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Riots after Ferguson Grand Jury Announcement

Riots after Ferguson Grand Jury Announcement

Riots after Ferguson Grand Jury Announcement

November 24 (Day 328, Cosmic Stronghold):  After the decision of the Ferguson Grand Jury in the shooting of Michael Brown was announced, angry Blacks rioted, looted, and set buildings afire in Ferguson, Missouri.  Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch announced that Police Officer Darren Wilson would not be charged in the shooting death of Michael Brown, 18, on August 9, 2014.  At least 17 businesses were burned as criminals looted.  The Fire Department did not respond due to gunshots in the area.

The pacifist approach did not quell the evil intentions of lawless people from the highest leaders to the lowest vagrants.  After all the speeches and pleas, it was the worst rioting since the Michael Brown shooting.  The messages that did not work came from the President, Governor, US Attorney General, Police Chief, parents, and community leaders.

What really happened is that Satan was behind the unrest, the dearth of male leadership, and the bitter liars and crooks.  And God allowed all this in His Sovereign Design in spite of all the prayers for peace and harmony.  The final announcement was made with the Sun and first two planets in Scorpius, corresponding to Satan, the world ruler and his sons, who are full of murder and lies.  The burning of Ferguson in Missouri, the location of the Brazen Altar of the Tabernacle, however, symbolized the burning of the animal sacrifice the redemption solution for the sins of the world.

The Lord used the Ferguson holocaust to call attention to the redemption solution to evangelize the world.  The Michael Brown shooting was on August 9, for the plagues of Egypt prior to the Passover as symbolized by the year, 2014.  The burning of the buildings in Missouri symbolized the burning of the animal sacrifice on the Brazen Altar of the Tabernacle as the redemption solution of Jesus Christ, the Lamb who paid for the sins of the world.


Ferguson Grand Jury ChartThe Chart at the time the Grand Jury decision was announced contained a Plow and a Locomotive.  A Locomotive for strategy pointed to the Almighty God Planet in Cancer, for a fortress, corresponding to the Clayton Courthouse from which the Grand Jury decision was announced.  A Plow symbolizes intense suffering, like being plowed under.  The Plow pointed to the God of the Covenants in Scorpius, for final judgment.  The Grand Jury decision closed the case against Darren Wilson.  There was a Father and Sons configuration in Scorpius, for Satan as the world ruler and the sons of murder and lies.  Satan orchestrated the lawlessness in Ferguson.  He incited the rioters and frightened the government leaders.  The four planets in Scorpius indicate great power of the significance of the sign in the Chart.  The sign corresponds to Simeon criminality and Satan.

The Ascendant was the sign of Gemini, for a witness as in court.  Sagittarius was on the descendant with three planets.

  1. Red Planet holocaust
  2. Last Adam enemy attack (the rioters)
  3. Moon an army - National Guard, which was deployed by the Governor.
Midheaven was in Aquarius, on the cusp of Pisces, for notorious good news.  The good news is the redemption solution, the Gospel.  The Bottom of Heaven was in Leo on the cusp of Virgo, for operation footstool.  Policeman Darren Wilson stood before the footstool and was exonerated.  However, he received no respect from the elected officials all the way to the President of the US.  Instead of a decoration for heroism, he will never be able to patrol again.


The riots in Ferguson, Missouri were in the region corresponding to the Brazen Altar in the Client Nation model.  Satan orchestrated the confrontation on August 9 and the subsequent riots, but God allowed this.  The burning buildings in Ferguson symbolized the burning sacrifice (Passover Lamb) on the Brazen Altar, corresponding to the redemption solution.


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Released November 25, 2014

Author:  Larry Wood