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Massive Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion

Weather, 4-17-13, UW

Massive Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion

April 17 (Day 107, Category):  A massive explosion occurred at a fertilizer plant in the city of West, Texas when 12,000 gallon tanks of anhydrous ammonia caught fire.  The explosion leveled four city blocks and demolished a nearby apartment complex.  It wrecked a nearby nursing home and forced the evacuation of all occupants.  The explosion blew out windshields of cars and windows of stores.  It was felt 40 miles away and registered 2.1 on the Richter scale.  The initial call for the fire was at 7:29 PM CDT (0029 GMT), and the explosion first call was at 7:53 PM CDT.

More than 160 were injured, and the death toll has not been released.  Many of the first responders, including volunteer firemen, were missing.  Rescuers spent all night and the next day combing through the rubble of houses searching for survivors.  The governor declared the county a disaster area.

The small town of West with only 2,800 residents is largely inhabited by Czech's.  A Czech festival is held there every year, and they have a local Czech restaurant.

The satellite weather photo before the fire contained the image of a turtle to the North and a polecat to the East.  The polecat had climbed a pole and was looking back toward Texas as if fleeing from danger.  The turtle was associated with the flooding in Illinois.  It was a symbol of Baal.  And the polecat (or something similar) is a varmint of the night, corresponding to demons.

Fire Chart

West, Texas Fire ChartThe Chart at the time the fire began contained a Yod and a Building, corresponding to the fertilizer plant.  The Yod was through the center of the Building.  A Yod symbolizes critical timing.

At the time the fire started, the Sun was in conjunction with the Red Planet in Aries on the Descendant.  The closest conjunction of the planets had just occurred within the last 30 minutes, and the fire began precisely at Sunset.  The Sun in Aries symbolizes a leader's glory, while the Red Planet in Aries symbolizes a bloody leader or Satan, the murderer from the beginning.  The Morning Star was also in Aries, for a military leader, corresponding to the state leaders, including the governor, attorney general, and chief of the Department of Public Safety, who assisted after the tragedy.  Aries corresponds to the region of New York and Massachusetts.  The pair of planets with a third one nearby is the sign of a family, corresponding to the Czech's.

The Moon was near Midheaven in Gemini, for a tribe or family, corresponding to the city of Czech's.

Midheaven was in Cancer, for famous storage, corresponding to the large storage tanks of anhydrous ammonia at the fertilizer plant.  The Bottom of Heaven was in Capricornus, for dying in sins.  Capricornus corresponds to Texas, where the explosion occurred.

Libra was rising on the Ascendant.  It contained the God of the Covenants, for Law.  This corresponds to the immigration law that is before Congress.


The massive explosion of the fertilizer plant in West, Texas occurred precisely at Sunset with the Sun and Red Planet in conjunction in Aries.  Aries corresponds to Massachusetts, where an explosion occurred two days before at the Boston Marathon.  Both explosions have the same meaning from Divine Viewpoint.  Both were related to immigration and the immigration bill that is under consideration in Congress.  The explosion of the fertilizer plant was in a Czech community.  The explosion in Boston was at an international sporting event.

The devastation in West Texas reveals the Lord's wrath for violating the Laws of Nationalism.  The Lord destroyed the Tower of Babel and confused the languages to establish the Divine Institution of Nationalism.  Satan opposes Nationalism.  The immigration problem in the US is that the immigrants, especially those who entered illegally, did not really immigrate.  They just came here to live. They did not come here to be citizens, to adopt our culture, to salute the flag, and to live and die here.  They are not USA nationals.  They are people without a country, per Sir Walter Scott.

It is legitimate, per the Bible, to change countries.  However, that means adopting the new and leaving the old behind.  That means no Czech communities, or Mexican, or Chinese, or Italian.  That includes the Blacks who harp about their Afro roots.  These people are users.  And users are losers.  There is no such thing as an Afro-American or a Czech-American.

The devastation in West, Texas was gut-wrenching.  It was one of the worst industrial disasters in US history.  And the Lord made that happen with the Sun in conjunction with the Red Planet precisely at Sunset.  He loves people more than imaginable, but He did that to point out to Christians that the Bible upholds Nationalism.  Czech communities have no place in the USA.  Love it or leave it is a Biblical doctrine.  That's what the Lord meant when He made the Earth shake and sent up the mushroom cloud in West, Texas.


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Released April 18, 2013

Author:  Larry Wood