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Plane Crashes into Florida House

Plane Crash
Airplane Crash Chart
Michael R. Anders Birth Chart

Plane Crash

January 4 (Day 4, Weakness):  A small plane with mechanical trouble crashed into a Palm Coast home in dense foggy mist.  All three people onboard were killed, but the one woman (Suzanne Crockett) in the house was unhurt.  The plane was attempting to make an emergency landing at Flagler County Airport from the East, but about a half mile from the airport it suddenly fell through the center of the roof of the house.  The single engine plane crashed into the house at 22 Utica Path in Palm Coast, Florida at 2:19 PM EST (1919 GMT), according to Air Traffic Control, where 22 is for cursing.

The plane, built in 1957, was a Beechcraft Bonanza (BE35), registration N375B with a Continental O-470 series engine.  It was enroute from Ft. Pierce, FL to Knoxville, TN.  At the time of the crash a weather elephant overhead was producing rain and mist over Flagler County.  Flagler is Florida County #61, for Income Tax.

Those killed on the plane were the pilot, Michael R. Anders, 58, and his  neighbor, Duane L. Shaw, 59, of Albany, Ky., and Charissee M. Peoples, 42, of Indianapolis, Ind.  It was Anders birthday.  Peoples was Shaw's girlfriend.  Her age, 42, corresponds to Baal or Jezebel.  And Shaw's age of 59, corresponds to Simeon criminality and Scorpius.  They had been to the St. Croix, Virgin Islands, where they were reportedly house sitting over the Christmas vacation.  Anders taught High School Spanish in Clinton County, Kentucky.

Airplane Crash Chart

Airplane Crash Chart, 1-4-13The Chart at the time of the plane crash contained a Kite, a Plow, and a Yod.  A Kite symbolizes the blessings of the Cross where the Lord Jesus Christ was suspended between Heaven and Earth.  It, therefore, represented the airplane that crashed.  A Plow symbolizes intensive suffering, like being plowed under.  Those who died were plowed under in the house.  The Plow pointed to the Savior Planet in Sagittarius, for a deliverer.  The homeowner, who was in a bedroom, was miraculously delivered by the angels who caused the crash.

A Yod symbolizes a crisis in timing with the ability to strike while the iron is hot.  It pointed at the Almighty God Planet in Taurus, for a world ruler.  Satan currently rules the world.  The Almighty God Planet was on the Ascendant, rising in the East.  The Yod was aimed at checking Satan's rising world power.  The Descendant sign was Scorpius, which contained the Morning Star, for an Evil King going down.

The Sun was in Sagittarius, for the Christian armor of Light or an army.  And the Moon was at the tip of the Kite in Virgo, for the glory of the woman.  The woman in the house at 22 Utica Path was gloriously delivered.  The name, Utica, comes from a city in Tunisia which was near Carthage.  The name probably means ancient. On April 20, 2004, a swarm of tornadoes in Illinois and Indiana devastated the town of Utica, Illinois and killed 8 people.  Illinois and Indiana are in the region corresponding to Virgo, and Utica has its origin in Tunisia, which corresponds to Libra.  The God of the Covenants Planet was in Libra, for Law or a treasurer, corresponding to Congress passing the Fiscal Cliff Bill and granting $9.7 Billion today for relief from superstorm Sandy.

Midheaven was in Capricornus, for the glory of the Gentiles, and the Bottom of Heaven was in Cancer, for suffering death.  The Gentiles are the recipients of manifold blessings of the Age of Grace, and those in the plane suffered death.  Also in Capricornus was the Red Planet, for an agreement, corresponding to recent Congressional agreements.

The Redeemer Planet was in Aquarius, for being redeemed from Sheol, corresponding to Suzanne Crockett, who was redeemed from the plane crash.  Aquarius corresponds to Florida.

Michael R. Anders Birth Chart

Michael Anders Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Michael R. Anders contains a Castle and a Yod.  A Castle is the home of a noble who rules over a domain of loyal subjects.  This corresponds to Anders' following of students and cohorts.  He was a coach and organizer, who was well-liked by others.  The Castle also corresponds to the house into which Anders crashed at his death.

A Yod symbolizes a crisis in timing of someone who has the ability to seize the moment and strike at the right time.  The Yod in the Chart was marginal.  The Yod pointed to the pinnacle of the Castle at the Red Planet in Aquarius, for the curse of Ecumenical Babylon.  Aquarius corresponds to Florida and to the sea.  Anders was previously in the Navy, and he died in Florida.

The Sun was in Sagittarius, for a Christian with the armor of Light, a cavalryman, or an army.  It signifies a person who pursues the tasks of life as if they were battles.  Also in Sagittarius was the Savior Planet, for a deliverer.  The planet was also there in Anders death chart.  The Moon was in Aries, for Jezebel, who usurps the authority of her husband.  Anders was divorced.

Cancer contained the conjunction of the Mediator, for and interpreter, and the Almighty God, for feasting or dining.  As an interpreter, Anders taught Spanish.

The Last Adam was in Leo, for a person standing before the footstool of the king, either in subjection or for recognition.

The Redeemer Planet was in Libra, for Fire Testing.  Anders died in Fire Testing.  Also in Libra was the God of the Covenants, for a pilot. Anders was a pilot. Nearby in Scorpius was the Morning Star, for an Evil King.  This same sign was in Anders death chart.  Scorpius corresponds to Louisiana, which is symbolized by the number, 59, the age of Duane L. Shaw, who was killed in the crash.

The death of Anders on his birthday is an anachronism.  He had turned turned 58, for a Levite.  The Levites were the priests of Israel.  The region corresponding to the Levites is Kentucky, where Anders lived.  Kentucky with its large caves corresponds to the womb and the source or origin.


The plane crashed into the house at 22 Utica Path in Palm Coast at 2:19 PM, where 22 is for cursing and not only crashing but crashing into a house was double cursing.  This is the opposite of the meaning of the year, 2013, for double blessing.  The plane went down in near zero visibility, which meant the pilot was probably flying on instruments with mechanical problems.  Thus, the weather angels and the fire angels were involved.  The burning house symbolized Fire Testing and the holocaust.  Not only did the plane crash, but it crashed into a house.  Thus, there was double cursing along with blessing of the woman who survived.  She was a believer who was delivered, yet so as through fire (1 Cor 3:13, 14-15).  This symbolizes a loser believer, who rejects his inheritance in this life.

The plane crashed in Flagler County, which is Florida County #61, for income tax, corresponding to the Fiscal Cliff Bill that Congress passed on Jan. 1.  The plane was a BE35 built in 1957, where 35 is for rest from enemies and 57 is for Zebulun, or Florida.  It had a Continental O-470 engine, where 47 is for peace.

The Chart contained a Kite, which represented the airplane, and a Plow, which symbolized the plane plowing into the house.  A Yod symbolized the critical timing of the attempted emergency landing.


1.  "Plane Carrying 3 People Crashes Into Home on Utica Path, Killing All Aboard,", Jan. 4, 2013.

Released January 4, 2013 - Revised Jan. 5, 2013

Author:  Larry Wood