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Angel of Death Strikes Florida

Angel of Death, 6-17-12, 1815 GMT, UW
Dead Man, 6-17-12, 1830 GMT, PSC
Angel of Death, 6-17-12, 1745 NOAA
Angel of Death, 6-17-12, 1815 NOAA

Angel of Death Strikes Florida

June 17, 2012 (Day 169, Running the Course):  As the Angel of Death stood by with raised sword, three people died in the Atlantic Ocean off Daytona Beach on June 17, and there were at least 100 rescues from the rough surf.  There was a strong East wind, and it was near the Full Moon, which contributed to rough seas and rip currents.  And the beach was packed for the Father's Day weekend.  In California, Rodney King, 47, was found dead at the bottom of his swimming pool at 5:25 AM PDT after a night of drinking and smoking weed.  And there were three near-drownings in Polk County, Florida over the weekend.  Today was Day 169, for running the course of life.

The satellite image showed a man floating face down in the Atlantic, the Angel of Death with sword (or spear) raised, and a staff over Indiana.  The man floating face down is taken to symbolize those who would face death in the water at the hand of the Angel of Death.  The staff with tip like a horse or elephant was over Indian, the home of one of those killed in Daytona Beach.  A staff is a symbol of ruling authority and punishment.

The Angel of Death with his sword raised is the sign of an attack.  This was the symbol of the Angel of the LORD who stood in the path of Balaam's donkey with sword drawn (Num 22:23, 31).  The Angel of the Lord wrought death and destruction to Israel with drawn sword due to David's punishment (1 Chron 21:12, 16, 27, 30).  The Angel of the LORD destroyed the Army of Sennacherib (2 Chron 32:21).  And the Lord Jesus Christ will destroy the enemies of Israel with His sword at the Second Advent (Rev 1:16; 2:16).

The Daytona dead were:

1.  Eighth-grader, Michael Nelson, 14, of Ocoee disappeared in the surf after 4 PM EDT.  His body was found the next morning.  The medical examiner ruled that he died of an acute asthma attack.
2.  Adam Wireman Jr., 66, from Livonia, Indiana died near Ormond Beach about 3:15 PM EDT after being caught in a rip current.  As he was being rescued, he lost his hold on a buoy and fell back into the ocean.  The medical examiner ruled the cause of death as blocked coronary arteries. He also suffered from a kidney problem and morbid obesity.
3.  Ritchey Dauphin, 18, of Orlando was washed off a sandbar by a large wave off Daytona Beach and drowned.  His body drifted 5 miles north.

There were three near drowning experiences in Polk County over the weekend:

1.  June 16:  A 5-year-old girl was found at the bottom of a pool in Davenport.  She was revived and taken to the hospital.
2.  June 16:  A  2-year-old boy was found floating in a pool in Lakeland and was taken to a Tampa hospital where he was in critical condition.
3.  June 17:  A 21-month-old boy fell into a pool after a 3-year-old opened the door to the pool area.  His mother performed CPR, and he was hospitalized.


The Angel of Death over Daytona Beach, Florida with his sword raised meant the Judgment of Death.  Florida in the US corresponds to the location of Greece in Europe, where a Parliamentary election was being held that could determine whether Greece stays in the European Union or deals it a mortal blow.   Rodney King, 47, was found dead in California at the bottom of his pool at 5:25 AM PDT.  The number, 47, stands for peace, which the reversionist like King does not have (Isa 57:20, 21).  The Sun was in Gemini, corresponding to California and Israel.

Three people were executed by the Angel of Death in Daytona Beach.  The asthma attack listed as the cause of death for one of them was actually the work of the Angel.  Angels and demons cause asthma.  It is not a physical illness.  The blocked arteries listed as the cause of death for the Indiana man was also due to the Angel of Death.  His kidney problem was also Divine punishment, since the Lord validates "the kidneys and the hearts" (Rev 2:23).  The punishment of children, such as those in Polk County, corresponds to the Judgment of Jezebel.  Polk County is Florida County #5, for a giant.  The Indiana man who died in Daytona Beach was morbidly obese, a sign of a giant and the opulence of the Prostitute of Babylon.


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Released June 19, 2012

Author:  Larry Wood