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California BMW Mass Murder

Elliot Rodger
California BMW Mass Murder
Elliot Rodger Birth Chart

California BMW Mass Murder

May 24 (Day 144, Suffering):  A crazed killer sped through the streets of the college community of Isla Vista, California in a black BMW running down and shooting people last night.  He killed six before killing himself and injuring seven, who were taken to the hospital.  He stabbed three to death in his home before the shooting spree.  The alleged shooter was Elliot Rodger, 22, a young rich boy who was isolated by Satan and driven to become a god by avenging his narcissistic jealousy.  He posted a video the day before promising to annihilate and slaughter everyone the next day, which he called the "day of retribution."  He spoke under the influence of Satan conjuring graphic images of death and destruction.
Horse, 5-24-14, 0430 GMT, Navy
The satellite image of a horse was over the western US.  A horse symbolizes war and a male phallic reversionist.  Phallic reversionism was one of the themes of the shooter.  The shooting was at 9:27 PM on May 23, 2014, Day 143, where the numbers mean:  23 historical uptrend; 14 Passover; 143 fulfillment (43).  The shooting heralded the beginning of Pope's visit to the Holy Land the next day.  California in the US corresponds to Israel in Asia.


Isla Vista Shooting ChartThe Chart at the time of the shooting in California contained a Kite, a Coffin, a Grand Cross, and a Rectangle corresponding to a car (the BMW).  A Kite symbolizes the blessings of the cross.  In this case it symbolized the free-wheeling shooter in his BMW.  A Coffin is for burying the dead, and a Grand Cross is the sign of intensive suffering.

The Kite turned on the Almighty God Planet in Gemini, for the Marriage Feast of the Lamb.  Gemini corresponds to California, where the shooting occurred, and Israel.  Many of those shot were in restaurants or places to buy food, such as a 7-11.

The Sun had set in Taurus, for highest glory.  The shooter was seeking highest glory from Satan.  He had also lived a life of prosperity.  The Moon was in Pisces, for the Church.  It was in opposition to the Red Planet in conjunction with Midheaven in Virgo, for a notorious bloody son.  Those stabbed, shot, and killed were bloody sons, and the killer was a notorious bloody son, who shot himself in the head.  He was the son of the assistant director of the movie, "Hunger Games."  The Moon was in conjunction with the Bottom of Heaven, for the death of a priest, such as the death of Christ on the cross.  The powerful contrast was between the top of Heaven and the Bottom of Heaven, between bloody sons and the death of a priest in the Church.

Scorpius was on the Ascendant, for a criminal.  And the Savior Planet was setting in Taurus, for a champion.  The killer was the rising criminal who killed those he perceived as champions.  He also was trying to be a champion, or god, of evil.

Three planets, including the Moon, in Pisces gave great significance to the influence of that sign.  The planets in Pisces were:

  1. Moon Church
  2. Mediator Pastor, priest
  3. Morning Star High Priest
Pisces symbolizes the Church and the Spiritual life in Spiritual Warfare against Satan, who inspired the mass murder.  Pisces corresponds to the criminal justice system.  Members of the Sheriff's Office were patrolling nearby when the shooting began.

Elliot Rodger Birth Chart

Elliot Rodger Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Elliot Rodger contains a Bowl.  Since the time of birth is only known to be in the morning, the precise orientation of the Bowl cannot be determined.  Birth time is necessary for a chart containing a Bowl.  The time of birth is assumed to be 10 AM.  This leaves only about 10 degrees of the Chart on the Temporal side.  This could lead to spiritual subjectivity and inability to be objective about the real world.

A Bowl symbolizes a bowl of blessing or cursing.  Both apply here.  Elliot was blessed by living in a wealthy family.  However, he was also the source of cursing in his murderous rampage.  Those with a Bowl appear to be on a mission.  Elliot saw his mission as the annihilation of people (which was Satanic).

The Sun sign was Cancer, for an artist (entertainer).  Elliot saw himself as being on stage.  He posted dramatic videos of himself.  Cancer also contained the Almighty God Planet, for gentry.  He was descended from gentry, or aristocracy.  At least they were wealthy before the Great Depression.

The Moon was in Sagittarius for an army.  Elliot saw himself as a warrior who was ready to annihilate an army of enemies.  Also in Sagittarius were the Redeemer and Mediator Planets.  The Redeemer in Sagittarius symbolizes being redeemed from the enemy.  This was evident in Elliot's ability to hide his mental problems and evil intentions from the police even after they received information about his disturbing videos.  The Mediator in Sagittarius symbolizes a mediator ending a plague.  This was revealed in the videos of Elliot in which he gave the impression of trying to mediate with his enemies to prevent their destruction.

The God of the Covenants in Capricornus symbolized an antichrist.  Elliot not only broadcast lies and evil intentions, but he was also a man of lawlessness.

The Last Adam in Libra symbolized being cursed by the law.  This corresponds to opposition by law enforcement during the crime spree as well as previous investigation of his behavior by them.  This also explains his allusions to unfair treatment by his stepmother, Soumaya.

There were three planets in Leo.

  1. Morning Star sovereign
  2. Red Planet tyrant
  3. Savior royal son (Elliot's family heritage)
The Morning Star and Red Planet were in conjunction, for a sovereign tyrant.  Elliot saw himself as above the law and justified in being a tyrant.  In his autobiography he said:
I was fueled both by my desire to destroy all of the injustices of the world, and to exact revenge on everyone I envy and hate. I decided that my destiny in life is to rise to power so I can impose my ideology on the world and set everything right.  I was only seventeen, I have plenty of time.
A sovereign tyrant is also the sign of iconoclastic arrogance - for a person who creates an idol and then smashes it.  Elliot put women on a pedestal and made goddesses out of them.  Then he smashed the idol that he himself had created.  He was, in effect, creating the Prostitute of Babylon and then destroying her.  He later blamed his hatred of women on the first girl on which he had a crush in the eighth grade.  Of course, Baal is the god of children, and this is all evidence of influence by Baal in the Cosmic System.  Jezebel's children are prey to Baal and become Prostitutes of Babylon.


The mass murder in Isla Vista was the work of Satan.  It heralded the Pope's visit to the Holy Land the next day.  California in the US corresponds to the location of Israel in Asia.  The shooter decreed to commit the murders the day before, which was May 22, 2014, Day 142, for the curse of Baal.  However, he committed the murders at the end of the day for an historical uptrend (Day 23) and fulfillment (Day 143).

The Chart at the time of the shooting contained the symbols of a BMW (Rectangle) scurrying around (Kite) with great suffering (Grand Cross) and death (Coffin).  The strong, sensational opposition of the Red Planet in Midheaven in Virgo, for a sensational bloody son, was in opposition to the Moon at the Bottom of Heaven in Pisces, for the death of a priest in the Church, corresponding to the suffering of the Church heralded by the beginning of the Lunar Eclipse Tetrad on April 15, 2014. Bloody sons correspond to the Judgment of the sons of the Prostitute of Babylon (Jezebel) (Rev 2:20-23).  God allowed Satan and Elliot Rodger to execute the children of Jezebel.

Elliot Rodger was born in London with a British father and Chinese immigrant mother.  He immigrated with his family to California at age 5 and became a man without a country.  A person without a country is dead inside and worse than a bastard (ref. Sir Walter Scott).


1.  "Seven Dead, Seven Injured in Isla Vista 'Mass Murder' Shooting," Santa Barbara Independent, May 24, 2014.

Released May 24, 2014 - Revised May 27, 2014

Author:  Larry Wood