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Orlando Battle of the Thunderstorm

Weather Images June 10, 2012

Badger, 6-10-12, 2115 GMT, UW
Hawk, 6-10-12,1845 GMT, UW
Hawk, Fish
Hawk, 6-10-12, 1645 GMT, UW
Hawk, Prey
Thunderstorm, 6-11-12, 0117 GMT, NWS Radar
OIA Thunderstorm
Thunderstorm, 6-11-12, 0059 GMT, NWS Radar
Orlando Thunderstorm
Thunderstorm, 6-11-12, 0021 GMT, NWS Radar
Storm Fronts
. Lion, 6-11-12, 0345 GMT, UW
Lion, Phallus
Lion, 6-11-12, 0345 GMT, NASA
Lion, Phallus

Orlando Battle of the Thunderstorm

June 10, 2012 (Day 162, The End):  Powerful thunderstorms converged on Orlando, Florida with torrential rain, booming thunder, and over 20,000 lightning strikes.  Flight delays at the airport contributed to a nightmare in baggage claim for about 1200 travelers.  One house was struck by lightning and caught fire.  Orlando received .96 inches of rain.  Yesterday, Pensacola had 13.13 inches of rain, and streets downtown were flooded up to car windshields.

The powerful thunderstorms in central Florida symbolized an angelic battle, like the Battle of the Thunderstorm when Israel routed the Philistines during a thunderstorm in Samuel's day (1 Sam 7:10).  After the Philistines were defeated in the battle, they did not come back within the border of Israel all the days of Samuel (1 Sam 7:13).  Lightning symbolizes arrows fired from the Lord's Army (2 Sam 22:14-15).  The Battle of the Thunderstorm in central Florida was on Day 162, which stands for the end.

The scenes in the war between the forces of God and Satan were illustrated by an angel who was overhead.  The same angel had illustrated Mubarak on his gurney on June 6.  The illustrations are shown in the table at the top of the page.  The timeline proceeds from right to left and top to bottom.

1.  Hawk and Prey a hawk symbolizes a Throne Angel, who empowers an Evil King, such as Syrian President Bashar Assad.  A hawk attacking prey symbolizes a battle or attack, such as the attack of Assad's Syrian Army against the opposition (those seeking freedom).
2.  Hawk and Fish a fish is the food, or prey, of the hawk.  A fish also symbolizes Pisces, which corresponds to priests (Christians) and to the region of Alabama.
3.  Badger a badger symbolizes a Demon Commander and corresponds to Satan's forces identified with undermining and tunneling associated with Ecumenical Babylon.
4.  Radar Images of the Battle of the Thunderstorm (second row of Table) two storm fronts at right angles converged over Orlando.  The storm fronts symbolized Forward Lines of Troops (FLOT) lines in the Battle of the Thunderstorm.
5.  Lion and Phallus (third row of Table) a lion symbolizes a Throne Angel, such as Satan (1 Pet 5:8), and a phallus corresponds to a male.  The phallus was formed by a cold front on the left that is pushing the lion, or lioness, storm on the right to the East.  Thus, the phallus, which was apparently circumcised, and the lioness correspond to a Right Man and Right Woman who are in conflict.  The heavy rain symbolizes female promiscuity and corresponds to an imbalance between the man and the woman.


An Elect Angel over Florida in conjunction with the Transit of the Morning Star on June 5, brought rain for seven straight days from June 5 to June 11.  The Angel produced weather images of animals to illustrate the war between the forces of God and Satan.  On June 6, there was the image of Mubarak on his gurney, and on June 10 images appeared before and after the Battle of the Thunderstorm in Orlando.  Before the battle, the image of a hawk and its prey corresponded to Syrian President Assad's attack on the opposition.  The Battle of the Thunderstorm illustrated the army of Right Man and the army of Right Woman crossing in conflict over Orlando.  The battle scene included torrential rain and over 20,000 lightning strikes.  The rain symbolized an imbalance from the woman's promiscuity.  After the battle a lioness and a phallus appeared to illustrate Right Man and Right Woman, where the man was illustrated by the phallus on the left and the woman was the lioness on the right.

In relation to the Transit of the Morning Star, the Battle of the Thunderstorm on Day 162, for the end, illustrated the end of the era of War (1882 2012).  The phallus and the lioness illustrated the Right Man Right Woman relationship with torrential rain symbolizing an imbalance from the woman's promiscuity.  The water in the streets of Pensacola the day before was the same symbol (Prov 5:16).  This also symbolizes opulence in the peace that follows war in the New Era (2012 2117) (Jas 5:5; Rev 18:3, 7, 9).

Revelation 18
3 For all the nations have drunk from the wine of the passion of her prostitution; and the kings of the earth have committed prostitution with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich from the power of her extravagance.

7 To the degree that she glorified herself and lived extravagantly (or sensually), to the same degree give her torment and mourning; for she says in her heart, "I sit as a queen and I am not a widow, and will never see mourning."

9 And the kings of the Earth who committed prostitution with her and lived extravagantly with her, will weep and mourn over her when they see the smoke of her burning.

The battle scenes of angels and man are interwoven in human history.  The theme of the Battle of the Thunderstorm was associated with a Christian Right Man Right Woman relationship.  The Elect and Fallen Angels were engaged in the battle.  And the result was evidence in the Appeal Trial of Satan.


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Released June 11, 2012 - Revised June 12, 2012

Author:  Larry Wood