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Oklahoma Tornadoes

Eagle, 6-1-13, UW Face, 5-31-13, UW SPC Storm Graphic, 5-31-13

Oklahoma Tornadoes

May 31 (Day 151, Arrogance):  Tornadoes struck Oklahoma City suburbs at rush hour and flipped cars and semi tractor-trailers on the highways.  The tornadoes accompanied by heavy rainstorms and hail turned deadly for those on the highways.  Of the nine killed, at least 5 were in vehicles.  A mother and her baby were killed and a hundred injured from the storms that stretched from Oklahoma to the Great Lakes and North Dakota.  Tornadoes from the storm front in Oklahoma, Missouri, Indiana, Iowa, and Illinois were under the image of a giant phallus on the satellite photo.  The phallus was actually the leg of the image of a giant eagle that hovered over the northern border of the US.

Several storm chasers were caught in the tornado back drafts, and the car of one was thrown about 200 yards when it turned and blew him away.

As the asteroid, 1998 QE2, passed by the Earth at 2059 GMT (3:59 PM CDT), the face of a man, resembling John Calvin, with bulging eyes suddenly appeared under the wing of the giant eagle over the Great Lakes.  The asteroid symbolized the stone cut out without hands that smashed the feet of clay of the image of Nebuchadnezzar.  The stone symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ at the Second Advent.

The stone cut out without hands and the weather system over the central US were almost identical to the scene on May 31, 2011 when a staff was over the central US and a stone cut out without hands struck Kennedy Space Center.


This outbreak of tornadoes in Oklahoma had the same signature as the previous one on May 20 that devastated Moore, Oklahoma.  There was another giant phallus to symbolize phallic reversionism and tornadoes, which symbolize the uncircumcised male in Marriage Culture.  The mother and baby killed symbolized the curse of Jezebel just as the previous tornado of May 20.

The tornadoes crossed the Mississippi River, which corresponds to crossing the Jordan, the invasion of the Land, and the Second Advent.  This corresponds to the war that is spreading from Syria into Lebanon.

The asteroid passing by the Earth symbolized the stone cut out without hands, corresponding to Jesus Christ at the Second Advent.  The asteroid passed by the Earth at 2059 GMT, where 59 stands for Simeon criminality.  It was May 31, 2013, Day 151, where the numbers mean:  31 - evil king; 13 - double blessing; 151 - arrogance (51).  The Lord Jesus Christ will crush the evil king, who are arrogant, at the Second Advent.

The scene with the weather and the stone cut out without hands of the asteroid were a repeat of the message from the Lord on May 31, 2011.  This time the staff that predicted judgment was transformed into a giant eagle and a large phallus.  The eagle hovered over the northern border of the US, symbolizing an invasion.  And the phallus crossed the Mississippi, also symbolizing an invasion.  The dark clouds over Oklahoma were indeed symbolic of doomsday.  The year, 2011, symbolized a witness, and today there was a witness of two planets in Aquarius, the Redeemer and the Moon.  The Redeemer Planet symbolized being redeemed from the flood, and the Moon symbolized a congregation of believers.  The Lord will deliver the congregation of believers in Israel at the Second Advent from the invasion (flood) of its enemies.


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Released June 1, 2013

Author:  Larry Wood