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Day of Sun Haloes, Shooting, and Socialism

FSU Shooting
Sun Haloes
Immigration Executive Orders
Myron May Birth Chart

Shooting at FSU

November 20 (Day 324, Strategy):  At 12:30 AM CST (0630 GMT) Myron May, 31, shot three people in the library at Florida State University before he was killed by police.  May was under demon attack himself from what he described as the "direct energy weapon" that was hitting him in the chest.  In voicemails and emails an hour before the shooting, he described very strong attacks.  Although he was a Christian, he didn't have a clue that he was under demon attack.

May was 31, for the Evil King.  He described the same problem as Aaron Alexis, 34, who killed 12 at the Washington Naval Yard on September 16, 2013.  Alexis said he was being attacked with low frequency radiation.  Both were black males with shaved heads, like the ancient Egyptians.  May's attack occurred with Leo on the Ascendant and the Sun in Scorpius.  Leo corresponds to Washington, DC, and the Alexis shooting occurred on Day 259, for Simeon criminality, corresponding to Louisiana in the region of Scorpius.

Myron is Greek for perfume.  However, Myron's evil shooting spree was more of a stink.  "Dead flies make a perfumer's oil stink" (Eccl 10:1).  Raising a stink of terrorism makes a person odious as did the murder of the Hivites by Simeon and Levi (Gen 34:30).  Myron was paranoid about being the victim of direct energy weapons and did the shooting to call attention to his plight.

Sun Halo, 11-20-14 Sun Halo, 1120-14

Sun Haloes

There was a halo around the Sun over central Florida from shortly after Sunrise off and on during the day until shortly before Sunset.  The Sun halo at Sunrise was intersected by two parallel vapor trails with a third vapor trail nearby.  There were vapor trails near the Sun at other times during the day.

A Sun halo symbolizes the New Covenant to the Church.  The last Sun halo was October 21, 2014  Parallel vapor trails symbolize separation between people on separate paths.  In the Church this symbolizes Christians who are not bound together by love because they do not have a common reciprocal Love for Christ.

Colossians 2:2 Reciprocal Love Motivation
that their hearts may be encouraged, having been knit together in reciprocal Love and resulting in all the riches from full assurance of understanding on the basis of epignosis-knowledge of God's mystery, Christ.
Members of the Body of Christ who Love Christ also Love each other.  However, when believers do not have a common love for Christ, they do not love each other.  Consequently, the Church is split.  Believers are on parallel paths without love for each other.  God opens the split, but Satan may exploit it.  The same holds for Right Man Right Woman.

Immigration Executive Orders

President Obama announced new executive orders to allow about 5 million illegal aliens to stay in the US legally and have an opportunity to become citizens.  The executive orders were signed the next day, Nov. 21, 2014, in a ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Nevada is the region of the US corresponding to the Gershonites, who symbolize outcasts.  This policy is Satan's ploy to destroy nationalism, just as at the Tower of Babel.


Shooting FSU ChartThe Chart at the time of the shooting at FSU contained a Plow and a Locomotive.  A Plow is a sign of intense suffering like being plowed under.  The Plow pointed to the Sun in Scorpius, for Satan's attack on the believer.  A Locomotive is a strategic advance.  The Locomotive pointed to the Almighty God Planet in Cancer, for a fortress, corresponding to the university library where the shooting occurred.  In addition, there were three planets, including the Bottom of Heaven, in Scorpius.  This added even more significance to the sign associated with Satan in the chart.

The ascendant sign was Leo, corresponding to Washington, DC and Leon County where the shooting occurred.  The descendant sign was Aquarius, for Florida, with the Redeemer Planet, for being redeemed from Sheol, the grave.  One student was saved when a bullet hit a book in his backpack.

Midheaven was in Taurus, for royal fanfare, corresponding to Presidential action on immigration and the Governor's message following the FSU shooting.  The Bottom of Heaven was in Scorpius, for the victim of Satan, the murderer.

The Moon was in Libra, for judgment of a tribe, corresponding to FSU, the Seminoles.

Myron May Birth Chart

Myron May Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Myron May contains a Mystic Rectangle, a Plow, and a Locomotive.  The Mystic Rectangle balances two sets of opposition, one of which was relieved into a Plow and the other a double opposition.  The Plow pointed to the conjunction of the Savior Planet and Sun on the cusp of Pisces, for a promoter of team spirit and Heavenly glory associated with the Church.  The Locomotive, which symbolizes strategic advance, turns on the Last Adam in Libra in conjunction with the God of the Covenants, for being cursed by the Law.  Myron was a lawyer who was under Satanic attack and unable to defend himself in the eyes of society.  The shooting at FSU was on Day 324, where 24 is for strategy.

A Mystic Rectangle balances two sets of opposition.  This can be seen in Myron's plan.  Before the shooting he mailed ten packages to his friends with evidence to justify himself.  This is a standard ploy to stir up support for revolution (Judg 19:29).  In the hours before the shooting, Myron was frantically trying to contact a woman who is one of the leading conspiracy theorists of government use of direct energy weapons against citizens.

The Plow through the Mystic Rectangle indicates an attack on the person who is balancing two sets of opposition.  One set of opposition was between the conjunction of the Last Adam and God of the Covenants in Libra against the Morning Star in Aries.  This was Myron's attempt to get the attention of leaders about his plight of being cursed by the law and unable to defend himself.  The other opposition was between the Moon on the cusp of Gemini and the Redeemer in Sagittarius.   This was the opposition between the royal court (the Bar) and the conspiracy about direct energy weapons in which Myron was a dupe.  This opposition was resolved into the conjunction of the Savior Planet and Sun on the cusp of Pisces, for a promoter of team spirit associated with Heaven glory of the Church.  This is the breakdown of love for the brethren in the Church due to lack of love for Christ (Col 2:2).

There were also three pairs of planets in the Chart, for the flood.  The flood was the Judgment for the breakdown of Marriage Culture due to female promiscuity with demons the attack of the Prostitute of Babylon.  Myron came apart claiming that he was being flooded with radiation from a "direct energy weapon."  He mistook demon attacks for the weapons.

The Moon was on the cusp of Gemini, for a royal court or tribe.  This corresponds to being a member of the Bar.

The Red Planet was in Pisces, for a bloody martyr.  Myron martyred himself to call attention to the plight of what he thought was government mind control from direct energy weapons.  There were three planets in Pisces, including the Sun.  This adds significance to the influence of the sign in the Chart.  Pisces corresponds to the Criminal Justice System in which Myron worked as a lawyer.

The influence of Satan came from two planets in conjunction in Scorpius.  They were:

  1. Almighty God Satan as the ruler of the world
  2. Mediator an accuser.  Myron accused the government of attacking him.
The Redeemer Planet was in Sagittarius, for a conspiracy.  Myron was a dupe in the conspiracy that he was being targeted with an energy weapon for mind control.  Sagittarius corresponds to New Mexico, where Myron had lived.

The Morning Star was in Aries, for the herald of leaders.  Myron began shooting people to draw the attention of leaders to his cause.  This is terrorism.  It worked in that the Governor of Florida and the President of FSU held a news conference after the shooting.  Of course they appeared to be clueless as to Myron's motives.


Myron May, 31, shot three people at FSU before he was shot and killed.  He was under the power of Satan and believed the conspiracy theories hatched by the Prostitute of Babylon.  He was 31, for an Evil King, and his actions symbolized the Evil King.  His name, Myron, means perfume, but he raised a stink and became odious, like a skunk and Simeon, the criminal.

Myron May as the Evil King symbolized the actions of President Obama later in the day.  The President decreed amnesty to 5 million illegal aliens in an attack on the Divine Institution of Nationalism like Satan's attack at the Tower of Babel.  In this the President did the most to make himself odious.  He signed the executive orders on immigration in Nevada, the region of the Gershonites, who symbolize outcasts.  Outcasts are those who are taken off into slavery when the nation falls.

Sun haloes were overhead in central Florida all day.  The first halo had parallel vapor trail through it.  This symbolized the breakdown of love for the brethren in the Church due to not loving Christ, the Head of the Body.  The parallel vapor trails parlayed into the separation of the Republicans and Democrats that has stalled Congress.  The problems in the Church led to problems in Marriage Culture, which led to problems in the nation.

The Birth Chart of Myron May was apparent in his life and death.  He died as a terrorist martyr to call attention to the conspiracy in which he was duped into believing that he was the victim of government attack by low frequency radiation.  Satan and the Prostitute of Babylon are the ring leaders of this conspiracy not the government (although the government has experimented with such techniques and has not been forthcoming).

Satan had access to Myron through his birth as indicated by the Almighty God and Mediator Planets in Scorpius, for Satan as the world ruler and accuser.  Satan accused through Myron.  Myron was a lawyer who was ignorant of the physics of electromagnetic weaponry for mind control, and he was a Christian who was ignorant of Satan.  Under control of Satan he became paranoid and irrational and tried to do the devil's bidding as a murderer.  The Morning Star in Aries is the herald of leaders.  Myron at 31, for the Evil King, was the herald of President Obama, who would announce Executive Orders to grant amnesty to undocumented (lawless) immigrants before the day was over.  This is the doctrine of demons of the Tower of Babel.


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Released November 21, 2014 - Revised Nov. 22, 2014

Author:  Larry Wood