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Rollout of Orion

Orion Rollout, 11-11-14
Rollout of Orion

Rollout of Orion

November 12 (Day 316, Sanctification):  NASA's next-generation manned spacecraft, Orion, rolled out to its launch pad as the constellation Orion rose in Taurus.  The spacecraft topped by its single horn escape rocket rolled out of the Launch Abort System Facility (LASF) at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida to Launch Complex 37 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.  First motion was at 8:54 PM EST (0054 GMT), Nov. 11, 2014, Day 315.  The spacecraft arrived at the pad at 3:07 AM on November 12, 2014.

Astronaut Rex Walheim was on hand for the rollout.  Orion is scheduled for its first launch on Dec. 4 on a two-orbit test flight with landing in the Pacific.

Squirrel, 11-11-14Three hours before rollout a squirrel leaped up the screen of my patio doors and suspended herself upside down, frozen in fear.  The squirrel was undoubtedly corralled by angels to play the role of an astronaut.

The weather satellite image of an eagle eating a snake was off the East coast, and an elephant was over Texas.  An eagle symbolizes a Throne Angel, and a snake symbolizes Satan.  The eagle eating the snake symbolizes the Elect Angels taking Satan prey.  By the time of rollout the eagle had moved up the coast off North Carolina and Washington, DC.

Eagle, 11-11-14, UW Eagle, 11-12-14, UW

Rainbow, 11-10-14Rollout was scheduled for yesterday, November 10, Day 314, but it was postponed due to the weather.  Day 314 stands for the Passover, per the meaning of the year 2014.  At Sunset the Sun popped out under a large, dark cloud in the West, which made a full rainbow in the East in the direction of the launch pads.  A rainbow symbolizes the end of Judgment, and the Sun covered by a cloud corresponds to handling a problem.  The Lord delayed rollout.


Orion Rollout ChartThe Chart at the time of rollout contained a Horse's Hoof, a Coffin, and a Plow.  A Horse's Hoof symbolizes being trampled by horses.  A Coffin is for burying the dead.  And a Plow symbolizes intense suffering, like being plowed under.  The Plow pointed to the Mediator Planet near Midheaven, for a notorious pastor or priest.

The Moon was near the Ascendant in Gemini, for a tribe, corresponding to the NASA team.  The constellation Orion was rising in Taurus as the symbol of Jesus Christ, the Mighty Warrior, at the Second Advent.  And on the Descendant was the Red Planet in conjunction with the Last Adam in Sagittarius, meaning:

  1. Red Planet a missile.
  2. Last Adam enemy attack.
The irony was inescapable.  NASA's plan to sent a missile to the Red Planet, amounting to an enemy attack, was setting.  It was a non-starter.

The Sun was in Libra along with the first two planets, corresponding to a Father and Sons configuration, meaning:

  1. Sun sovereign
  2. Savior and Morning Star free men, corresponding to the two US citizens released from prison in North Korea.
The God of the Covenants was in conjunction with the Morning Star on the cusp of Scorpius, for a liar or final judgment.  The Morning Star, was barely in Libra, for cataclysmic judgment.

The Almighty God Planet was in Cancer, for a fortress, corresponding to the Launch Abort System Facility where Orion was processed prior to rollout.

The Redeemer Planet was in Aquarius, for being redeemed from Sheol.  The Orion launch vehicle is seen as the revival of NASA's manned space program.  Aquarius corresponds to Florida, where the rollout of Orion occurred.


The Orion spacecraft was rolled out to Launch Complex 37, where 37 is for a warrior.  The constellation Orion symbolizes the Mighty Warrior.  Rollout occurred as the Red Planet in conjunction with the Last Adam was on the Descendant in Sagittarius, where Sagittarius corresponds to a mounted warrior.  The Red Planet symbolized a missile, and the Last Adam symbolized an enemy attack.  This is taken to mean God's checkmate of Satan's plan to send Orion to the Red Plant.

The satellite image of an eagle eating the snake symbolized Elect Throne Angels defeating Satan.  Satan is the source of the idea to go to the Red Planet.  The Red Planet symbolizes the blood of Christ, which is the most sacred thing in history.  To go there is the ultimate blasphemy.  It will be met with the wrath of God on the sons of disobedience (Eph 5:6; Col 3:6).

The Chart of the rollout contained a Horse's Hoof, for being trampled, a Plow, for intense suffering associated with any attempt to go to the Red Planet, and a Coffin as a reminder of the tomb of Christ.  The Red Planet is the graveyard of Christ.  It should be left alone.  These awesome signs were God's answer to NASA's plan to launch Orion, the Mighty Warrior.


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Released November 12, 2014

Author:  Larry Wood