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Terrorist Attack on Paris Newspaper

Terrorist Attack on Paris Newspaper
Paris Attack Chart

Terrorist Attack on Paris Newspaper

January 7 (Day 7, Categorical Punishment):  Al-Qa'eda terrorists with Kalashnikov rifles attacked the Charlie Hebdo newspaper office in Paris.  They demanded entry to the building at gunpoint and then methodically shot people, asking for some by name.  They killed the news director, Stephane Charbonnier, and his bodyguard.  The two terrorists killed at least 12 people, including a policemen outside.

Two policemen on bicycles were the first to arrive on the scene, but they waited for backup.  The terrorists left in a black car and shot up a police car that tried to block their exit.  They claimed to be Al-Qa'eda from Yemen.

The newspaper is known for publishing cartoons mocking Islamists and many other groups.  The attack occurred on January 7, 2015 as the Comet Lovejoy was closest to Earth as it passed through the Constellation Eridanus, the River of Fire at the Second Advent, corresponding to the Judgment of unbelievers.   A comet symbolizes a reversionist, who is a "wandering star" (Jude 1:13).  A comet with a bright head and long tail resembles a snake, the symbol of Satan.  A comet is an evil omen.

Paris Attack Chart

Paris Attack ChartThe Chart at the time of the Paris attack contained a Kite and a Trumpet.  The Kite symbolized the precision and efficiency of the terrorist attack.  The Kite turned on the Moon in Cancer, for security of a group, corresponding to the Charlie Hebdo office.  The Moon was in conjunction with the Almighty God Planet in Cancer, for a stronghold, which also corresponded to the newspaper office in Paris.  A Trumpet symbolizes a herald, corresponding to the broadcast of the news of the terrorist attack.  There were four pairs of planets in the Chart, corresponding to a flood.

Pisces had just reached the Ascendant with the Mediator, for a priest, corresponding to an attack upon the believer-priest from Ecumenical Babylon (Islam).  Aquarius was rising with two planets:

  1. Red Planet bloody jokers, corresponding to bloodshed of journalists who made jokes of others.
  2. Redeemer redeemed from Sheol, the grave.
Midheaven was in Sagittarius, for a notorious raiding band the terrorists.  The Sun was in Sagittarius, for the chief conspirator, corresponding to the news director of the Charlie Hebdo office or the leader of ISIS, whose cartoon had just been posted by the newspaper prior to the attack.  The Last Adam was also in Sagittarius, for an enemy attack.  The Bottom of Heaven was in Gemini, for Rachel weeping for her children.  Gemini corresponds to the location of France and Israel.

The God of the Covenants Planet was in Scorpius, for a liar or final judgment.  Fools and jokers revel in lies.


The terrorist attack on the Charlie Hebdo newspaper office in Paris was the work of Satan.  The attack coincided with the nearest approach of the Comet Lovejoy to Earth.  A comet symbolizes a reversionist and Satan.  It is an omen of evil, which was linked to the Al-Qa'eda terrorist attack on France.

The attack was in revenge for publishing cartoons that mocked the prophet Mohammed.  The newspaper journalists were jokers, who made joke of others.  This was symbolized by the Red Planet in Aquarius, for a bloody joker (or fool).  This corresponds to the meaning of the year 2015, for a covering, corresponding to the Throat pressure point from which comes lies.  This year is characterized by loquacious liars, who are spouting their foolishness.  Terrorists are deadly serious, but fools lack the common sense to understand that.


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Released January 7, 2015

Author:  Larry Wood