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Lone Wolf Bomber

Wolf S. America, 4-17-13, UW

Lone Wolf Bomber

April 17 (Day 107, Category):  By today investigators of the Boston Marathon bombing have concluded that the bomber was a lone wolf, who followed readily available directions for building the bombs.  He used pressure cookers filled with gun powder, ball bearings, BB's, and nails along with a simple timers.  That means he was probably a white supremacist, who is opposed to immigration reform and gun control, topics which were on the agenda for Congress this week.

Interestingly, this morning the weather angels posted the same news story.  There was a weather satellite image of South America with a lone wolf over Ecuador and Columbia.  The image was over Louisiana, the Gulf Coast, and Gulf of Mexico.  Ecuador corresponds to the region of Benjamin, who is symbolized by a wolf (map | mapz).  Louisiana corresponds to the evil one, Satan, and Simeon criminality.  The surrounding region of the Gulf Coast corresponds to the region of the Levites and the Criminal Justice System.  Columbia corresponds to the region of Asher and Taurus.  The Almighty God planet was in Taurus, symbolizing the world ruler, who is currently Satan.  Over West Virginia was a quail with its trail extending through Boston.  A quail symbolizes the greed of the Israelites, who died in the wilderness (Ex 16:12, 13; Num 11:31-33, 34).  This is also a characteristic of the ravenous wolf, who devours the spoils of victory.  Bill Iffrig, 78, who fell near the finish line at the time of the explosion in the Boston Marathon, was from Lake Stevens, Washington, which is in the region of Benjamin, the wolf.  He was wearing red for suffering.  West Virginia symbolizes the prison system.

South America is synonymous with the immigration problem in the USA.  Just as Rome was destroyed by the barbarians, the culture of the US is being eroded by immigrants from South America.  These immigrants, to their credit, are more hard-working and dedicated to traditional values than their US counterparts.  However, they are not patriots of this country.  They are led by Satan to defy the laws of Nationalism just as the people at the Tower of Babel.  These are strong words against people who appear to have good hearts and are often a credit to their lazy US counterparts.

The Boston Marathon is an international event.  People from all over the US and the world are drawn to compete in the grueling 26.2 mile race.  They run for a corruptible medal.  But the problem lies with the international event.  Sports are meant to be friendly competition within the country, not in the world.  There are no laws or rules to govern international events under the Divine Institution of Nationalism.  Therefore, international sports are in the Cosmic System, where Satan rules.

So, the Boston Marathon was a gathering of people from all over the world just as the immigration problem in the US is associated with people from all over the world.  White supremacists see the problem, but they have adopted the devil's solution.  They are evil attacking evil.  The only solution is God's solution.  The human solution is no solution.


The weather angels posted the news in the sky as people on Earth perceived it.  Which came first?  Did people figure it out or did the angels reveal it to them?  Was the bombing of the Boston Marathon the work of a lone wolf, or was he inspired by Satan?  And where was God?

The answers all lie in the fact that God controls His Creation.  The Lord controls human history.  He blesses and He punishes. So, He permitted the Boston Marathon bombings as terrible punishment perpetrated by Satan to expose the rejection of the Divine Institution of Nationalism, and to expose the fallacy of government gun control.  The Boston Marathon had been dedicated as a memorial to the 26 victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  And Satan blew up the funeral.


1.  Tim Lister and Paul Cruickshank.  "Boston Marathon bombs have hallmarks of 'lone wolf' devices, experts say," CNN, Apr. 17, 2013.

Released April 17, 2013

Author:  Larry Wood