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The Face of Hurricane Isaac

Tropical Storm Isaac, 8-28-12, 1115 GMT, UW

The Face of Hurricane Isaac

August 29, 2012 (Day 242, Baal):  Tropical Storm Isaac crossed the Atlantic, negotiated the straights of Florida, and went across the Gulf of Mexico straight to the Mississippi Delta.  Just prior to reaching the Delta, it showed one of its many faces.  It appeared as an attractive young lady with long, flowing hair.  The lady, lying on her back with her eyes open, was the Prostitute of Babylon, who was being courted by a spider, the symbol of Beelzebub, the lord of the flies.  The spider's web reached into the Prostitute's hair.   So, Isaac was really a female.
Hurricane Isaac, 8-28-12, 1745 GMT, NOAA Hurricane Isaac Landfall 1, 8-28-12, 1837 GMT, NWS

As Tropical Storm Isaac reached the Mississippi Delta on August 28, it was upgraded to a Hurricane at 1 PM CDT, although none of the buoys near sea level ever showed any hurricane force wind.  Isaac had been so capricious that the normally bold forecasters in the National Hurricane Center shied away from upgrading the storm to a hurricane.  However, when it strengthened upon reaching the Delta, they conjured up their usual mix of presumptions and upgraded it.

According to the Hurricane Center, Isaac made landfall on the Delta at 6:45 PM CDT (2345 GMT).  However, it drifted back into the sea and tried to form two concentric eye walls before making landfall a second time after midnight between Grand Isle and Port Fourchon.  Then it stalled on the coast and did not begin creeping over Houma until about 9:30 AM CDT on August 29.  All this time the east side of the storm was pouring rain on top of a storm surge from New Orleans to Pensacola.  In addition, the wind gusts were enough to knock out electrical power to most of the residents in Louisiana in the vicinity of the storm.

The second landfall was on August 29, 2012, Day 242, where the numbers mean:  29 victory over Edom; 12 authority; and 242 Baal or Jezebel, the Prostitute of Babylon.


The face of Tropical Storm Isaac as it approached the Mississippi Delta was that of the Prostitute of Babylon, who was being seduced by Beelzebub.  Beelzebub is Satan as lord of the flies (demons).  A delta symbolizes the female.  Louisiana corresponds to Scorpius, the Evil One (Satan), and Simeon criminality.  A Tropical Storm symbolizes rejection of the Grace message of the Pastor by the congregation like the rebellious female who rejects the authority of her Right Man.  The flooding associated with the storm symbolizes the promiscuous female.

So, when tropical storms arise, the congregation has rejected Grace and listened to the lies of Satan, and the pastor is left alone with God to be tested.

Released August 29, 2012

Author:  Larry Wood