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Tropical Storm Iselle Hits Kilauea in Hawaii

Tropical Storm Iselle, 8-8-14
Tropical Storm  Iselle Hits Kilauea in Hawaii

Tropical Storm  Iselle Hits Kilauea in Hawaii

August 8 (Day 220, Cursing):  Tropical Storm Iselle made landfall on the Big Island of Hawaii at 2 AM HST (1200 GMT).  The storm weakened before landfall with maximum winds of 60 knots and pressure of 995 millibars according to the weather service.   The storm made landfall on the East side of the Big Island where the river of lava from the Kilauea Volcano flows into the sea.  The storm knocked out some power and downed a few trees, but  the damage was minimal.   When the storm encountered the high terrain, it quickly broke up and became a rain storm.  The storm hitting Kilauea and breaking apart symbolizes the judgment of the followers of the Prostitute of Babylon in the Baptism of Fire at the Second Advent.

Iselle was the first tropical storm to hit the Big Island since August 7, 1958.  That was the year the US launched its first satellite, and the Air Force formed Intercontinental Ballistic Missile squadrons.  And postage increased from 3 to 4 cents an ounce.

Today was August 8, 2014, Day 220, where the numbers mean:  8 new birth, 14 passover, 220 cursing.  This results from the choice between the new birth (Salvation) or cursing from rejection of Salvation.  The world has just been evangelized by the Gaza War.  God brought the war so people all over the world could choose Grace or cursing.  Those who support Israel will receive Grace Blessing, and those who oppose Israel will receive cursing (Gen 12:3).  The issue is the division of the land as symbolized by the number, 34.


Tropical Storm Iselle ChartThe Chart at landfall contained a Carafe pointed down toward the East corresponding to the lava flow from Kilauea.  A Carafe symbolizes a container of blessing or cursing.  This Carafe was poured out corresponding to the constellation Eridanus, the River of Fire (Dan 7:9-11).  The lava flow from Kilauea corresponds to the River of Fire that flows from the Lake of Fire.  The River of Fire symbolizes the judgment of unbelievers in the Baptism of Fire at the Second Advent when the Antichrist will be cast into the Lake of Fire (Rev 19:20).

There were three pairs of planets in the Chart, corresponding to a flood.  The storm did produce some local flooding.

There was also a Father and Sons configuration in Cancer.  The Sun in Cancer symbolizes the Lord as the protector (2 Thess 3:3).  The Lord is protecting Israel from Hamas missiles (Eph 6:16), and He is protecting others from dying of Ebola (Psa 107:20).  The Savior and Morning Star planets in Cancer correspond to the sons whom the Lord is blessing with an inheritance or healing.

Taurus was rising.  Taurus corresponds to the Mighty Warrior at the Second Advent.  Landfall also corresponds to the Second Advent as does the meaning of 2014, the Passover.  Sagittarius was setting with the Moon and the Last Adam for an army and enemy attack.  These are the enemies of the Lord and Israel.  Gemini had just reached the Ascendant.  Gemini corresponds to California and Israel.   The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas ended today, and terrorists from Gaza renewed their attack on Israel.


Landfall of Tropical Storm Iselle on the Big Island on the lava flow of Kilauea symbolized the Prostitute of Babylon (the Tropical Storm) and her followers being judged in the Baptism of Fire at the Second Advent (Dan 7:9-11).  The Carafe overturned symbolized the River of Fire connected to the Lake of Fire at the Second Advent.  The Carafe being poured out corresponded to the lava flow from Kilauea where Iselle made landfall.

Landfall of Iselle corresponds to the Second Advent, which will occur after the world has been evangelized in the Tribulation.  The world has just been evangelized by the Gaza War.  The nations of the world had the opportunity to choose for Israel and the Lord or Satan and Hamas.  Those who support Israel will be blessed and those who reject Israel will be cursed (Gen 12:3).  Satan is waging war against the Abrahamic Covenant, which deeds Gaza to Israel.


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Released August 8, 2014

Author:  Larry Wood