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Curse of the Centaur Scorpion

Centaur-Scorpion, 10-27-12, 1330 GMT, PSC

Curse of the Centaur Scorpion

October 27, 2012 (Day 301, Unity):  After smashing Guantanamo, rolling over the Bahamas, and skirting Florida, Hurricane Sandy appeared as a centaur-scorpion in the Atlantic.  The centaur-scorpion with the head of a horse and tail of a scorpion was glaring at Washington, DC.  The centaur-scorpion is one of the evil judgments of the Tribulation associated with Abaddon, the meanest criminal who ever lived (Rev 9:1-11).  Abaddon is currently incarcerated in the dungeon below Hell (2 Pet 2:4; Jude 1:6; Rev 9:11).  He is the leader of a demon criminal gang of vicious terrorists, who sting people with their scorpion tails and cause pain for 5 months.

The symbolism of the centaur-scorpion is military criminality, or terrorism, where the horses head symbolizes the military and the scorpion tail symbolizes the criminal.  Thus, the centaur-scorpion symbolizes the terrorists on trial at Guantanamo as well as the Pentagon lawyers and judges who apparently themselves are so inept as to not understand the need for justice.

A similar centaur-scorpion from Hurricane Bill appeared on August 22, 2009 and delayed President Obama's vacation to Martha's Vineyard.  Another was associated with Hurricane Igor on September 19, 2010, Day 262, the day the BP well of the Deepwater Horizon was officially declared killed.  The oil spill symbolized the curse of homosexuals in the military.


The centaur-scorpion was glaring at the Pentagon, where the lawyers and judges have forgotten what justice is.  Satan has so confused them that they cannot make a decision.  The centaur-scorpion symbolizes the terrorists on trial at Guantanamo, but it also symbolizes the Pentagon lawyers.  They need to study the case law of Judge Samuel (1 Sam 15:33).

Released October 27, 2012

Author:  Larry Wood