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Air Turbulence Injures 5 in Billings

Crocodile, Eagle, 2-17-14
Air Turbulence Injures 5 in Billings

Air Turbulence Injures 5 in Billings

February 17 (Day 48, Inheritance of Levites):  Five people were injured when United Airlines Flight 1676 hit turbulence out of the blue.  As the plane was making its descent into Billings after passing over the Little Big Horn, it suddenly banked right and plunged.  Some flew out of their seats, and all three flight attendants were injured along with two passengers.  One woman cracked the ceiling panel with her head.

The flight departed Denver at 11:57 PM Mountain Time (1857 GMT), and landed in Billings, Montana at 1:23 PM.  It carried 114 passengers and 5 crew.  The injured people were taken to the hospital.  All were later released except one, who was listed as critical.

The weather angels posted their calling card as the cause of the incident.  The satellite weather image contained the picture of an airliner resembling a crocodile with a huge tail that ballooned through the Great Lakes into Canada.  Although the image was blurry, it appeared that a huge eagle was landing on the tail of the plane.  So, the eagle, symbolizing a Throne Angel, was attacking a crocodile, symbolizing Baal.


Air Turbulence ChartThe Chart at the time of the turbulence on United Flight 1676 contained a Grand Cross and a Bucket, similar to the 2014 New Year's Chart.  The Grand Cross is the most intensive sign of suffering in a Chart.  The Bucket focused all of the planets on one side of the Chart on the Almighty God in Gemini, for the Marriage Feast of the Lamb.  The Almighty God was on the Ascendant, corresponding to the beginning of the Feast at the Second Advent.  The Last Adam in conjunction with the Morning Star was on the Descendant, for the War of Armageddon.

The Sun was in Aquarius, for the glorious Gospel.  The Redeemer Planet was also in Aquarius, for being redeemed from the Flood.  The flood associated with Flight 1676 was the air turbulence.  However, the flood also corresponds to the flood in England, which is in the region corresponding to Taurus as is Montana.

The Moon was in Virgo, for flight attendants.  All three flight attendants were injured on Flight 1676.

Midheaven was in Aquarius, for notorious news from Florida.  This helps with the interpretation of the events.  The Dunn trial was just completed in Florida.  The trial was associated with the giant along with the number 5, and the media hype was like the crocodile mouth of the airliner on the satellite image.  The Bottom of Heaven was in Leo, for standing before the footstool of a king.  This corresponds to the enemies of the Lord at His footstool at the Second Advent (Psa 110:1; Heb 10:12-13).


Air turbulence of the weather angels injured 5 people on United Flight 1676 near Billings, Montana.  The number 5 is for a giant, such as Baal.  This is related to Spiritual Warfare.  Three of the 5 people injured were flight attendants, corresponding to the Moon in Virgo.  There were 114 passengers and five crew onboard, where 114 corresponds to the witness of the Passover associated with the meaning of the year 2014, for the Passover.

The weather image of a crocodile being attacked by a large eagle on its tail explained the flight turbulence as an attack of an Elect Throne Angel upon Baal (the crocodile).  The Sun was in Aquarius, corresponding to the glorious Gospel of truth in Florida.  However, the media hype about recent trials in Florida corresponded to the open crocodile mouth spouting lies.

Midheaven was also in Aquarius, corresponding to notorious news from Florida.  Aquarius is the water bearer.  The turbulence struck Flight 1676 on February 17, 2014, Day 48.  The 17th Day of the 2nd month is when the Noahic Flood began (Gen 7:11).


1.  "Colorado passenger on United flight says plane 'started plunging'," KUSA, Feb. 17, 2014.

Released February 18, 2014

Author:  Larry Wood