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Kiev Falls to Opposition

Kiev Falls to Opposition

Kiev Falls to Opposition

February 22 (Day 53, Large Fish):  After signing an agreement with the opposition yesterday, Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych fled the capitol last night and the police joined the opposition.  Today, the capital of Kiev is peaceful with the Presidential Administration Building deserted.  With the President away the Parliament voted to dismiss him because he was constitutionally unable to carry out his duties.

With the fall of Kiev, the Ukraine has followed the Arab countries whose dictators have been toppled by the people.  And yesterday's 21 February, 2014 Ukraine agreement corresponds to the 17 February, 2011 Libyan Revolution.  The peace deal signed yesterday stopped the violence, but the people refused to give in until the President resigned.  He is believed to have fled to Kharkhiv, close to Russia.  Today is February 22, for cursing.  The government has fallen, and legislators are busy changing coats.

The protests in Kiev began in November when President Yanukovych rejected an association with the European Union, including a trade deal, in favor of closer ties with Russia.  Thus, began the protests over the East-West split.  The protesters want to be associated with Europe, not Russia.  This is in agreement with the Client Nation Model maps.
Staff, 2-21-14, PSU
The judgment of the government in Kiev was symbolized by a staff over the eastern US and Florida on the satellite weather image.  A staff was the symbol of authority used by Moses to call down the Plagues of Egypt.  The fall of Ukraine in 2014 corresponds to the fall of Egypt at the Passover.  The end of the staff passing through Florida last night included great spiritual pressure from the weather angels and coincided with the Sun in Aquarius, for the glorious Gospel.  Florida is in the region of Aquarius.


Fall of Kiev ChartThe Chart of the fall of Kiev today contains a Bucket and a Plow with three pairs of planets.  The Bucket is focused on the Almighty God Planet in Gemini, for the Marriage Feast of the Lamb.  Gemini corresponds to France and Israel and symbolizes alignment with the West.  A Plow is a sign of intense suffering.  Seventy-seven have been killed in the violence in Kiev as police fought protesters to support Presidential power.  The Plow pointed to the Mediator Planet in Pisces, for a prophet.  The protest has been over a prophetic alignment of Ukraine with the West or East.  The three pairs of planets symbolized a flood, corresponding to the flood of protesters in the streets.

The Sun was in Aquarius, for the glorious Gospel, corresponding to the good news that Ukraine's President had fled.  The Sun was in conjunction with the Redeemer, for being redeemed from the flood, corresponding to the flood of people and violence in the streets of Kiev.   The Moon just entered Scorpius this morning, for Jezebel, corresponding to the government administrators and parliament under the power of Satan.  As soon as the Evil King was driven from power, the Prostitute of Babylon was waiting in the wings to take over.  Yesterday the Moon was in Libra, for Judgment of the nation as the protests raged.


The fall of Kiev followed the peace agreement yesterday with the opposition.  The agreement was on February 21, Day 52, for providential preventative suffering (21) and a wall of security (peace agreement) (52).  Today there was peace in Kiev as the President fled and the police changed sides to join the opposition.

The events in Kiev were symbolized by a staff stretching through Florida on the satellite weather image.  A staff was the symbol of authority used by Moses to summon the Plagues of Egypt.  The destruction of Egypt was completed on the Passover, and Kiev fell in 2014, for the Passover.

The fall of Kiev came after an attempt to align the country with Russia to the East rather than Europe to the West.  According to the Client Nation Model, Ukraine belongs with Europe.  Ukraine is in the region of Europe corresponding to Leo and Judah.


1.  "Ukrainian MPs vote to oust President Yanukovych," BBC News, Feb. 22, 2014.

Released February 22, 2014

Author:  Larry Wood