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Eagle Deadly Embrace

Eagle Deadly Embrace

May 15 (Day 135, Rest from Enemies):  Two bald eagles with their talons locked in a deadly embrace came crashing down onto the concrete at Duluth International Airport on Sunday, May 12, 2013, Day 132.  The eagles survived the fall, and Randy Hanzal, a conservation officer with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, tried to transport them to the nearest wildlife rehabilitation center about two miles away.  He put them in the back of his pickup, covered them with blankets and tried to strap them in, but on the way one of the eagles flew away.  The other eagle was transported to the Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota in St. Paul, where it is recovering from some deep wounds.

It's not unusual for eagles to fight in midair, but they usually are sane enough to disengage before crashing to the ground.  They are usually having marital turf wars.  Eagles are monogamous, and when a young eagle wanders into the home territory of a breeding couple, a fight ensues.

The next day the Minnesota Legislature in St. Paul approved the homosexual marriage bill by 37-30.  The bill was signed by the governor the next day on May 14, 2013, Day 134, making Minnesota the 12th state to approve homosexual marriage.  Illinois is expected to pass a homosexual marriage bill this month also.

Washington, DC Turf Battles

The Department of Justice opened an investigation into the Internal Revenue Service, which was accused by an Inspector General's report on May 10, 2013 of unfairly targeting some groups (like the Tea Party) who were seeking tax-exempt status.

Other turf wars include the House of Representatives Benghazi hearings, and the Justice Department's collection of AP phone records.


The eagles in the deadly embrace symbolized the destruction of marriage.  One of the eagle mates locked into a fight with an intruder in a deadly embrace that was taking it down to death.  The eagle mates symbolized Marriage Culture, and the eagle fight symbolized an attack on marriage.  The attack on Marriage in Minnesota was the homosexual marriage bill that was approved the next day in the state legislature and the day after by the Governor in St. Paul.  One of the injured eagles was transported to St. Paul.

Minnesota is in the region of Dan and Libra, symbolizing the scales of Justice and the federal judiciary.  The Moon was in Gemini and the Red Planet was in Aries on May 23 and 24 when the homosexual marriage bill was approved in Minnesota.  The Moon in Gemini symbolizes a wedding party and the double blessing of the marriage of Right Man and Right Woman.  The homosexual marriage bill was an attack on legitimate marriage, which is for one man and one woman only.  The Red Planet in Aries symbolizes a tyrant or bloody leader.  Homosexuality is self destructive and destructive to the nation, as noted by the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Minnesota as a symbol of Libra corresponds to the US Government turf war over the Benghazi terrorist attack of September 11, 2012.  Libya is in the region of Libra.  Minnesota is also a symbol of the federal judiciary, corresponding to the US Department of Justice, which opened an investigation of the IRS and which is involved in a dispute with the Associated Press over collecting its phone records.

Eagles symbolize Throne Angels, who defend the leaders of Client Nation USA.  The national leaders are now being investigated by the Justice Department, which will in turn be investigated by Congress.  This will all be a distraction from doing the job that should be done.

The sudden rush to approve homosexual marriage by the states is the work of Satan under the Prostitute of Babylon.  Marriage is the seed of society.  When it becomes degenerate, the whole nation will be degenerate.  Homosexuality is a gross sin that occurs in the last stages of Reversionism (Rom 1:26, 27).  It is Divine punishment that is so strong the person loses objectivity and sanity in sexual orientation.  He wants sex so badly that he will pervert it with the same sex.  It is a degenerate psychiatric disorder.  It is also due to a demon attack on marriage.

Parents are responsible for teaching their children right from wrong.  When that fails, children become adults who don't know right from wrong.  The legislators and government leaders of Minnesota who enacted the homosexual marriage bill do not know right from wrong.  Homosexuality is offensive to people who know right from wrong.  It is only acceptable to people who are morally degenerate.

The eagles fell to the concrete in a deadly embrace.  That symbolizes homosexual marriage.  Homosexual marriage is a ticket to the Sin Leading to Death for both parties involved.  God judges marriage and all attacks on it (Heb 13:4).  The legislature can pass whatever laws it wishes, but God will still hold people accountable for violations of Marriage.  Homosexual partners who marry have signed a contract until death parts.  That will happen in the Sin Leading to Death.

The two eagles in deadly embrace also symbolize Satan's rebellion against the Elect Angels of God.  The eagles also symbolize the conflict between Satan's Throne Angels and the Throne Angel, like Gabriel, who is defending Client Nation USA.  Satan is pushing homosexual marriage and taking over departments of justice (as symbolized by Libra and Minnesota) in the US.


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Released May 15, 2013 - Revised May 18, 2013

Author:  Larry Wood