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Egypt Coup

Egypt Coup

July 3 (Day 184, Weakness of Church):  The Egyptian military ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and installed Adly Mansour, 68, chairman of the Supreme Constitutional Court, as acting president.  It also suspended the Islamist constitution.  The military had previously given Morsi 48 hours to resign following massive protests of millions of people in the streets.  The coup came when the military joined the people in backlash against the Muslim Brotherhood ruling party.

The coup came on July 3, 2013, Day 184, where the numbers mean:  3 Justice of the Holy Spirit; 13 double blessing; 184 weakness of the Church (84).  The Military Establishment and the Civilian Establishment joined forces to reject the President, or head.  The country was split into three factions:  the military, the people, and the Muslim Brotherhood.  This corresponded to:

  1. Cosmic Babylon military
  2. Political Babylon the people
  3. Ecumenical Babylon Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt Coup Chart

Egypt Coup Chart, 7-3-13The Chart at the time of the coup in Egypt contained a Kite, a Podium, and a Plow.  A Kite symbolizes blessing following the Cross and operational stability of being able to fly over the problems of life.  The Kite corresponded to the military with helicopters that flew overhead bearing Egyptian flags in support of the people.  A Podium is a pedestal or platform for addressing an audience.  The Podium symbolized the protests of the people in Tahrir Square.  The Plow symbolizes intensive suffering, like being plowed under.  The Plow pointed to the Mediator Planet in Pisces, for a pastor or priest.  The Plow obviously symbolized the ouster of President Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood Party.

The Sun was setting on the Descendant in Gemini, for the end of a glorious marriage.  This symbolized the fall of Morsi, since he was previously from California, the region corresponding to Gemini.  The Last Adam was on the Ascendant in Sagittarius, for an enemy attack.  This corresponded to the rise of the Egyptian military against President Morsi.

The Moon was in Aries, for Jezebel, corresponding to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic constitution.  The Bottom of Heaven was also in Aries, for a coup or the death of a leader.  Midheaven was in Libra for a notorious liberation, corresponding to the overthrow of President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.  The God of the Covenants Planet was near conjunction with Midheaven in Libra, corresponding to the law and the chief supreme court justice, who was designated interim President.

There were three planets in Gemini, which was on the Descendant.  They were:

  1. Almighty God feasting, corresponding to the celebration after the coup.
  2. Sun glorious marriage, corresponding to Morsi and supporters.  This ended because it was on the Descendant.
  3. Savior helpmate; the people were helped by the military.
The Red Planet was in Taurus, for the destruction of Egypt, corresponding to the collapse of the second government since 2011.

The Morning Star was in Cancer, for taking the spoils.


The coup in Egypt corresponded to the three configurations on the Star Chart:
  1. Kite Military
  2. Podium - People
  3. Plow President Morsi
The Military Establishment and the Civilian Establishment overthrew the President, or head.  This amounted to a decapitation.  The coup in Egypt was a true demonstration of democracy, which is mob rule.  The people of Egypt wanted freedom.  When they overthrew Mubarak, he warned them that the Muslim Brotherhood would take over.  The people elected Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, who established an Islamic constitution and failed.  Now the mobs have overthrown the next President.

The people's revolution of Egypt is driven by nationalism and hopes for freedom.  But freedom without authority is lawlessness.  Egypt is like Iraq and Afghanistan.  They do not respect freedom.  Like Arab and Islamic societies throughout history, they are lawless.  Lawlessness comes from Satan.  Those who worship Satan are enslaved by Satan, and they do not have freedom.  They are incapable of freedom.

Released July 3, 2013

Author:  Larry Wood