was severed left the Police Department without telephone service.  The police were deaf to emergency calls.  This symbolizes the current refusal of Congress to fund the Department of Homeland Security because it is refusing to enforce immigration laws.

Manatee Rescue Chart

Manatee Rescue ChartThe Chart at the time of the manatee rescue contained a Kite and a Plow.  A Kite symbolizes the blessings of the Cross, corresponding to immigration into the Promised Land of the US.  The Kite turns on the Almighty God Planet in Cancer, for the captives of the mighty (Isa 49:24-25).  This also corresponds to the captives of ISIS.  A Plow symbolizes intensified punishment like being plowed under.  The Plow pointed to the Moon in Aries, corresponding to Jezebel, the Prostitute of Babylon, and the manatees.

Pisces contained a pair of planets and a third, corresponding to a family.  The immigration debate is related to the breakup of families.  The Mediator Planet symbolized a pastor or priest.  And the conjunction of the Morning Star and Red Planet symbolized the facilitators rescuing the bloody manatees.

The Redeemer Planet and Sun were in conjunction in Aquarius, corresponding to the good news of the rescue of the manatees from the sea (drain pipe) in Florida.  If there had been rain, the manatees would have drowned in the pipe.

The Savior Planet in Capricornus symbolized the rescuers of the manatees.  Capricornus corresponds to Texas where a federal judge blocked the lawless immigration policy of the White House.  No matter which side wins the debate over immigration, the humans in the pipeline cannot be left to die.

The God of the Covenants in Scorpius corresponds to the final judgment of unbelievers.  Unbelievers are followers of Satan who will suffer the second death at the Great White Throne.  Manatees symbolize the follower of Satan as Baal.


The plight of the manatees stuck in the culvert in Florida's Brevard County symbolized the defeat of Satan's immigration policy.  A federal judge in Texas blocked the lawless policy of the White House.  This left four million immigrants in the pipeline who would have to be deported under current law.

Satan lured the manatees into the culvert in Florida just as he lured the immigrants into the US in violation of national sovereignty.  He did the same thing at the Tower of Babel.  The culvert in Florida is a covering corresponding to the pressure point of the Throat, which is full of lies.

The AT&T communication cable that was cut left the Police Department deaf to emergency calls.  This corresponds to the current argument in Congress over funding the Homeland Security bureaucracy, which refuses to enforce immigration laws.  In their haste to rescue the sea cows, the Police Department was unable to take emergency calls.

The manatees were stranded along Cassia Boulevard, where Cassia is Latin for empty or vain, corresponding to dead works.  The dead works of the manatees under the power of demons symbolized idolatry of the Prostitute of Babylon who sits on many waters (Rev 17:1).


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Released February 24, 2015 - Revised April 3, 2015

Author:  Larry Wood