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Air and Sea Parallel Disasters,

Burning Ship and Fallen Plane

Ferry, Flight QZ8501
Ferry, Flight QZ8501
Air and Sea Parallel Disasters

Air and Sea Parallel Disasters

December 28 (Day 362, The End):  AirAsia Indonesia Flight QZ8501 from Indonesia to Singapore disappeared this morning at 6:18 AM (2318 GMT) with 162 people aboard.  The pilot had just requested permission to change the path and rise to 38,000 feet due to thunderstorms.  Early this morning an Italian ferry also caught fire in the Adriatic Sea with 478 people aboard.  The Norman Atlantic was enroute from Patras, Greece to Ancona, Italy when the fire broke out on the lower deck.  Evacuation was hindered by gale force winds.

These two disasters occurred on parallel paths at about 1/3 of the distance to the destination.  The paths through the Adriatic and Java Seas bear an eerie resemblance.  If maps of the two are normalized and overlaid, the disaster points of both are almost identical.  Both journeys began in the region of Aquarius, one in Europe and the other in Asia.  Aquarius corresponds to air and sea based upon the separation of the atmosphere from the water on the Earth on the second day of re-Creation (Gen 1:7).  Both journeys ended on December 28, 2014, Day 362, where the numbers mean 28 cosmic stronghold, 2014 Passover, and 362 the end (62).  Flight QZ8501 had 162 people onboard.  The flight number means 85 an eye or spy, 1 unity.

Parallel paths symbolize the separation of Right Man and Right Woman.  Even though they are part of the same spiritual system and cannot be separated spiritually (1 Cor 11:11), they are going down two separate physical paths.  This leads to cursing.  It is the story of Romeo and Juliet.

At the time Flight QZ8501 went missing, Sagittarius was rising with the Sun and three other planets.  The Mediator Planet was in conjunction with the Bottom of Heaven in Pisces, for a pastor or priest.


The parallel disaster of Flight QZ8501 with 162 aboard and the Italian ferry on Day 362 symbolize the doom of Right Man and Right Woman on parallel paths.


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Released December 28, 2014

Author:  Larry Wood