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Boston Marathon Bombers Killed and Captured

Elephant,4-19-13, UW

Boston Marathon Bombers Killed and Captured

April 19 (Day 109, Plagues):  After the FBI identified the two Islamic terrorists responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings, one was killed and the other captured.  After the Tsarnaev brothers engaged in a shootout with police about 12:45 AM EDT (0445 GMT), Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, came out and began walking toward police and firing until he ran out of ammunition.  He was tackled to the ground by police, and while they were putting the handcuffs on him, his brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, got in a hijacked black SUV and ran over and killed his brother.  He drove through the middle of police and went a few blocks before ditching the car and escaping into the darkness.  He was captured 19 hours later in a boat in the backyard of a home in Watertown, Massachusetts.

After being injured in the shootout around 1 AM EDT, Dzhokhar was discovered by a resident when he walked outside for the first time all day after police released the lockdown in Watertown.  Dzhokhar, who was later observed to have gunshot injuries to the head, neck, hand, and legs, was weakened from the loss of blood and had been holed up in the boat.  After the resident called 911, three police officers arrived.  Soon droves of police and FBI agents began to arrive.  At some point one of the law enforcement officers fired a a shot.  Then others began shooting holes in the boat.  Dzhokhar didn't shoot because he never had a gun.  After several volleys of gunfire, the FBI SWAT team came in and took charge.  A robot pulled back the tarp that covered the boat.  FBI agents were positioned in an upper bedroom and a roof overlooking the boat.  They threw concussion grenades into the boat, and gave Dzhokhar instructions to surrender.  He managed to get up on the side of the boat but was too weak to go any further.  The Transit SWAT team moved in and grabbed him.  They lifted his shirt to check for explosives and did a cursory look in the boat to check for explosives, but there were none.  Dzhokhar was captured about 8:31 PM EDT (ref. infrared image of Dzhokhar in boat).Dzhokhar in Boat, Infrared

Dzhokhar's older brother Tamerlan, 26, after being run over by his brother was taken to the hospital after he was already in cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead at 1:35 AM EDT.  After the brothers killed Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) police officer, Sean Collier, 26, they hijacked a black SUV.  While they were traveling through Watertown in two cars, police were able to track the hijacked SUV because the owner left his cell phone in it.  When police pursued the hijacked SUV, the men threw improvised explosives at them.  In a shootout with police, Tamerlan came out firing and ran out of ammunition.  While he was being handcuffed, his brother Dzhokhar drove the hijacked SUV over his brother and sped through police.  He ditched the car a few blocks away and left a trail of blood.  He managed to evade police and make it to the boat, where he hid.  The boat was outside the police search perimeter.

After Dzhokhar was captured cheers went up from residents and people went out to celebrate.  All of the government police and political leaders all the way to the President of the United States gave speeches and accolades, none of which demonstrated an understanding of the basic facts of the apprehension.

Overhead was a weather elephant, corresponding to a giant, such as Baal.  Baal is the god of Islam called Allah.  The Tsarnaev brothers were devout Islamic terrorists.  They immigrated to the US with their family from Kazakhstan.  They lived in the Chechen community of Tomok, Kyrgyzstan, where Tomok means hammer.  Dzhokhar came to the US April 12, 2002, and Tamerlan came to the US July 19, 2003.  The boys grew up in the US and were educated in US schools.  The older was the New England Golden Gloves champion in 2009 in the heavyweight division.  The younger was captain of the wrestling team at the prestigious Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School.  However, both boys became Islamic radicals.  The older boy, Tamerlan, was the most radical.  He was the leader, and Dzhokhar was his helpmate, or partner.  Tamerlan was arrested in 2009 for punching his girlfriend.  Both boys were legal US residents.  Tamerlan had a Green Card, and Dzhokhar became a US citizen on September 11, 2012.

Tamerlan is a variation of Tamerlane, from Timur, the 14th-century Turkic conqueror.  Timur means iron, and Tamerlane means Timur the lame.

The President of the US was interested in capturing Dzhokhar alive in order to gather intelligence from him to prevent future terrorist attacks.  Although the Tsarnaev brothers eluded government security, they were directed by Satan.  Satan hatched the plot and empowered the Tsarnaev brothers to execute it.  All the king's horses and all the king's men will not prevent Satan from murdering more innocent people.  The hatred exhibited by Tsarnaev brothers was inhuman. It was demonic.  The brothers worshipped under the influence of Ecumenical Babylon.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Capture Chart

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Capture ChartThe Chart at the time of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's capture contained a Plow and a Yod.  A Plow is a sign of intensive suffering, like being plowed under.  The Plow pointed to the Moon in Cancer, for security over a group, corresponding to the people of Watertown, who had been in lockdown all day.  A Yod is a crisis in timing.  Dzhokhar wasn't found until minutes after the police released the lockdown.

The God of the Covenants was on the Ascendant in Libra, corresponding to law.  The meaning of the Boston Marathon bombing from Divine Viewpoint was exposure of the immigration problem in the US.  The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, was unable to attend the Congressional hearing on immigration reform this week due to the Boston Marathon bombing crisis.  The bombing and murder by the Tsarnaev brothers, who are immigrants, will change some minds about immigration reform.  When Dzhokhar was captured, he was not read his Miranda rights because of Public Safety concerns.  It was more important to first find out if there were other bombs or dangers to the public.  The next question will be whether the US Attorney General tries to declassify him from being a US citizen and calls him an enemy combatant.

The Descendant was Aries with three planets that had just set.  The Sun was in conjunction with the Red Planet, and the Morning Star was five degrees behind, which could also be considered in conjunction.  The three planets corresponded to Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon.  Aries corresponds to Boston and Watertown, where Dzhokhar was captured.  The meaning of the planets was:

  1. Sun leader's glory
  2. Red Planet bloody leader, or Satan as a murderer from the beginning
  3. Morning Star military leader, corresponding to police and law enforcement leaders.
The Moon was in conjunction with Midheaven, for notorious group security, corresponding to the security over Watertown, which was protected by hundreds of law enforcement personnel.  The Bottom of Heaven was in Capricornus, for dying in sins.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Birth Chart

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev contains a Plow, a Boat, a Building, and a Locomotive.  The Plow is out of tolerance, but it still signifies intense suffering.  It points to the Almighty God in Virgo, for the power over peace, which belongs to the Lord.  He allows people to take  peace away.  Dzhokhar robbed the Boston community of peace.

The Boat was named from a configuration that is between a Coffin and a Podium.  It is similar to a Rectangle.  In hindsight, it corresponds to the boat in which Dzhokhar was captured.  The boat was beside a house, which corresponds to the Building in the Chart.

The Locomotive corresponds to a visionary, who is looking far ahead with strategic thinking.  The Locomotive turns on the Morning Star in Taurus, for a world ruler.  Satan is the current world ruler.  The Islam religion looks forward to the Antichrist to rule the world in a false millennium.

There were three pairs of planets in the Chart, corresponding to a flood.  The pairs also correspond to Dzhokhar's life as a partner with his brother.  Each one of the pairs contains a good and an evil member.  The evil member corresponds to Dzhokhar's brother Tamerlan, and the good member corresponds to Dzhokhar as a helper of the evil one.  The pairs were:

  1. Sun and Savior in Cancer a guard and a helpmate
  2. Moon and Red Planet in Leo a politician and a tyrant
  3. Redeemer and Mediator in Sagittarius a band of terrorists and a mediator ending the plague.  Dzhokhar surrendered as the mediator ending the plague on Day 109, where 9 is for the Plagues of Egypt.
Even the Locomotive stretched between two contradictory meanings.  It stretched from the God of the Covenants in Aquarius, for the bearer of good news to the Morning Star in Taurus, for a world conqueror.  Dzhokhar was fighting against the USA to conquer the world for his Islamic ideals.

The Last Adam was in Libra, for being cursed by the law, corresponding to Dzhokhar's criminality.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev Birth Chart

Tarmerlan Tsarnaev Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Tamerlan Tsarnaev contains a Boomerang and a Locomotive.  The Boomerang indicates a keen sense of timing, like being able to strike at precisely the right time.  This would be a great asset in boxing and martial arts.  However, Tamerlan's critical timing went far beyond that when he struck the Boston Marathon and side-tracked immigration reform in Congress.

The Locomotive signifies a visionary, who is thinking far ahead strategically.  The Locomotive turns on the Sun in Libra, for a sovereign or a magnate.  Tamerlan was both.  He behaved with an air of superiority and he drew people to himself.  Libra also contained the conjunction of the Savior and Morning Star, which with the Sun corresponds to a Father and Sons configuration.  The two planets symbolize liberated sons.  Tamerlan and his brother lived together apart from their family.  The Last Adam was also in Libra, for being cursed by the law, corresponding to his criminality.

Tamerlan's evil side corresponds to the two planets in Scorpius.  The God of the Covenants in Scorpius symbolizes a liar, and the Mediator in Scorpius symbolizes a betrayer.  Tamerlan turned on the USA after fleeing to the US to escape Chechen violence, since his father was Chechen.  He was a man without a country who was doubly dead, per Sir Walter Scott.

The Almighty God was in Aquarius, for a broadcaster.  News about Tamerlan was broadcast world wide.

The Red Planet was in Capricornus, for criminal suffering.  Tamerlan's criminality led to his death.

The Redeemer planet was in Sagittarius, for a band of terrorists.  Tamerlan and his brother associated with terrorists or those with terrorist ambitions.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev Death Chart

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Death ChartThe Death Chart of Tamerlan Tsarnaev is the same as the chart of his brother's capture with the exception of the orientation.  In Tamerlan's Death Chart, Midheaven was in Libra, for notorious liberation.  Taken in the bad sense, this was Tamerlan's Jihad against Boston.  The Bottom of Heaven was in conjunction with the Sun and Red Planet in Aries, for the death of a leader.  Tamerlan was the leader of the conspiracy that resulted in his death.

The Last Adam was near the Ascendant in Sagittarius, for an enemy attack.  Tamerlan was the enemy, and the police were his enemies.  Satan was the enemy of both.  Gemini was on the Descendant, corresponding to Israel and California and the double blessing.  Tamerlan and his brother forfeited the double blessing for double cursing.


Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were the Islamic terrorists who bombed the Boston Marathon.  The bombing was the work of Satan and his demons.  A rare demon picture was on the satellite photo at the time.  The Tsarnaev brothers were immigrants, who were men without a country, which, according to Sir Walter Scott is a most despicable shame.  They had no love for Russia and they hated the people of the USA.  They were users, and users are losers.

The despicable terrorist act of the Tsarnaev brothers drew attention to the immigration problem in the US.  The Lord allowed Satan to wreak this havoc because of the evil US immigration problem, which is a violation of the Biblical Doctrine of Nationalism.  Nationalism was established at the Tower of Babel.  It is important for people to identify with their native land and support it.  There are cases where immigration is legitimate, as per the example of Abraham. However, most immigrants in the US do not love the country.

After the Tsarnaev brothers bombed the Boston Marathon on April 15, they were identified by the FBI on April 18th and went on the run.  They murdered an MIT policeman to steal his gun because Dzhokhar didn't have a gun.  However, because of the holster lock, they were unable to steal the gun.  Later, they got in a shootout with police in which over 300 rounds were fired by police, who shot one of their officers in friendly fire and fired on the wrong black SUV.  The brothers only had one .9 mm pistol between them.  After Tamerlan ran out of ammunition, police tackled him, but while they were putting the cuffs on him, Dzhokhar, 19, ran over his brother Tamerlan, 26, and killed him about 1 AM EDT on April 19, 2013, where 19 stands for the federal judiciary, corresponding to Libra, which was in Midheaven at the time.  The number, 26, stands for Political Babylon.  The 26.2 mile Boston Marathon was dedicated to the memory of the 26 victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre.  Dzhokhar, 19, was injured and gave himself up about 8:31 PM EDT.  He was hiding in a boat, the symbol of salvation (1 Pet 3:20).  His Birth Chart contained the sign of a flood.

Dzhokhar was unarmed the whole time.  He had been wounded in the first shootout.  Whether he received additional injuries while he was shot at in the boat has not been reported.  Over a thousand police and the residents of Watertown were looking for him, yet he managed to get outside the police perimeter on foot with Satan's help.  He and his brother had walked into the middle of the Boston Marathon, surrounded by police, and blown it up in plain sight.  After the Russians reported Tamerlan as an Islamic radical twice, to the FBI and CIA, he was allowed to stay in the US without citizenship, but he was placed on the terrorist watch list, in spite of which he was able to travel to Dagestan last year without detection by either the US or Russia.

When Dzhokhar was lying in the boat, in hindsight anyone with an ounce of backbone could have walked in and hauled him out, yet the power of assumption, mingled with fear and presumption, prevented it.  There was a robot on the ground, a police helicopter with an infrared camera overhead, SWAT teams were on the perimeter, and hundreds of police were behind every bush.  All the kings horses and all the kings men were afraid of a nineteen year old unarmed coward, who had been shot full of holes. They had been watching too man action movies.


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Released April 20, 2013 - Revised May 16, 2013

Author:  Larry Wood