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Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre

Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre

December 14, 2012 (Day 349, Time Before Pentecost):  Twenty year old Adam Lanza killed his mother and then drove her car to Sandy Hook Elementary School  in Newtown, Connecticut, where she had been a substitute teacher.  Armed with two pistols and an assault rifle and wearing black, he shot his way in through the school's locked front door shortly after 9:30 AM EST.  When the principal heard the shots, she came out of a meeting along with the school psychologist to confront the problem, and both of them were shot dead.  Someone keyed the Public Address system microphone so the alarm of the shooting and screams could be heard all over the school.

Lanza then went into a first-grade classroom and shot the students and teachers multiple times.  A teacher in adjoining Room 10 hid her students in the bathroom.  He came in and killed the teacher.  Then he killed himself.  By 9:38 AM the shooting had stopped.  He was found with two pistols and a Bushmaster .223 rifle.  He did most of the shooting with the rifle.  The death toll was 20 children and six adults, plus the shooter.

Adam was reported by his older brother to have a personality disorder and to be autistic.  He was anxious around people and unable to engage socially.  He was also full of the devil.

Star Chart

Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting, 12-14-12The Chart at the time of the shooting contained a Skull with a Plow through it and a Father and Sons configuration.  A Skull is a morbid symbol of death at the hand of Satan, who has the power of death.  And a Plow is a sign of intensive suffering, like being plowed under.  The Plow pointed to the Redeemer Planet in Aquarius, for being redeemed from Sheol, corresponding to the students who survived and to a free ticket to Heaven for the students who had not reached accountability.  All of the planets except two were on the Spiritual side of the Chart.  This corresponds to the East coast as opposed to the West coast.  It also corresponds to Satan as the ruler of the air (Eph 2:2).

The Father and Sons configuration in Scorpius symbolized Satan as an angel of light and his children.  The mass shooting was the work of Satan, who was claiming the children as his own, although they had not reached the age of accountability, and therefore, went to Heaven.

The Red Planet was on the Ascendant in Sagittarius with the Moon nearby.  The Red Planet symbolized a bloodbath and the Moon symbolized a class.  The Last Adam was in conjunction with the Moon, for an enemy attack (on the class).  The Descendant sign was Gemini, but Cancer was nearing the Descendant.  Cancer corresponds to Oregon, where the mall shooting occurred on December 11, 2012.

Midheaven was in Libra, for Fire Testing.  The God of the Covenants was also in Libra, for the law, justice, or a treasurer.  The Bottom of Heaven was in Aries, for the death of a leader.  The principal died in the attack as well as teachers.  Aries corresponds to Connecticut, where the shooting occurred, and to New Hampshire, where Adam was born in Kingston.

The Almighty God Planet was in Taurus, for a world ruler.  Satan currently rules the world.  And the Mediator Planet was in Pisces, for a priest.

Adam Lanza's Hand

Adam Lanza HandAdam Lanza's hand reveals some obvious psychological problems.  His C-shaped little finger is a sign of personality fragmentation, which occurs during the first few months of a child's life before one year old.  It may be due to a vituperative mother who yells or screams over the child's cradle.  The personality fails to integrate, which leaves a person going in opposite directions.  For example, the person may be very selfish on the one hand, but willing to give the shirt off his back on the other hand.

The separation between the little finger and other fingers is a sign of a person in separate camps.  He would desire to be in a separate camp from others, such as his family.  The set apart little finger can also indicate a hatred for the mother.

The thin middle phalange of the thumb coupled with the powerful tip phalange is a sign of a prodigal type, who wants everything now and lacks the mature logic to support his big plans.  The middle phalange symbolizes logic.

The thick mounts are a sign of powerful motivation and strong emotional drives.  The very pronounced Masculine Mount under the thumb is the sign of a very strong initiator.  It can indicate male dominance.

Adam Lanza Birth Chart

Adam Lanza Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Adam Lanza contains a Grand Trine.  The Grand Trine is a symbol of stability, power, talent, harmony, and ease.  Lanza was able to pull off one of the worst mass killings in US history.

The Sun sign was Aries, for a leader's glory.  Aries corresponds to Connecticut, where the shooting occurred, and to New Hampshire, where Lanza was born.

Pisces had two planets:

  1. The Morning Star herald of assembly.
  2. The Savior Planet profession.
The God of the Covenants Planet was in Capricornus, for an antichrist, a man of lawlessness.

The Mediator and Redeemer planets were in conjunction in Sagittarius along with the Moon, meaning:

  1. Mediator mediation ending the plague, corresponding to the end of the massacre.
  2. Redeemer redeemed from the enemy, corresponding to the children who were redeemed from Satan.
  3. Moon - an army (could also apply to a school of students).
The Last Adam was in Libra, for being judged for sins.  This can apply to dying the Sin Leading to Death.

The Almighty God Planet was in Leo, for a king or sovereign.  The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting elicited a speech by the Governor of Connecticut and the President of the US.


The Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was the undeniable work of Satan, who worked as the agent of death with God's permission.  Satan agitated Adam Lanza and empowered him to execute vengeance with deadly precision.  The Chart at the time of the shooting contained a Skull, for Satan's power to execute the Sin Leading to Death.  All but two of the planets were on the Spiritual side of the Chart, corresponding to Satan as the powerful ruler of the air (Eph 2:2).  The Chart contained a Father and Sons configuration in Scorpius, for Satan as an angel of light and his children.  Satan took 20 of the children to their death.

Adam Lanza was born in the sign of Aries, corresponding to the region of Connecticut and New Hampshire, his place of birth.  On the day of the shooting, the Bottom of Heaven was in Aries, for the death of a leader.  Adam murdered the school principal, the school psychologist, and some of the teachers in front of their classes.  His Birth Chart contained the Red Planet in Aquarius, for martyrs, corresponding to the children who died because they did not have Spiritual protection.

Adam's Chart had the sign of an antichrist, a man of lawlessness.  And his Chart has the Almighty God in Leo, for a king or sovereign.  The shooting elicited speeches from the Governor of Connecticut and the President of the US.  Adam may have been autistic, but his Chart is that of a very powerful, adept, and complex worker of mayhem.

The Sandy Hook Elementary massacre was an awesome curse, which was a warning of a terrible evil from the hand of Satan, the murderer.  Since God loves children beyond our comprehension, this was a powerful sign of severe consequences (Matt 10:42; 18:10, 14).  Only adult Christians and angels can protect children from Satan.  The police and government leaders cannot do that.  One autistic boy in the hands of Satan cannot be stopped by weapons and authorities.  Parents must intercede for their children.

Mass murder of children is a sign of Rachel weeping for her children (Jer 31:15; Matt 2:18).  This symbolizes the loss of children in the destruction of the nation.  Our nation is being systematically destroyed by Satan.  He can only be stopped when Christians fulfill their Spiritual responsibility.  This was the second mass shooting in the US this week.  One was on the West coast in Oregon, and the other was on the East coast in Connecticut.

Released December 15, 2012 - Revised Dec. 18, 2012

Author:  Larry Wood