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Supreme Court Health Care Ruling

Angel, 6-28-12, 0415 GMT, NOAA Angel, 6-28-12, 0430 GMT, PSC Boar, 6-28-12, 1315 GMT, NOAA

Supreme Court Health Care Ruling

June 28, 2012 (Day 180, Pillar):  As the Angel of Tropical Storm Debby departed, Satan persuaded the US Supreme Court to uphold the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act.  Writing for the majority, Chief Justice John Roberts in a master stroke of genius redefined the mandate and penalty for non-compliance as a tax.  He wrote:
The Affordable Care Act's requirement that certain individuals pay a financial penalty for not obtaining health insurance may reasonably be characterized as a tax.  Because the Constitution permits such a tax, it is not our role to forbid it, or to pass upon its wisdom or fairness.1
The Supreme Court, however, rejected the requirement for the states to support the expansion of Medicaid.

What possessed Chief Justice Roberts to fall into line with the liberal women on the court and redefine the mandate and penalty as a tax?  Was he suffering from his epilepsy or was Satan calling the shots?  The same pattern has occurred recently with other government officials where out of the blue they had a stroke of genius and saw good as bad or bad as good.

The weather angels shed light on the day's events.  Last night as Tropical Depression Debby moved out to sea, the angel that had flown Debby for over a week revealed himself.  In the infrared satellite image he was off the coast of Florida with his arms extended as if imploring or trying to rescue people.  This is the pose of a rescuer.  The Savior Planet was overhead in Cancer to symbolize a healer.  The Elect Angel of Debby was a healer in contrast to a doctor under the power of a demon.

Florida, which suffered from Tropical Storm Debby, was the state that led the lawsuit against the Affordable Care Law.  However, Florida lost because Satan not only wrote the law, but he also defended it in the Supreme Court.  The mortals of Florida were no match for Satan.

Tropical Storm Debby made landfall South of Steinhatchee, meaning river of man.  The Steinhatchee River runs into Dead Man's Bay.  The River of (unregenerate) Man (instead of the river of Life) running into Dead Man's Bay is a fitting description of health care for Reversionists that leads to the Sin unto Death.  Tropical Storm Debby moved through Dixie County, which is Florida County #54, for Salvation, including the healing of Salvation (Isa 53:5).  The angel off Florida wore a helmet, symbolizing Salvation (Eph 6:17).  The Supreme Court decision today upholding the individual mandate was 5-4.

Just before the Supreme Court decision was released today, the angel of Debby suddenly appeared as a boar with tusks.  A boar (or hog) symbolizes a Jewish Reversionist (2 Pet 2:22).  Tusks correspond to horns, which gore and cut.  This was a sign of bad things to come.  And it came to pass when the Supreme Court decision was released a little while later.

There was also the image of an elephant over Minnesota, which is in the region of Dan and Libra, corresponding to the Scales of Justice and the Federal Judiciary.  Later in the day, the US House of Representatives voted to hold US Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents about operation Fast and Furious in which guns were sold to Mexican drug dealers.  Holder was in Louisiana, which symbolizes Simeon criminality.

Star Chart

Supreme Court Ruling Chart 6-28-12The Chart at the time of the release of the Supreme Court decision today at 10:15 EDT (1415 GMT) contains a Grand Cross and a Kite.  The Grand Cross is the symbol for suffering, and the Kite symbolizes the blessing of the Cross, or healing.  Thus, the configurations corresponded to the Supreme Court decision on health care.  However, the Chart was made in Heaven and corresponds to God's Sovereign Design.  The Kite was pointed upward rather than down; so, it lacks power of blessing or healing.  The Kite turns on the Sun in Gemini, for a glorious witness, corresponding to Chief Justice Roberts, who was the swing vote to uphold the individual mandate.  The Moon was in Libra, for Judgment of a nation.  The whole nation will come under the Affordable Care Law.  Yesterday, the whole nation was under Judgment of Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon.

The Ascendant Sign was Leo, for the rise of Government power in Washington, DC.  And the Descendant Sign was the Redeemer Planet in Aquarius, for a guarantor (or insurer) going down.   Aquarius corresponds to Florida, which led the lawsuit against the government health care law and lost.

Midheaven was in conjunction with the Almighty God and Morning Star in Taurus, for the glory of Satan as the world ruler and conqueror.  Satan took over US health care as ruler of the world.  He controls unenlightened doctors as well as government laws and courts.  The Bottom of Heaven, IC, was in Scorpius, for the death of Jezebel.  This corresponded to the contempt of Congress charge against the US Attorney General as well as to the Supreme Court decision.

The Red Planet in Virgo symbolized a bloody son, or suffering of a person in need of health care.  The God of the Covenants in Virgo symbolized a caretaker, corresponding to health care workers.

And the Mediator Planet in Pisces symbolized a priest or Balaam.  Believer priests opposed the Affordable Care Law because it amounted to Utopian Socialism sponsored by Satan.  Its supporters (like insurance companies and financiers) are like Balaam.


The angel of Tropical Depression Debby appeared off Florida last night with his arms outstretched as the sign of a rescuer or healer.  Angels heal people with God's permission.  Doctors are oblivious to God, the Holy Spirit, or angels.  However, the angel appeared as a boar looking at Washington, DC before the Supreme Court decision was announced.  The boar was a symbol of a Jewish Reversionist.  Reversionists are the cause of the health care crisis.

The angel of Debby brought flooding to Florida along with the cursing of tornadoes because Florida was the leader of the 26 states and individuals who filed the lawsuit against the Affordable Care Law.  Tropical Storm Debby symbolized the rejection of Grace in Florida.  Florida lost part of the lawsuit because it lacked the power to overcome Satan, the super creature.

However, none of this caught God by surprise.  The angel of Debby revealed the issues daily.  The region around Tallahassee, the capital, was flooded along with the historic Suwannee River.

The planets of the Star Chart portrayed the Supreme Court decision on health care as a Grand Cross, for suffering, and an upside down Kite, for limited healing.  The Almighty God and Morning Star in Midheaven in Taurus symbolized Satan in his glory (of the world) as world ruler.  The Savior Planet was in Cancer for a healer, corresponding to the healing angel of Debby.  And the Redeemer Planet was in Aquarius on the Descendant to symbolize the defeat of a guarantor (or insurer) in Florida.  This meant that Florida lost the lawsuit.


1.  Stephanie Condon, "Supreme Court upholds health care mandate,", June 28, 2012.

Released June 28, 2012

Author:  Larry Wood