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President Obama Inaugurated in Private Ceremony

Eagle, 1-20-13, UW Eagle, 1-20-13, PSC

President Obama Inaugurated in Private Ceremony

January 20 (Day 20, External Gates):  President Barack Obama was sworn in for his second term as President in a private ceremony in the White House Blue Room.  The ceremony was presided over by Chief Justice John Roberts and attended by the President's family and a few others.  The President swore on a Bible held by Mrs. Obama to faithfully execute the office of President of the US and to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution."  Mrs. Obama was wearing a blue dress.

In the sky overhead, the talons of the image of an eagle reached down toward Washington, DC.  The similar pointed projection of the beginning of a weather elephant in the Atlantic stretched across Florida.  An eagle symbolizes a Throne Angel, which brings national judgment, and an elephant symbolizes Baal.

Inauguration Chart

Inauguration Chart, 1-20-13At the time of the inauguration, which began at 11:55 AM EST and ended within a minute, the Chart contained a Skull, a Plow, and a Yod.  A Skull is a morbid sign of death at the hands of Satan, who has the power of death.  A Plow is a sign of intensive suffering, like being plowed under.  The Plow pointed to the Red Planet in Capricornus, for suffering from sin or evil.  A Yod symbolizes critical timing and the ability to seize the moment and strike at precisely the right time.  The Yod pointed to the Almighty God Planet in Taurus, for a world ruler.  Satan is currently the ruler of the world.  The Yod corresponded to the necessity of having the inauguration on Sunday before the public ceremony tomorrow.

The Sun was near Midheaven in Capricornus, for the glory of the world.  And the Sun was in conjunction with the Savior Planet, for a rescuer.  The Red Planet was also in Capricornus.  The three planets in Capricornus meant strong influence from that sign in the Chart.  Capricornus corresponds to Texas.

The Moon was nearing the Ascendant in Aries, for Jezebel, the Prostitute of Babylon who usurps authority.  And the God of the Covenants Planet was setting near the Descendant in Libra, for the law, which required the inauguration today.  The God of the Covenants in Libra also symbolizes business and the economy, which is failing.

Two planets paired together were in Sagittarius.  The Morning Star in Sagittarius symbolized the Commander-in-Chief, corresponding to the President.  And the Last Adam in Sagittarius symbolized an enemy or Satanic attack.


The signs accompanying the inauguration of the President did not bode well.  The weather angels pointed the talons of an eagle at Washington, DC.  The eagle symbolizes a Throne Angel sent to discipline the Client Nation, and the pointed talons were the sign of an attack.  The same pointed symbol was over Florida from a weather elephant, the symbol of Baal.  Florida should have been a symbol of good news, but instead this symbolized an attack on good news.

The sign of the Skull was a morbid symbol of death at the hands of Satan.  Satan was probably on hand for the inauguration, since he rules the world.  The Skull was pierced by a Plow.  Although the Plow was barely within tolerance, it symbolized intensive suffering, like being plowed under.  It pointed to the Red Planet in Capricornus, which was a sign of more suffering from sin or evil.

President Obama is the 44th President of the US, where 44 is for suffering.  The nation has suffered badly, especially from the economy, during the last four years, but the signs overhead today were morbid signs of suffering from Satan.

Released January 20, 2013

Author:  Larry Wood