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Sixth Sun Halo of the Year

Sun Halo, 12-28-12 Sun Halo, 12-28-12 Elephant, 12-28-12

Sixth Sun Halo of the Year

December 28, 2012 (Day 363, Outcast):  The sixth Sun halo of the year appeared over the same location in central Florida today only three days since the last one. It was visible from 11:45 AM to 2:15 PM EST (1645 1915 GMT).  The Sun was in Sagittarius, and the Moon was Full in Gemini.  The Sun halo contained a Kite, the symbol of the blessings of the victory of the Cross.  It came  three days after the previous one with a Skull.  It was thus a reminder of the Resurrection on the third day.

The sixth Sun halo corresponds to the number for man.  Jesus Christ was the uniquely born Son of God.  He was perfect humanity and undiminished Deity in Hypostatic Union.  And He was the first to receive a Resurrection body.

A Sun halo symbolizes the New Covenant to the Church. The New Covenant to the Church was made possible by the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ on the Cross and His Resurrection on the third day.
The Sun halo appeared through the haze from a weather elephant over Florida that was one of a pair of elephants over the Southeastern US.   An elephant symbolizes Baal, the giant.

Today was December 28, 2012, Day 363, where the numbers mean:  28 cosmic stronghold, 12 authority, 363 an outcast (63).  Jesus Christ was taken out of the city and crucified on Golgotha.  Israel cast Him out of the city and thereby rejected its inheritance.  Instead, the Church became Christ's Royal Family (Heb 13:10-11, 12).

Sun Haloes for 2012

Sun Haloes for 2012

Apr 30 Aries Castle
Aug 25 Leo Grand Trine, Podium, Building
Aug 31 Leo Plow, Catwalk
Nov 13 Libra Skull
Dec 25 Sagittarius Skull, Boomerang
Dec 28 Sagittarius Kite, Plow, Yod


Star Chart

Sun Halo Chart, 12-28-12The Chart at the time of the Sun halo contained a Kite, a Plow, and a Yod.   A Kite symbolizes the blessings of the victory of the Cross.  The Plow and Yod with the Kite were a reminder of the Crucifixion.  The Plow symbolized the intensive suffering of Jesus Christ from those who plowed Him under (buried Him).  And the Yod symbolizes a critical timing window.  It also symbolically represents the thrusting of a spear or sword.  Jesus was pierced in his side with a spear on the Cross.

The Sun was in Sagittarius, for the armor of the Light, corresponding to the brightly shining Resurrection body of Christ.  The Moon was Full in Gemini, for the Church family of Christ to whom He appeared after His Resurrection.

The Plow pointed to the Mediator Planet in Pisces, for a priest who suffered intensely.  This represents Jesus Christ, who holds his priesthood permanently, since death could not stop Him (Heb 7:21-22, 23-24, 25).  Jesus Christ is a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek (Heb 7:17).  He is the Mediator of the New Covenant to the Church.

The Sun was in conjunction with the Last Adam in Sagittarius, for an enemy attack.  Jesus Christ was sent to the Cross by the enemy, Satan.  The Savior Planet had also just moved into Sagittarius, for a Savior or deliverer, corresponding to Jesus Christ, the Savior of all mankind.

The Redeemer Planet was in Aquarius, for being redeemed from Sheol, corresponding to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Almighty God Planet was in Taurus, for the world ruler.  Satan still rules the world, but Jesus Christ won the victory over him at the Cross, and He will return and subdue him.  The Almighty God was the point of the Yod, corresponding to the critical time when the side of Jesus Christ was pierced on the Cross.  The Great Red Spot on the Almighty God Planet is a reminder of that.

The God of the Covenants was in Libra, for the Law, which required that the wages of sin be death.  Jesus Christ handled the curse of the Law on the Cross, so that we no longer need to fear death (Gal 3:13).

The Morning Star was in Scorpius, for Satan's fall leading to his doom.  The Cross was the beginning of Satan's fall.  He will fall again in the Tribulation and be incarcerated for a thousand years during the Millennium.  Satan falls today when He is defeated by the Grace of God.


The sixth Sun halo of the year came three days after the last one.  The previous one had the configuration of a Skull as a reminder of the suffering of the Cross.  The last one had a Kite, for the blessings of the Cross after the Resurrection.  Jesus Christ was resurrected on the third day.

The Sun halo was on the Full Moon in Gemini, for the Church family of Jesus Christ to whom He appeared after the Resurrection.  Technically the Church did not begin until Pentecost, but his disciples became members of the Church when it began.  After Jesus Christ won the victory of the Cross, the Church was called out as His Royal Family to replace Israel, who rejected Him (1 Pet 2:9).

Released December 28, 2012

Author:  Larry Wood