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Clackamas, Oregon Mall Shooting

Elephant, 12-11-12, 2231 GMT, Navy 2045 GMT, 12-11-12, Navy 12-11-12, 1930 GMT, PSC

Clackamas, Oregon Mall Shooting

December 11, 2012 (Day 346, Pregnancy):  Jacob Roberts, 22, entered the Clackamas Town Center Mall in suburban Portland, Oregon wearing a white hockey-style mask and black clothing and began shooting.  Armed with an AR-15 rifle, he killed two people and wounded a third.  Because his gun jammed and because of the quick response of local law enforcement, he was unable to shoot more people.  He walked down the stairs to the lower level where he shot and killed himself.

Roberts stole the gun from an acquaintance recently.  He entered the mall through Macey's at 3:25 PM PST (2225 GMT), walked into the food court area where he announced that he was "the shooter," and he began shooting.  The first 9-1-1 call came in at 3:29 PM PST, and the first responder arrived a minute later.  The shooter, age 22, was found dead 22 minutes later.  The number, 22, stands for cursing.

Jacob Tyler Roberts, the shooter, was born March 16, 1990, Day 75.  He moved from Milwaukee to Oregon and graduated from Oregon City High in 2008.  Last month he quit his job, sold his worldly possessions, moved from his apartment, broke up with his girl friend, and told friends he was going to Hawaii, along with other tales.  He had been staying with friends a few miles away from the mall at 7324 S.E. 84th Ave. in Portland, Oregon.  The numbers mean: 73 freedom, 24 Satan's attack on Israel, 84 weakness of the Church.

To those who knew Jake Roberts, he was a friendly person who got along very well with others and had lots of friends.  His arched eyebrows indicate he was also dramatic.  A girlfriend noticed last week that he had become detached and unresponsive.

Over Oregon at the time of the shooting was a weather elephant, the symbol of Baal.  There were two elephants over Florida and the southeastern US.  And over the Atlantic was a goat that resembled a wolf in one picture.  It appeared to be the symbol of Satan as `Aza'zel (Lev 16:10), which is erroneously translated scapegoat.  The three images on the satellite photos symbolized Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon.

Star Chart

Clackamas Mall Shooting, 12-11-12At the time of the shooting, the Chart contained a Skull with a Plow through its top.  A Skull is a morbid symbol of death at the hand of Satan, who has the power of death.  And a Plow symbolizes intensified suffering, like being plowed under.  The point of the Plow was the Redeemer in Aquarius, for being redeemed from Sheol, or the grave.  Aquarius corresponds to Florida, which was under the weather elephants.  Many lives were spared due the gun jamming and quick law enforcement response.

The Almighty God Planet was on the Ascendant, for the rising of the ruler of the world.  Satan currently rules the world, and the shooting was his doing.  Scorpius was on the Descendant.  It contained three planets:

  1. The Sun Satan, as an angel of light, corresponding to Santa, who almost got shot and the other worldly Christmas themes.
  2. The Moon Jezebel.
  3. The Savior Planet a Satanic attack.
Midheaven was in Capricornus, for Gentile glory, which was associated with the Christmas celebration at the  mall and the conflict in the Middle East.  And the Bottom of Heaven was in Cancer, for suffering death.  Cancer corresponds to Oregon.

There were two planets in Libra.  The God of the Covenants symbolized the law.  And the Morning Star symbolized judgment with a rod of iron, or sudden cataclysmic judgment.

There were also two planets in Sagittarius.  The Last Adam symbolized an enemy attack, and the Red Planet symbolized shooting, along with the blood that goes with it.

The Mediator Planet was in Pisces, for a priest.  Pisces corresponds to the southeastern US, which was under one of the elephants and had tornadoes the night before.


The Oregon mall shooting was the work of Satan, who took over Jake Roberts and used him for a murdering rampage.  Then the devil drove Jake to his death.  This was the Sin Leading to Death, which the Lord allowed Satan to execute.  The bigger picture was marked by the weather images overhead.  The elephant over Oregon, the two elephants over Florida and the southeastern US, and the goat over the Atlantic symbolized Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon.  The US was under the curse of Satan and his Cosmic System.  The elephants symbolized the curse of Baal.  The two elephants over Florida symbolized double cursing.  And the goat symbolized Satan as `Aza'zel, the sin-laden goat that was led off into the desert to Satan.  The goat also appeared with the face of a wolf, the symbol of the Tribe of Benjamin and Oregon.

Oregon is in the region of Cancer and the Tribe of Benjamin, which symbolizes the spoils of victory.  The Oregon shooting symbolized the spoils of victory in two respects:  (1) the passage of the Right to Work law in Michigan earlier in the day, which dealt a blow to labor unions under the power of the Prostitute of Babylon, and (2) the approaching US Fiscal Cliff.  The assets accumulated by the Prostitute of Babylon are being plundered.  Roberts drove a 96 Volkswagen, where 96 stands for the spoils of victory.

On the Star Chart the Bottom of Heaven was in Cancer, corresponding to Oregon and symbolizing suffering death.  The Chart contained a Skull, a morbid sign of death at the hand of Satan.  Satan did the killing, but the Lord had it all covered in His Sovereign Design.  The Sun was in Scorpius, for Satan as an angel of light, corresponding to the good side of Jake Roberts.  And the Moon was in Scorpius, for Jezebel, the Prostitute of Babylon, who was judged in Oregon, Florida, and the southeastern US, the region of Pisces, corresponding to the Birth Sign of Jake Roberts.

Released December 12, 2012

Author:  Larry Wood