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Morning and Evening Bloody Sons

Morning and Evening Bloody Sons
School Stabbing Chart
Daycare Chart
Robert Corchado Birth Chart
Alex Hribal Birth Chart

Morning and Evening Bloody Sons

April 9 (Day 99, Challenger):  This morning a high school boy in Pennsylvania began stabbing students in his school, and this evening a car was rear ended and drove inside a daycare center in Florida.   A 16-year old sophomore at  Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pennsylvania armed with two knives ran through the school wildly stabbing and slicing students at 7:13 AM EDT (1113 GMT).   He injured 22 before he was tackled by Assistant Principal Sam King and subdued.  The suspect was identified as Alex Hribal, 16.

This evening at 3:05 PM EDT a car was rear ended and veered off the road and into the Kindercare Daycare at 4035 Goldenrod Road in Winter Park, Florida.  Fifteen were injured, 12 of whom were children.  Two were treated at the scene, and 13 were taken to hospitals.  One child died.  The vehicle that caused the crash fled the scene.  Although the vehicle was later found, the driver is still at large.

The two bloody scenes, one in the morning and the other in the evening, were a special type of double judgment.  Both were on the day the Red Planet was in opposition to the Sun.  It lined up with the Earth and Sun.  The Red Planet was in Virgo, for a bloody son.  The morning stabbing occurred with Aries on the Ascendant, where Aries corresponds to Pennsylvania.  The evening wreck at the daycare occurred with Aquarius on the Descendant, where Aquarius corresponds to Florida.  The Charts contained a Grand Cross, the most intensive sign of suffering, and a Podium, corresponding to a judge's bench.

The bloody morning attack in Pennsylvania was the work of Satan as Molech.  The evening attack in Florida was the curse of Baal, or Jezebel.  The death of children corresponds to Divine punishment of Jezebel (Prostitute of Babylon).  The morning and evening attacks correspond to the rise and fall, the beginning and end, the forerunner and follower, the First and Second Advents.  This corresponds to the double lunar eclipses of the Tetrad of Blood Moons that begin next week.

School Stabbing Chart

  • Stabbing ChartThe Chart for the stabbing in Murrysville, PA contained a Grand Cross and a Podium.  The Grand Cross symbolized intensive suffering, and the Podium corresponds to a judge's bench.  The suspect was taken before a judge after the stabbing.



    The Red Planet was in Virgo, for a bloody son, corresponding to the bloody children that were stabbed.  The Red Planet was in opposition to the Sun in Pisces, for Divine Glory.  Thus, the bloody son in Virgo (corresponding to the Judgment of the cross) was opposing Divine Glory (such as in the Church).  The Moon was in Cancer, for group security, which was the issue with Satan breaching security in the school.

    Aries, corresponding to Pennsylvania, was on the Ascendant, and Libra with the God of the Covenants, corresponding to the law, was on the Descendant.  Midheaven was in Sagittarius in conjunction with the Last Adam, for a notorious enemy attack (a domestic terrorist).  And the Bottom of Heaven was in Gemini, for Rachel weeping for her children.

    In addition to the Sun, Pisces contained the Mediator, for a pastor or priest and the Savior Planet, for the Savior of the congregation (or school body).  Aquarius contained the Redeemer Planet, for redeemed from Sheol (the grave), and the Morning Star, for a forerunner.  The Pennsylvania attack was the first of two judgments that day.

    Daycare Chart

    Daycare ChartThe Chart for the wreck at the Florida daycare contained the same configurations as the School Stabbing Chart.  The differences in the Florida Chart were:
    1. Ascendant Moon in Cancer, for group security.
    2. Descendant Aquarius, corresponding to Florida.
    3. Midheaven Aries, corresponding to Pennsylvania and a notorious leader.
    4. Bottom of Heaven Libra, corresponding to the judgment of death, e.g. the death of children (Rev 2:23).

    Robert Corchado Birth Chart

    Robert Corchado ChartThe Birth Chart of Robert Corchado, the suspect who caused the wreck at the Florida daycare, contains a narrow Bow.  He was born on December 8, 1985, Day 342, where 8 is for the new birth, 85 is for an eye or spy, and 342 is for the judgment (300) of Baal (42).  Time and place of birth are not known.  Baal is the enemy of children.

    The Bow stretches for only 107 degrees.  This signifies a person who shoots in one direction, has tunnel vision, does not look around, and is unstoppable.  This is the type who would run over you and never look back.  The center of the Bow and Sun sign is Scorpius, which means the person is irresistible, like Satan as an angel of light.  A Stellium of five planets in Scorpius symbolizes an overpowering influence of Satan and criminality.  This includes Satan as an angel of light, Satan's attack on the son (children), the enemy, Satan's fall leading to his doom, and drugs.  Corchado has a criminal history of drug possession and traffic tickets.

    There is a Stellium of three planets in Libra which also gives strong influence from this sign.  The planets are:

    1. Red Planet bloody judgment.
    2. Moon judgment of a congregation (school or daycare)
    3. Last Adam cursed by the law.

    Alex Hribal Birth Chart

    Alex Hribal ChartThe Birth Chart of Alex Hribal contains a Skull.  A Skull is a morbid symbol of death at the hands of Satan, who is authorized to administer the death penalty with God's permission.  The Chart also contains three groups of three planets each, which corresponds to the three groups of three Plagues of Egypt.  The stabbing of which Alex is accused was on April 9, where 9 is for the Plagues of Egypt.  Two of the groups contained a conjunction plus a third planet, which signifies a family.  Each group of three planets symbolizes strong influence from the sign in the Chart.

    Virgo Group

    The Sun was in Virgo in conjunction with the New Moon.  The planets in Virgo were:

    1. Sun resurrection clothing; a tendency to be domesticated, like a woman.
    2. Moon domestic servants; New Moon indicates lake of response from Right Woman.
    3. Savior Rachel weeping for her children.
    Scorpius Group

    The Last Adam and Red Planet were in conjunction in Scorpius, and the third planet, the Morning Star, was in Libra.  The meaning of the planets was:

    1. Last Adam victim of Satan
    2. Red Planet bloody crimes, murder, bloodshed, violence
    3. Morning Star sudden cataclysmic judgment
    Capricornus Group

    The Capricornus group indicated strong influence from the world.  The planets were:

    1. Redeemer redeemed by blood
    2. Mediator worldly conflict
    3. Almighty God Gentile empire
    The Almighty God Planet was in Pisces, for a secret or mystery.  After Hribal was arrested, he refused to talk to investigators.  However, he did say he wanted to be killed.


    The bloody judgments in Pennsylvania and Florida were in the morning and evening, as also symbolized by the Ascendant of Aries (Pennsylvania) in the Morning and the Descendant of Aquarius (Florida) in the evening.  Both the Pennsylvania and Florida scenes were bloody, corresponding to the Red Planet in Virgo, for a bloody son, in opposition to the Sun in Pisces.  The Pennsylvania attack was from Satan as Molech or Baal, corresponding to an Evil King, and the Florida daycare scene was the Judgment of Jezebel's children (Rev 2:23).

    The Charts contained Grand Crosses, the most intense sign of suffering, and Podiums, for being arraigned before a judge on the bench.

    The morning and evening judgments along with the two cars in Florida and the two knives in Pennsylvania correspond to the two Blood Moons that are coming up this year, six months apart.  The first corresponds to John the Baptist, whose head was cut off by a sword, and the second to Jesus Christ (born 6 months later in Virgo), who became a bloody son (Blood of Christ).  Today was April 9, 2014, where 9 stands for the Plagues of Egypt, which preceded the first Passover, which was the night of the 14th, just as the upcoming Blood Moon eclipse.


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    Released April 9, 2014 - Revised April 11, 2014

    Author:  Larry Wood