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Meaning of 2013 - Double Blessing

The Year 2013
Place of the Double Blessing
Friday the 13th
Friday, September 13, 2013 Chart
Friday, December 13, 2013 Chart

The Year 2013

January 1 (Day 1, Unity):  The meaning of the year 2013 is the double blessing.  The meaning is derived from the double portion of the inheritance given to the firstborn under the laws of primogeniture.  Joseph received the double blessing from Jacob, who adopted Joseph's two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, and blessed them.  This made 13 Tribes of Israel, rather than twelve, and the number, 13, was forever associated with the double blessing.

However, the number, 13, is not all roses because giving one child the double blessing meant the other children got little or nothing.  So, the concept of the double blessing made winners and losers. That was the case with Jacob and Esau.  Jacob bartered Esau's birthright for a mess of pottage.  Esau despised his birthright, since he was an unbeliever.  Even though Esau was the elder, the birthright belonged to Jacob anyway, because he was a believer and, therefore, the child of the promise.  To be a Hebrew (or Jew) a person must be a believer (Rom 9:6-8).  When Jacob got the double blessing and Esau was left out, Esau became very angry and sought to kill Jacob.  Thus, the double blessing creates winners and losers.

Double blessing in the Church Age far exceeds the double portion of the family inheritance.  Every Church Age Believer (CAB) receives a double blessing.  CAB's have an inheritance from God the Father, and they share the inheritance of Christ (Acts 26:18; Rom 8:16-17; Eph 1:14; Col 1:12).  The phenomenal blessings for the CAB are described as the "riches of glory" (Eph 1:18; 3:16; Col 1:27).  The blessings are exceedingly abundant above all that we could ask or think (Eph 3:20).  They are provided in Grace apart from any merit on our part (2 Cor 9:8).

Because Church Age Believers are children of God, every one has an inheritance with double blessing.  God is able to bless us beyond all that we could ask or think.  The blessings were set aside in Eternity past.  They are available to be provided in Time and in Eternity.  They are Spiritual blessings that God provides.  This means that they must be possessed by obeying the Plan of God.  The blessings have already been set aside, but everyone is free to accept or reject them.  Those who choose to live the Spiritual life will receive their blessings as they mature.  Blessings will be inherited at Spiritual Maturity when the completed Edification Complex of the Soul gives the believer the capacity to handle them.  And double blessings will be inherited at Spiritual Rapport.

Church Age Believers are kings and priests.  They are designed to rule and reign with Christ.  They are Royal Family of God.  They are supposed to live in the Spiritual realm in this life and possess their possessions.  Some of the inheritance must be conquered as Israel conquered its inheritance of the Promised Land.  And some of the inheritance requires qualification through testing.  Just as Joseph qualified to be the Prime Minister of Egypt through rigorous testing, the believer qualifies for managing vast estates and corporations by executing the Spiritual life.

The Spiritual determines the Temporal.  The Christian operates in the Spiritual realm.  He conquers by means of the Spiritual life.  He is directed by Almighty God.  He is commanded by the Lord Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords.  And he is led and empowered by the Holy Spirit.  He is supported by Angels.  And he is opposed by Satan, his demons, and the world.  When the Christian wrestles a bank from the control of Satan or a school from Jezebel, he not only frees others in this life, but he secures a claim for Eternal rewards as a winner believer.  Because he was tested and approved in this life, he will be given charge of such banks and schools in the Millennium, and he will have rank and titles of distinction in the Eternal State.

So, the Christian's inheritance includes the many gifts and blessings that God has provided in the Spiritual life.  The Christian inheritance is of great value, beyond the imagination.  It includes great power, wealth, and love relationships.  The Right Man Right Woman relationship is a form of inheritance and double blessing.  The Lord brought the Right Woman to Adam as a type of inheritance.  Similarly, children are the inheritance from the Lord.  And the firstborn is the child of the promise who receives the double blessing.

Place of the Double Blessing

Per the pattern of Client Nation Israel, the west side of the Tabernacle was the place of the double blessing because the Tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh camped there.  Similarly, California in the US is the place of double blessing.  And Washington and Oregon to the north are the place of security for those blessings and the spoils of victory.  This corresponds to France in Europe, and Israel in the Middle East.  Similarly, the west side of a city is the place of the double blessing.  In the heavens, the sign of Gemini, the Twins, symbolizes the double blessing.

The west side corresponds to the temporal and the east side corresponds to the spiritual.  The blessing of the temporal side is associated with banks and financial institutions.  One of the typical New Year's wishes is for a prosperous new year.  That will be the case this year.


As noted before, the double blessing produces great winners as well as big losers.  Freedom guarantees winners and losers.  The real winners are those who execute the Spiritual life, and the losers are those who reject it.  The Lord said, "Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated" (Rom 9:13).  Jacob received the double blessing, but Esau received nothing.  Esau rejected his birthright, the double blessing, and his Salvation.

When Israel entered the Promised Land, it faced two mountains.  Mt. Gerizim symbolized the blessing and Mt. Ebal symbolized the curse (Deut 11:29).  Those who live the Spiritual life will receive the blessing, while those who reject it will receive cursing.  The choice is Life or death.  Those who believe in Jesus Christ will receive the great reward of Eternal Life when they die, regardless of whether they fulfilled God's Plan for them in this life.  However, they will have no rewards.  They live in this life like Esau, and they bring cursing upon themselves, their family, and the nation.

Spiritual blessing is provided in Grace to winner believers while cursing is the fate of all others.  Very few believers are living the Spiritual life and receiving their inheritance.  To do so requires Salvation, the Filling of the Holy Spirit, and Grace Orientation.  Most churches don't even believe in Eternal Security, let alone the Filling of the Holy Spirit.  Those who are not filled with the Holy Spirit are losers.  Those who live in the Cosmic System may receive some short term success from Satan, but they will forfeit their Divine inheritance.  Satan is a user, and those who listen to him are losers.

So, the bottom line is that in 2013 the double blessing of winner believers will result in great cursing for losers.  Institutions under the control of the Prostitute of Babylon will fall or be taken over by winner believers in the Spiritual realm.


In 1913, the previous year that ended in 13, there were two major events that shaped the course of finance in this nation.  The Sixteenth Amendment was enacted to require personal income tax.  And the Federal Reserve System was established.

Those events may not appear to be double blessing, but they were for those who reaped the benefits.  The people who paid income tax were the losers, but the government became rich.  Although the income tax was only six per cent or less, it was inherently unfair because some were taxed more than others.  The excuse that the rich should pay more because they could afford to pay more is nothing but a veiled lie.  Now, the Bible requires that Christian pay taxes without complaining, but it does not require believing the devil's lie about money.

The Federal Reserve System is an institution contrived in secrecy and controlled by Satan.  Governments have a right to issue currency, but when Satan is pulling the strings, the result will be evil.

So, the year 2013 will be all about commerce, the economy, taxes, and finance.  Those who Love God will win, and those who love Mammon (the god of money) will lose (Matt 6:24; Luk 16:13).

Friday the 13th

It is an historical fact that the number 13, and especially Friday the 13th, have a sinister side.  NASA's Apollo 13 was launched on the April 11, 1970 at 2:13 PM EST (1913 GMT), but on April 13, an explosion in the Command Module almost destroyed everyone onboard.  That was just the 13th, not even Friday the 13th.  Last year on the first of three Friday the thirteenths of the year, the Costa Concordia cruise ship hit a reef and ran aground, forcing the evacuation of over 4,000 passengers.

Why such problems on the 13th?  The short answer is that it is the losing side associated with the inheritance.  The number, 13, stands for the inheritance of double blessing, and those who reject their inheritance are cursed.

However, there is something worse than 13, and that is Friday the thirteenth.  Friday the thirteenth is a form of double cursing, which begins with the cursing of the number 13 for rejecting the Spiritual inheritance.  That's bad enough.  However, Friday the thirteenth occurs at most only two or three times a year, which amounts to Divine Division from the number 2 or the Justice of the Holy Spirit from the number 3.  Thus, added to the cursing for the number 13 is the Divine Judgment associated with the number, 2, or 3.  There is also the problem of Friday, which is the 6th day of the week, where 6 stands for the weakness of man stripped of his power standing before the Evil King and awaiting a life or death decision. Satan empowers the Evil King.

In 2013 there will be two Friday the thirteenths.  They will occur in September and December.  The Star Charts for these two dates are quite sensational.

Friday, September 13, 2013 Chart

Friday Sept. 13, 2013The Chart for Friday, September 13, 2013 contains a Castle and a Grand Cross, which symbolizes the Judgment of Jezebel (Prostitute of Babylon) (Rev 2:22-23).  The Castle is the domain of a king or queen with loyal subjects.  And the Grand Cross is the most intense sign of suffering, like going to the Cross or being executed.  The Castle belongs to Jezebel, the evil queen, and the Grand Cross is the fate that awaits her.  This is the Curse of Jezebel on Jezebel and her children (followers).
Revelation 2:22-23
22 Behold, I will throw her into a sick bed, and those committing adultery with her into great tribulation (severe suffering) unless they change their minds from her deeds.
23 And I will execute her children (followers) by the death penalty; and all the churches will know that I am He who analyzes the kidneys and the hearts; and I will give to every one of you according to your deeds.
This is the sentence of the Sin Leading to Death for the followers of Jezebel.  Jezebel is the Prostitute of Babylon who rules the civilian sector, including governments, schools, and churches, for Satan. The curse of Jezebel and death await the followers of Jezebel.

Friday, December 13, 2013 Chart

Friday Dec. 13, 2013The Chart for Friday, December 13, 2013 contains a Star, a Plow, and a Coffin.  The Star (Pentagram) is the sign of sudden brilliance that comes in out of the blue.  As a pentagram, it is associated with a giant, such as Baal.  The Plow signifies intensive suffering, and the Coffin is for burying the dead.

So, this could signify the death of a famous person or institution.


The year 2013 symbolizes the inheritance of the double blessing.  The double blessing is the inheritance of Church Age Believers (CAB's) from God the Father.  The double blessing consists of phenomenal Spiritual blessings set aside for every CAB.  However, the CAB is free to accept or reject his inheritance.  If he rejects his inheritance by refusing to execute the Spiritual life, he will receive instead punishment from God.

The double blessing produces winners and losers.  Winners will receive great blessing for Time and Eternity.  Losers will receive cursing, but if they are believers, they will inherit Eternal Life, absent their rewards.  Winner believers can take back parts of the world that Satan rules.  Jesus Christ won it from His victory on the Cross, and He is free to give it to believers who qualify (Eph 4:8).

The double blessing is associated with the west, Temporal side, in contrast to the east, Spiritual side.  The Temporal side is associated with banks and financial institutions, which represent prosperity in this life.  However, these institutions are actually under spiritual control.  They belong to Satan or winner believers.  The Christian has the power to win back the devil's world just as Israel won their inheritance of the Promised Land (Eph 3:16).

The double blessing of winners is inevitably associated with the cursing of losers.  Those who reject the greatest blessings of history are doomed to suffer the cursing of losers.  Just as Israel had a choice between Mt. Gerizim for blessing or Mt. Ebal for cursing, everyone is free to choose blessing or cursing.  Those who obey God have chosen blessing, and those who reject God have chosen cursing.

For those believers who have had the opportunity to learn Bible Doctrine under faithful ministers and seem to be bogged down, your  problem is the inheritance.  Your inheritance has been set aside and only you can claim it.  Be faithful and execute the Spiritual life and you will receive your inheritance.  It doesn't mean you will be free from suffering in the devil's world, but you will secure your own double blessing.  Be faithful and don't let anyone take away your crown (Rev 3:11).  You qualify for the crown by being faithful in this life, and you will receive it at the Evaluation Throne of Christ.


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Released January 1, 2013- Revised Jan. 2, 2013

Author:  Larry Wood