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Granbury Texas Tornado

Horse, 5-15-13, UW Horse, 5-16-13, Navy

Granbury Texas Tornado

May 16 (Day 136, Ai):  A powerful tornado devastated the Rancho Brazos subdivision southeast of Granbury, Texas.  Six people were confirmed dead.  The tornado was estimated to be an EF-4 with winds up to 200 mph.  The tornado struck at 8:06 PM CDT (0106 GMT) yesterday, May 15, 2013.  Strong winds of 60-80 mph also tore off roofs and damaged buildings southwest of Dallas.  There were 13 tornadoes reported by the National Weather Service in North Texas.  Three  tornadoes struck Cleburne in Johnson County to the East, where over 600 homes were damaged.  One tornado was .6 mile wide.  Tornadoes were also reported in Montague County to the North.

The satellite image from the storm front formed a horse, the symbol of war and a male phallic reversionist.

Tornado Chart

Tornado Chart, 5-15-13The Chart at the time of the Granbury tornado contained a Coffin and a Yod.  A Coffin is for burying the dead, and a Yod indicates critical timing.  Taken together, they symbolize God's appointed time to die (Eccl 3:2).  God determines the time, manner, and place of death.

The Sun was setting in Taurus as a part of a Father and Sons configuration.  The Sun symbolized the king's glory, and the sons (Savior and Morning Star) symbolized prosperous sons, or guests for a feast.  The tornado and strong winds in Granbury drove guests off the patio of a restaurant on Lake Granbury and ripped up boat docks.  The Almighty God Planet was also in Taurus, for the world ruler, who is currently Satan.

Scorpius was rising on the Ascendant.  Scorpius corresponds to Simeon criminality and Louisiana.

The Moon was in Cancer, for family security.

Midheaven was in Leo, for a great king.  And the Bottom of Heaven was in conjunction with the Redeemer Planet in Aquarius.  The Bottom of Heaven in Aquarius symbolizes an inglorious death, and the Redeemer Planet symbolizes being redeemed from Sheol, corresponding to the survivors.  Aquarius also corresponds to Lake Granbury, which was in the area where the tornado struck.  A lake symbolizes a female.

The Red Planet was in Aries, for a bloody leader, or tyrant.  The President announced the resignation of the acting Director of the IRS two hours earlier.


The Granbury tornado was in Hood County.  The same day Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel directed all the services to retrain, and rescreen all sexual assault prevention and response personnel and military recruiters.  This came after the announcement that an Army sergeant from the sexual assault prevention program at Ft. Hood was under investigation for sexual abuse.  Ft. Hood is not in Hood County, but it is just three counties to the South.  The correlation is duly noted.  Further, the satellite image of a horse was associated with the tornado.  A horse symbolizes war and a male phallic reversionist.  Tornadoes symbolize the Judgment of Marriage Culture due to the uncircumcised male.


1.  "At least 6 killed, dozens hurt in Granbury tornadoes as storms strike North Texas,"  Dallas Morning News, May 16, 2013.

Released May 16, 2013

Author:  Larry Wood