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Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting

Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting

August 5, 2012 (Day 218, Pillar):  A White Supremacist killed six people in a Sikh Temple as they were gathering for Sunday worship.  Wade Michael Page, 40, armed with a 9 mm pistol, shot a police officer attending one of the wounded before being shot dead by another police officer.  Two other people were injured by the gunman.  Four priests, including Satwant Kaleka, 65, the founder and president of the temple, were killed.

The shooting was the work of Satan.  Page was simply the pawn.  The shooting was on August 5, 2012, Day 218, where the numbers mean:  5 a giant, e. g. Baal; 2012 authority; and 218 a pillar (18), for historical impact.

Page was born in Colorado on November 11, 1971.  He had family and friends in the Littleton area.  He spent 6 years in the Army stationed at Fort Bragg and Fort Bliss.  After being discharged due to disciplinary problems, he became active in White Supremacist groups and played in extremist bands that promoted their agenda.

Shooting Chart

Sikh Temple Shooting ChartThe Chart at the time of the shooting contains a Plow, a Carafe, a Yod, and a Building (or Temple).  There were also three pairs of planets, for a flood, corresponding to the people streaming out of the Temple because of the shooting.

The Plow is a sign of intensive suffering, like being plowed under.  The Plow points to the Mediator Planet in Pisces, for a priest.  Four priests, including the high priest, or President, of the Temple, were killed.

A Carafe is a bottle containing a liquid for drinking or offering.  The congregation of the Temple enjoy a meal together as a part of the Sunday gathering.  At the time of the shooting people in the kitchen were preparing the Sunday meal.

A Yod corresponds to a crisis in timing, like striking while the iron is hot.  The Yod pointed to the Savior Planet in Cancer, for a protector, corresponding to the police whose quick response averted a wider tragedy.

The Sun was in Cancer, for the Lord as the guard of the soul.  The Lord determines the time, place, and manner of death.  He decides when people die.  The Moon was setting in Pisces, for a congregation of believers, corresponding to those attending the Sunday service.  They were going down to destruction.

Midheaven was in conjunction with the Morning Star in Gemini, for a notorious herald of full assembly.  The shooting occurred as people were gathering in the Temple for Sunday worship, the largest gathering of the week.

The Bottom of Heaven was in conjunction with the Last Adam in Sagittarius, for the death of an army (or assembly).  The Last Adam in Sagittarius symbolizes an enemy attack, corresponding to the shooting.

The Ascendant was Virgo, corresponding to Wisconsin, the location of the shooting.  Virgo contained a pair of planets, the Red Planet, for a bloody son, and the God of the Covenants, for a caretaker, corresponding to the emergency medical services.

The Descendant was Pisces, corresponding to the region of the Levites and the Criminal Justice System.  The Mediator Planet on the Descendant symbolizes a priest.  Four priest were killed in the shooting.  The Moon, for a congregation of believers, had just set and was below the Descendant.

Wade Michael Page Birth Chart

Wade Michael Page Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Wade Michael Page contains a Grand Cross, a Pole, and a Stellium of four planets in Scorpius.  The Grand Cross is the most intensive sign of suffering, like going to the cross.  Page's mother died when he was 13.  After washing out of the Army and serving 60 days in jail, he identified with hate groups and played in extremist bands.  He was shot and killed in an exchange of gunfire with police.

A Pole contains multiple oppositions.  The oppositions were between the God of the Covenants in Taurus, for the Promised Land, and planets in Scorpius, symbolizing the opposition of Satan.  Page identified the Promised Land as the United States and the opposition as such ethnic groups as Sikhs, Jews, and Muslims.

The Stellium of four planets in Scorpius adds great power to the sign in the Chart.  Scorpius symbolizes Satan, the evil one.  It, thus, represents powerful Satanic influence over a person.  The planets in Scorpius are:

 Redeemer Balaam, who loved money and sought to curse Israel.
 Savior the Satanic attack upon a person.
 Morning Star Satan's fall leading to his defeat and doom.  The Pole carries the potential of defeating Satan.
 Almighty God Satan as the world ruler.
The Sun Sign was Libra, for Sovereign power.  Page's murderous rampage was an attempt to exercise Sovereign power over life and death.  And Page's identification with White Supremacists was recognizing them as Sovereign.

The Moon Sign was Leo, for a ruling party.  Page identified with White Supremacists and the ruling party.

Other planets in the Chart were:

Red Planet in Aquarius false teacher, corresponding to spreading the lies of White Supremacists.

Mediator in Virgo mediator of Marriage.

Last Adam in Virgo a mortal human body.


The Sikh Temple shooting in Wisconsin, like the previous shooting in Aurora, Colorado, was the work of Satan, the murderer from the beginning (Jn 8:44).  The shooter, Wade Michael Page, was simply Satan's pawn.  The killing of four priests of the temple corresponded to the Mediator Planet at the point of the Plow on the Descendant in Pisces.  And the shooting of other members of the congregation corresponded to the setting of the Moon in Pisces, for a congregation.

Page had signs of great suffering in his Birth Chart.  The Grand Cross symbolized the most intensive suffering.  And the Stellium in Scorpius symbolized a very powerful influence from Satan.  Page was born to serve Satan.  However, he still had the opportunity to believe in Jesus Christ and receive Eternal Life.  The Pole with the sign of Satan's fall on one end was the potential for defeating Satan by effective application of Bible Doctrine.  Failure to do so, however, carried the potential of Satan dragging Page under and carrying him to his doom, which is what happened.


1.  Kieran Nicholson, Ryan Parker and Nancy Lofholm,  "Suspect in Wisconsin Sikh temple shootings has Colorado ties," Denver Post, Aug. 6, 2012.

Released August 6, 2012

Author:  Larry Wood