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Latest Black Male Killed by Deputy in Cocoa, FL

Latest Black Male Killed by Deputy in Cocoa, FL
Birth Chart

Latest Black Male Killed by Deputy in Cocoa, FL

December 26 (Day 360, Ai):  A Sheriff's Deputy shot and killed a local 23-year old Black male who pulled a gun on him.  Quinten Jamal Smith, who had just moved back from Chicago, was wanted for shooting up the home of a family member at 11:30 PM Christmas night.  He put nine bullets in the house with the family inside.  The next day he vowed to return and kill the family and not be taken alive.  When a Deputy spotted him at 12:43 PM the next day at an apartment at School and Pineda Streets, he ran and the deputy gave chase.  Smith pulled a gun on the deputy and was shot dead.

Smith had previous arrests in Cocoa for drug possession and theft but was not prosecuted.   The name Quinten is from Latin for the fifth son.  The number, 5, is for a giant.  Quinten was acting irrationally because he was under the power of Satan.  He is the latest Black male to be killed by law enforcement officers.  The first two were obvious giants Michael Brown (6'5", 289 lb.) and Eric Garner (6'3", 350 lb.).  Then came Antonio Martin, who was accompanied by a larger Black male.  All of these Black males were under the power of Satan.

Quinten Smith Birth Chart

Quinten Smith Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Quinten Smith contains a Skull with the Sun and two other planets in Scorpius.  A Skull is a morbid sign of death at the hand of Satan, who has the power of death, with God's permission.  The Sun in Scorpius symbolizes Satan as an angel of light.   Smith was said to have a good side.  The other planets in Scorpius were:
  1. Red Planet Satan, the murderer
  2. Savior Satanic attack
The Moon was in Pisces, for the Church.

The Chart turns on the Almighty God Planet in Leo, for a Sovereign.  This combined with the God of the Covenants in Capricornus, for lawlessness or an antichrist.  Under Satan's power, Smith saw himself as Sovereign and above the law.

Planets in Libra were:

  1. Morning Star rod of iron (decisive) judgment
  2. Last Adam cursed by the law.
The Mediator Planet was in conjunction with the Redeemer in Sagittarius.
Mediator mediation of conflict.  The mediation with law enforcement escalated the conflict.
Redeemer band of robbers or prostitute's customers.


The death of Quinten Smith by a Sheriff's Deputy on December 26, 2014 symbolized the death of the fifth giant in Spiritual warfare.  The giants were Black males under the power of Satan who were killed by law enforcement officers.  In Spiritual warfare five giants must be defeated before the Evil King.


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Released December 27, 2014

Author:  Larry Wood