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Mubarak Faces Angelic Attack

Mubarak, 6-7-12, 0115 GMT Mubarak, 6-7-12, 0130 GMT

Mubarak Faces Angelic Attack

June 6, 2012 (Day 158, Levite):  As former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak faced a health crisis, the weather angels portrayed him lying on his gurney over Florida.  The satellite image was a striking resemblance to Mubarak as he lay on his gurney during his trial.  He was sentenced to life in prison on June 2 and moved to the Torah prison south of Cairo, where he suffered his latest health crisis that was described by the doctors as breathing problems, shock, high blood pressure, and depression.  He was placed on a respirator five times to help him breathe.

Mubarak's symptoms are those of an angelic, or demonic, attack.  The pressure from the Cosmic System and the demon puts pressure on the brain stem, which causes shortness of breath, like asthma.  The victim appears to be in shock because of the pressure.  The angel or demon causes anxiety and high blood pressure.  And depression is the result of Blackout of the Soul and garbage in the subconscious.  Physicians are oblivious to the spiritual realm and behave foolishly by treating the physical symptoms of a demonic attack.

The satellite image of Mubarak, which loomed over Florida for hours, was significant in the Angelic Conflict.  Mubarak was the King of the South (the pan Arabic nations).  He ruled Egypt as a heavy-handed dictator (Evil King) from 1981 to 2011.  He was forced to resign by the will of the people.  Then he was put on trial and sentenced to life in prison.  When he fell from power and was judged by the court, he became the victim of the same demonic power that he previously had.  His subsequent health problems after being judged by the court are those of demonic attack.  A weather angel portrayed the image of Mubarak over Florida to show his punishment from Satan's demons, who have used him up and are ready to destroy him.

Florida corresponds to the region of Aquarius and the Gospel, which Mubarak has rejected.  Rejection of the Gospel is the unforgivable sin.  Mubarak's Birth Chart contains the Red Planet in Aquarius, which can symbolize suffering because of the Gospel, or a martyr.  The Arab uprising that toppled Mubarak began with a martyr in Tunisia.  Also, Mubarak is in prison in Cairo, which is a delta by the sea, corresponding to Aquarius.


The weather angels portrayed Mubarak on his gurney over Florida as he suffered attacks from a demon.  The demon is taking Mubarak's breath away and causing high blood pressure and depression.  The symptoms are typical of a demon attack, but physicians are clueless of the cause, since they reject God and angels.  All physical suffering originates with God either actively or passively, and most illnesses are due to sin and the relationship to the Cosmic System and demons.  Thus, physicians are generally in the dark.  The doctors are treating Mubarak for respiratory problems and high blood pressure when he is under demonic attack.  Mubarak has a spiritual problem,  His only solution is to believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or else, he will face eternity in the Lake of Fire.

Egypt is the leader of the Arab world, which is portrayed in the Bible as the King of the South.  The fall of the King of the South is a big deal in the Angelic Conflict.  In the Armageddon War, the pan Arabic nations will attack Israel from the South.  Since this is significant, the weather angels portrayed Mubarak on the weather map with a turban on his head, like the turban of the Evil King, Nebuchadnezzar, who conquered the world, including Israel.


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Released June 7, 2012

Author:  Larry Wood