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Tropical Storm Beryl Landfall Florida

Tropical Storm Beryl Landfall, 5-28-12, 0114 GMT

Tropical Storm Beryl Landfall Florida

May 27, 2012 (Day 148, Inheritance of Levites):  Tropical Storm Beryl made landfall on Jacksonville Beach.  The eye began moving ashore at 9:15 PM EDT (0115 GMT).  Winds were 40 to 50 knots maximum.  There was minimal damage produced by the storm, which moved almost due West through Duval and Baker Counties just south of the Georgia State Line.  There were many water rescues from the rip currents on the East Coast, and one swimmer was missing from Folly Beach, SC.

Prior to Beryl the last tropical storm to hit the US on the Memorial Day weekend was Subtropical Storm Alpha in 1972 with a path near Beryl's.

After forming off Charleston, SC, Tropical Storm Beryl moved through Jacksonville and the Olustee Battlefield in Baker County to the West.  The Battle of Olustee was the most important battle in Florida during the War Between the States.  The Confederate victory on February 20, 1864 stopped President Lincoln's plan to establish a loyal government in Florida.  Six thousand Union troops under Gen. Seymour were shipped to Jacksonville from Charleston, SC.  They headed West to destroy rail lines, seize shipments, and secure the interior of the state all the way to the Suwannee River.  However, Confederate General Bureaugard, sensing the importance of the operation, sent reinforcements from Georgia totaling 5,000 troops to assist General Finegan, who commanded Confederate forces at Olustee.  The Confederate forces significantly defeated the Union forces in the Battle of Olustee, which raged from just after noon until 6 PM on February 20, 1864, Day 52.  The number, 52, stands for a wall, such as a wall of security.  Olustee is in Baker County, which is the current Florida County #52.


Landfall of Tropical Storm Beryl was in Florida on the Memorial Day weekend with a path similar to Subtropical Storm Alpha on the Memorial Day weekend in 1972.  The number, 72, stands for the Criminal Justice System, which is symbolized by the region of the southeast associated with the Levites and Pisces, corresponding to Georgia.  Tropical Storm Beryl moved inland along the Georgia State line.  Thus, landfall of Beryl in Jacksonville was associated with divine punishment due to Satan's control of the Criminal Justice System.

Beryl's landfall on Jacksonville Beach and its movement West through Olustee continued the symbolism of the storm associated with President Lincoln and the War Between the States.  In 1864 Jacksonville was in shambles and badly burned due to the Union scorched earth policy.  The defeat of the Union Army at Olustee helped protect the Florida interior from Union raids on southern crops, livestock, and produce.  The formation of Beryl as a giraffe off Charleston, followed by landfall in Jacksonville and movement west through Olustee, calls attention to Abraham Lincoln and the War Between the States.  The end of the era, which began in 1882 is coming to an end June 5 with the Transit of the Morning Star.3   Reconstruction after the War Between the States ended in 1877 as one of the last events prior to the end of the last era in 1882.  The current era of World War will end on June 5, 2012 (ref. Meaning of 2012).  So, the weather angels are calling attention to the end of the last era that ended after the War Between the States.


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Released May 26, 2012

Author:  Larry Wood