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US Accelerates Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Horse, 1-11-13

US Accelerates Withdrawal from Afghanistan

January 11 (Day 11, Witness):  The US will begin withdrawal of military forces from Afghanistan this Spring as opposed to this Summer as earlier planned.  President Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai in Washington, DC announced agreement today for US to begin transition to a support role.  Afghan forces will take the lead in combat and US forces will advise and train.  The US timeline for withdrawal from Afghanistan is the end of 2014.

The strategy of the US combat role in Afghanistan was reflected in the weather and the line up of the stars overhead.  A large horse's head was over Texas.  A horse symbolizes war and a male phallic reversionist.  A hard freeze is forecast for southern California.  Overhead five planets were aligned in Sagittarius, the Archer, and symbol of an army.

Today was January 11, 2013, where 11 is for a witness.  President Obama and President Karzai stood side-by-side to announce their agreement.  Standing side-by-side is the sign of a witness.  The two bore witness of their agreement.

US-Afghan Withdrawal Chart

US-Afghan Withdrawal Chart, 1-11-13The Chart at the time of the announcement of US troop withdrawal contained a Skull, a Yod, and a Stellium.  A Skull is a morbid symbol of death at the hands of Satan, who has the power of death.  A Yod indicates critical timing and the ability to seize the moment and strike at the right time.  The Yod corresponds to the schedule for US withdrawal from Afghanistan.  A Stellium of five planets, including the Sun and the Moon, were in Sagittarius, which corresponds to an army.  The five planets were a sign of great power and significance of this sign in the Chart.

The Sun, Savior Planet, and Morning Star in Sagittarius were a Father and Sons configuration.  The Sun symbolized the Commander-in-Chief, and the two planets symbolized soldiers.  The Moon was in conjunction with the Sun since it was the New Moon.  The Moon in Sagittarius symbolized an army.  The Last Adam in Sagittarius symbolized an enemy attack.  Thus, the planets in Sagittarius symbolized the decision of the Commander-in-Chief regarding the army and soldiers today.

The Almighty God Planet was on the Ascendant in Taurus, for a world ruler.  Satan is currently the world ruler.  And Scorpius was on the Descendant, corresponding to Satan, the Evil One, going down.

Midheaven was in conjunction with the Red Planet in Capricornus, for an agreement, corresponding to the agreement between Presidents Obama and Karzai.  Capricornus corresponds to the location of Texas, where the large horse's head appeared in the satellite weather photo today.  And the Bottom of Heaven was in Cancer, for suffering death.


The announcement of Presidents Obama and Karzai today regarding the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan was reflected in the weather and in the stars.  The image of a horse's head was over Texas as a symbol of war, and five planets were in Sagittarius, including the Sun and Moon.  This signified a very powerful strategic decision about war.

The major configuration in the Chart was a Skull.  The Skull symbolized Satan's power of death over US troops in Afghanistan.  Examples include suicides and murder of US troops by Afghan soldiers and police.  More US soldiers have died from suicide than in combat over the last year. Satan is killing the troops, not the enemy.  This is spiritual warfare, which requires Christian support to protect soldiers from Satan.

Released January 11, 2013 - Revised Jan. 13, 2013

Author:  Larry Wood