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Russia Recognizes Crimea as a Nation

Eye, 3-16-14, UW Elephant, 3-17-14, UW
Russia Recognizes Crimea as a Nation

Russia Recognizes Crimea as a Nation

March 17 (Day 76, Skill):  After Crimea voted yesterday to throw off the rule of Ukraine, today Russia recognized it as a sovereign state.   Crimea voted for independence form Ukraine with the intention of joining the Russian Federation with some autonomy.  With Crimea occupied by the Russian Army, 97 percent of the voters reportedly voted for independence.  Opposition leaders were arrested before the vote.

Of course, Crimea had no legal right to assert its independence, but it was backed by the Russian Army.  Russia recognized Crimea as a sovereign state today, March 17, 2014, Day 76, where 17 is for lawlessness.  The vote for sovereignty was yesterday on March 16, 2014, Day 75, where the numbers mean:  16 sanctification, 75 sovereignty.

It is God who determines the boundaries of sovereign states.  Satan is behind the Crimean vote and Russia's offer to accept it into the Russian Federation.

The events of the past two days were reflected in the satellite weather images and the astrology chart.  Yesterday, as the Crimean referendum was held, a weather elephant over the southeastern US over the region of Pisces appeared as a large eye.  An eye is a symbol of Grace, but this eye appeared to mean that the world was watching.  Today the trunk of the elephant extended through Florida in the region of Aquarius, corresponding to Crimea in the Black Sea.

The Crimean referendum was held the day the Sun slipped out of Aquarius into Pisces.  Although this was on the cusp and too close to call, it did coincide with the weather elephant over Pisces.  And the Moon was full in Leo, for a politician.  The politicians were those who were voting.  Leo corresponds to the region of the Ukraine.  The full Moon was in opposition to the Sun in Pisces, for Divine glory.  This means the politicians in the Ukraine (i.e. Crimea) were in opposition to Divine glory.  The politicians were opposing the rule of Heaven.


Crimea Referendum ChartThe Chart on the day of the Crimean referendum contains a Plow and an opposition of the full Moon.  A Plow is a sign of intense suffering, like being plowed under.  The Plow pointed to the Mediator Planet in Pisces, for a prophet, corresponding to the prophetic East-West split in the Ukraine.  The opposition of the full Moon between the Moon in Leo, for a politician, and the Sun in Pisces, for Divine glory, means an attempt to throw off the rule of Heaven.  God makes the decisions regarding national sovereignty.

Libra, corresponding to the larger region of Russia, had two planets.

  1. Red Planet bloody judgment
  2. God of the Covenants law


The Crimean vote for independence was orchestrated by Satan.  Not even Satan has the right to establish national boundaries.  The full Moon in Leo was in opposition to the Sun in Pisces.  This means the politicians in Crimea were trying to throw of the rule of Heaven.  That so happens to be the myth of the god Atlas.


1.  "Russia's Vladimir Putin recognises Crimea as nation," BBC News, March 17, 2014.

Released March 17, 2014

Author:  Larry Wood