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Washington State I-5 Bridge Collapse

Washington State I-5 Bridge Collapse

May 23 (Day 143, Fulfillment):  The bridge over the Skagit River on Interstate 5 in Washington state collapsed.  The bridge suddenly collapsed after being struck by an 18 wheeler carrying an oversize load.  The tractor-trailer made it across the bridge, but two vehicles behind it fell into the river.  Dan Sligh, 47, and his wife Sally, 56, were in a pickup pulling a camper when the bridge collapsed in front of them.  They fell into the river below and miraculously survived.  Bryce Kenning, 20 who was in another car northbound also survived.  The bridge span collapsed about 7 PM after being struck by the southbound tractor-trailer, which was driven by William Scott, 41, from Alberta, Canada.  The tractor-trailer was carrying a housing for drilling equipment from Canada to Vancouver, Washington.

A bridge symbolizes a man, and a river symbolizes a woman in Marriage Culture.  A truck pulling a trailer symbolizes marriage, like a horse and carriage.  Washington is in the region of Benjamin and Cancer, corresponding to the spoils of victory.  It was May 23, 2013, Day 143, where 23 is for an historical uptrend, and 143 is for fulfillment.

Bridge Collapse Chart

Bridge Collapse Chart, 5-23-13The Chart at the time of the I-5 bridge collapse contains a Carafe and a Yod along with a Father and Sons configuration.  A Carafe symbolizes a bottle of blessing or cursing.  The Carafe was along the Ascendant in Libra with the Yod, for critical timing, inscribed.  The Carafe on the Ascendant could symbolize being filled.  It was Day 143, where 43 is for fulfillment, or being filled.  The Sun was in Taurus, for a king's glory, along with the Savior Planet and Morning Star, as symbols of prosperous sons of a Father and Sons Configuration.

The Moon was in Libra on the Ascendant, for the Judgment of the woman.  Also in Libra was the God of the Covenants, for the law.  The planets in Libra along with the Sun in Taurus correspond to President Obama's speech today in which he redefined the war on terror and admitted to drone strikes that killed US citizens abroad who were enemy combatants.  He also committed to closing down the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

Midheaven was in Leo, for a notorious king.  And the Bottom of Heaven was in Aquarius, for dying in the flood, corresponding to falling in the Skagit River.  The Redeemer Planet was nearby in Aquarius, for being redeemed from the flood, corresponding to being rescued from the river.

The Red Planet was in Aries, for a bloody leader.  It was in opposition to the Moon in Libra.  This opposition corresponds to the flag car followed by the semi tractor-trailer that hit the bridge.  The flag car's whip was hitting the overhead girders according to an eye witness.  This indicated insufficient clearance.  However, the semi tractor-trailer continued to follow and hit the Skagit River bridge.

The Almighty God was in Taurus, for a world leader, which is currently Satan.  Satan is behind terrorism.


The collapse of the Interstate 5 bridge over the Skagit River in Washington symbolized the defeat of a giant associated with the spoils of victory and with security.  The number 5 stands for a giant.  All this corresponds to President Obama's redefinition of the war on terror, which he unveiled today in a speech.  He redefined the war on terror from a global war of blowing up countries to smaller selective targets.  He redefined US drone policy to prevent killing civilians.  And he committed to closing down the Guantanamo detention camp.  Since September 11, 2001, the US military has not executed a single terrorist held at Guantanamo.

The collapse of the I-5 bridge along a busy north-south corridor symbolizes a strategic failure.  The bridge collapsed after the President unveiled his new definitions.  A flag car (leader) failed to safely lead the semi tractor-trailer.

Dan Sligh, 47, with his wife, Sally (Sarah), 56, fell into the river after the bridge collapse.  Dan corresponds to the Tribe of Dan, which is symbolized by Libra.  Libra was on the Ascendant with the Moon and God of the Covenants related to President Obama's speech.  Dan's wife was 56, for dropping.  She dropped in the pickup about 25 feet into the river.  Dan, who is in the Navy, also fell into the river, corresponding to Aquarius.  The Bottom of Heaven in Aquarius corresponds to dying in the flood (or river).  Libra and Dan correspond to the Federal Judiciary, where President Obama intends to put the Guantanamo terrorists on trial.  They can't even be put on trial in Guantanamo because there is not enough evidence in many cases.

The Red Planet was in Aries, for a bloody leader.  The Red Planet was in opposition to the Moon in Libra.  This symbolizes a tyrant in opposition to the woman, who symbolizes the civilian government.  This is happening daily in Syria.

This is complicated, but there is a bottom line.  Satan is behind terrorism, and the only ones who can defeat him are Christians not soldiers or police.  The rise or fall of western civilization depends upon Christians who are empowered by God, the Sovereign Judge.

The Chart overhead contained a Carafe.  Today the results were released from a year-long investigation into New Jersey bars and restaurants suspected of serving adulterated and watered down drinks.  Twenty-nine were found to be serving cheap alcohol, including 13 TGI Friday's, where 13 corresponds to the meaning of the year 2013.  New Jersey is in the region of Aries.


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Released May 25, 2013

Author:  Larry Wood