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Congress Passes Fiscal Cliff Bill

Elephant, 1-2-13, 0145 GMT House Vote, 1-1-13

Congress Passes Fiscal Cliff Bill

January 1 (Day 1, Unity):  After the Senate passed the Fiscal Cliff Bill early in the morning, the House passed the bill at 11:00 PM EST.  The bill averted a mountain of automatic spending cuts that no one wanted.  It was most unusual for both Houses of Congress to pass such a notorious bill on New Year's day.  What's even more amazing is that when the House passed the bill, Midheaven was in Gemini, for a notorious double blessing.  The year 2013 stands for the double blessing.  The double blessing was reaped by most of the American people in spite of the injustice to those making over $400, 000 a year.

The bill passed the Senate by 89 8, where 89 is for an authority counterattack, and 8 is for the new birth.  It passed the House by 257 167, where 257 is for Zebulun, corresponding to Florida, and 167 is for giving of worldly possessions.

A huge weather elephant was passing through Washington, DC.  It extended all the way through Texas, where it resembled a horse's head.  A elephant symbolizes Baal, who was the enemy during the Congressional vote on the Fiscal Cliff Bill.

House Vote Chart

House Vote Chart, 1-1-13The Chart at the time the House passed the Fiscal Cliff Bill contained a Plow along with a Yod and a Boomerang at right angles.  The Plow and the Yod both pointed at the Almighty God Planet in Taurus, for a world ruler, which is currently Satan.

A Plow symbolizes intensive suffering, like being plowed under, and a Yod is a crisis in timing, like the ability to strike while the iron is hot.  The timing of passage of the Fiscal Cliff Bill was critical to avoid major financial upheaval.

The Boomerang is like the Yod except it has a handle to point it precisely at the target.  The Boomerang pointed to the Moon in Leo, for a politician.  The politicians were under the gun to pass the bill.  The Moon was rising in Leo just above the Ascendant.  It was in opposition to the Redeemer Planet in Aquarius, for being redeemed from Sheol, corresponding to the doom of the fiscal cliff.  Aquarius corresponds to Florida (and to the vote of 257 yeas).

There were three planets, including the Sun and Bottom of Heaven in Sagittarius.  There meaning was:

 Sun Christian with the armor of Light, or an army.
 Last Adam enemy attack.
 Savior deliverer.
 Bottom of Heaven victim of a gang (or conspiracy).
The Morning Star was in Scorpius, for an Evil King.

The God of the Covenants was in Libra, for law or a treasurer.  A law was passed, and it was about the treasury.

The Red Planet was in Capricornus, for an agreement, or reconciliation.  Passage of the Fiscal Cliff Bill was called a deal.

The Mediator was in Pisces, for a priest.


Both houses of Congress after a year of wrangling, suddenly reached a deal and passed the Fiscal Cliff Bill on New Year's day.  For both houses to pass the bill on the same day was a double blessing, but it also passed the House with Midheaven in Gemini, for a notorious double blessing.  The year 2013 stands for the double blessing.  And the Moon was rising in Leo, for a politician.  Leo corresponds to Washington, DC.

So, the first day of 2013 was a notorious demonstration of the double blessing for most Americans.  The downside is that Satan was behind the scenes sponsoring socialism to rob the rich to support the majority.  Those making over $400,000 will be expected to foot the tax bill to support lack of fiscal responsibility in the government.

Released January 2, 2013

Author:  Larry Wood