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Tropical Depression Debby Leaves Florida

US Judgment, 6-27-12, 1715 GMT, UW

Tropical Depression Debby Leaves Florida

June 27, 2012 (Day 179, Hardness of Heart):  The last remnants of Tropical Depression Debby left Florida's East Coast today and moved out to sea.  The center of circulation made landfall yesterday around 5 PM EDT (2100 GMT) just South of Steinhatchee in Dixie County and moved East-Northeast across the state.  Heavy rain of over 16 inches caused flooding in some areas, especially around Tampa Bay and the Panhandle East of Apalachicola.   Live Oak was flooded and all along the Suwannee River.

There were three distinct images on the satellite weather picture.  They were a large staff with inscribed hatchet, an Indian sitting on many waters on the Great Lakes, and smoke rising from the wild fires in Colorado.  The three areas symbolized Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon, corresponding to God's Judgment and Satan's control of the USA.

TS Debby, Llama, 6-26-12, 1415 GMT, UW
TS Debby, Llama, 6-26-12, 1430 GMT, PSC
Yesterday, Tropical Storm Debby appeared as a llama with its head in the Northeast and tail over Florida.  A llama is a pack animal of Peru.  However, the llama also makes a good guard of livestock.  It will protect the flock from predators, like coyotes and dogs.  It will bond quickly with the sheep or livestock and not only protect them, but also coral them like a shepherd.

So, a llama in a flock can handle security for the flock.  The llama would correspond not to the good shepherd who gives his life for the sheep, but to a shepherd who goes after a lion or a bear to protect the flock (1 Sam 17:34-36).


Tropical Storm Debbie that covered Florida from June 23-27, was simply part of the Divine Judgment of the rest of the USA.  Florida, in the region of Aquarius, was under the Judgment of Ecumenical Babylon.  An Indian over the Great Lakes, corresponding to the Prostitute of Babylon sitting on many waters (Rev 17:1), symbolized Political Babylon.  And the wildfires in Colorado, home of the high places, symbolized the Judgment of Cosmic Babylon.  The three areas of Judgment are due to Satanic control of the USA.

The llama that appeared yesterday symbolized a shepherd who fights to protect the sheep.  This would correspond to a pastor-teacher engaged in Spiritual Warfare against Satan, who controls the USA and the rest of the world.  The llama appeared after the US Supreme Court ruled on Arizona's immigration law.  In the analogy, guard llamas handle corresponding threats to the sheep in their own pasture.
The Indian sitting on many waters of the Great Lakes symbolizes an immigrant.  Although the Indians were here first, they refused to integrate into White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Culture and become citizens of Client Nation USA.  Thus, they  symbolize outcasts living inside the country, and correspond to immigrants.  During the Indian Wars, the US Government decreed the Indians enemies of the state and sent the Army to annihilate them, just as it had done with the South in the War Between the States.  The US Supreme Court just ruled that immigrants are not criminals regardless of what the laws say.  Thus, Law Enforcement, the civilian arm of the government, cannot arrest them.  So, what's the answer?  A llama?


1.  Peter Jamison, Marissa Lang, Laura C. Morel, "Debby is done but damage and death left behind emerge," Tampa Bay Times, June 27, 2012.

Released June 27, 2012

Author:  Larry Wood