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Hurricane Arthur Landfall North Carolina


Hurricane Arthur

Hurricane Arthur off Wilmington, NC, UW
Off Wilmington, NC
Hurricane Arthur
Landfall Cape Lookout
Hurricane Arthur Landfall North Carolina

Hurricane Arthur Landfall North Carolina

July 3 (Day 184, Weakness of the Church):  Hurricane Arthur made landfall on Cape Lookout, North Carolina at 10:45 PM EDT (0245 GMT), crossed the Outer Banks, and headed up the eastern seaboard.  Maximum wind at landfall at Cape Lookout was 101 mph.  There was minimal damage from wind because the East side was the storm's good side, and the eyewall eroded due to interaction with land.  However, there was some damage from the storm surge and flooding.

Landfall of the hurricane in North Carolina symbolized a military invasion, corresponding to the Second Advent.  Landfall of the hurricane in 2014 corresponded to the first Passover when the Lord delivered Israel from Egyptian bondage with a powerful hand (Ex 13:, 9, 14).  Hurricane Arthur, the first Atlantic hurricane of 2014, struck Cape Lookout and the point of North Carolina to symbolize the judgment of Jezebel and her children.  The inhabitants of the US and the immigrants flocking across the border are symbolized by the children of Jezebel, who are born from fornication out of wedlock.  The breakdown of Marriage Culture has ruined the USA.

At landfall Aquarius, corresponding to Florida, was rising and Leo, corresponding to North Carolina, was setting.  The Redeemer Planet in Aquarius was near the Ascendant, for being redeemed from the flood (storm surge).  The storm began off Florida and made landfall in North Carolina.  Aquarius and Leo are on opposite sides of the astrology chart.  Aquarius symbolizes the Gospel (Good News of Jesus Christ), corresponding to peace and civil government, while North Carolina symbolizes the Military Establishment.  When Bible Doctrine is rejected in Florida, the Military Establishment suffers in North Carolina, symbolic of the Fifth Cycle of National Punishment.


Hurricane Arthur ChartThe Chart at the time of landfall contained a Castle, a Grand Cross, and a Yod.  A Castle with a Grand Cross is the sign of the Judgment of Jezebel.  Her children (followers) will be executed and she will be thrown into a sick bed (Rev 2:22-23).  A Yod symbolizes critical timing, like striking at precisely the right time.  The Yod pointed from Midheaven in Scorpius, for a notorious prostitute, to the Bottom of Heaven, corresponding to an outcast prostitute being thrown out on her head, as per the weather photograph on July 2, 2014.  The Yod pointed to the Morning Star in Taurus, for the conqueror of the world.  It was in conjunction with the Bottom of Heaven, for a rich man's tomb.  Satan is trying to conquer the world before the Lord conquers it at the Second Advent and restores Israel.  Thus, the Arabs are trying to destroy Israel before the Lord returns.  And the prostitute being thrown out on her head corresponds to the Judgment of Jezebel in the US and around the world.

The Sun was in Gemini, for the Marriage of the Lamb in the Millennium.  And the Moon was in Virgo, for the glory of the woman with her children.  However, the Red Planet was also in Virgo, for a bloody son.  This corresponds to the suffering of the children (followers) of Jezebel (Rev 2:22-23).   Hurricane Arthur symbolized Jezebel, the Prostitute of Babylon sitting on many waters (Rev 17:1, 15).  Landfall, when the hurricane hit the houses on the beach, corresponded to the Judgment of the children of Jezebel as portrayed by the Grand Cross on the Castle.

Apostate Christians and unbelievers are the children of Jezebel.

Ephesians 5:5
For learn to know this principle, that every prostitute, whether sexually impure or greedy (for money), who is an idolater, does not have an inheritance in the Kingdom of Christ and God.
The prostitute in this verse is the Prostitute of Babylon, who can be male or female.  She is a woman with a demon.  She is enslaved to Satan, and she is an idolater.  She will not go to Heaven (Kingdom of God) but to the Lake of Fire (Eph 5:6, Rev 20:12-15).  She runs the civil government of the USA, businesses, schools, and churches just as she did in ancient Babylon.


Landfall of Hurricane Arthur, the first hurricane of 2014, in North Carolina symbolized the Judgment of Jezebel (Rev 2:22-23).  Jezebel's children will be executed by Divine Judgment before reaching middle age, and she will be thrown into a sick bed.  Jezebel is the Prostitute of Babylon, a woman (or man) with a demon.  She corresponds to the fornicating females in the US, who are procreating and aborting children out of wedlock.  The children of Jezebel also have the demon of Jezebel and are cursed unless they choose the redemption solution, get saved, and recover with Bible Doctrine.

The USA is a nation of Jezebel.  She has infiltrated every aspect of life, from government to businesses, schools, and churches.   She has destroyed the family and the nation.  Her children are fat and sassy, weak and sickly, and inept.  They are arrogant, unmanageable, and unteachable.  They make poor employees and are unfit for military service.  They condone and fall into homosexuality and don't know right from wrong.

The weather angel of Hurricane Arthur formed the storm off Florida over the Bahamas, meaning shallow sea, to symbolize shallow apostates, who are unteachable and run aground regarding the Faith (1 Tim 1:19).  Arthur formed as a tropical depression on the day the Supreme Court announced its decision in the Hobby Lobby case, which was brought by apostate Christians to challenge the government health insurance mandate to provide contraception coverage.  The women on the Supreme Court all supported the coverage, but they were overruled.  No matter where Jezebel goes, her agenda is always fornication.

A hurricane symbolizes rejection of the Grace message of the pastor by the congregation just as the rebellious female rejects the authority of her Right Man.  Thus, a hurricane symbolizes Jezebel, who sits on many waters.  Landfall of a hurricane symbolizes a military invasion, like the Second Advent.  Landfall of Hurricane Arthur, the first hurricane of 2014, symbolized the Judgment of Jezebel, corresponding to the deliverance of Israel from Egypt by the mighty hand of the Lord at the first Passover.  Landfall was on July 3, 2014, Day 184, where the numbers mean:  3 -  Justice of the Holy Spirit, 2014 - the Passover, 184 - weakness of the Church (84).


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Released July 4, 2014

Author:  Larry Wood