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Subtropical Storm Beryl Forms Off South Carolina

Beryl, Giraffe, 5-25-12, 2230 GMT PSC Beryl Giraffe, 5-25-12, 2245 GMT, UW

Subtropical Storm Beryl Forms Off South Carolina

May 25, 2012 (Day 146, Pregnancy):  Subtropical Storm Beryl, following its predecessor, Tropical Storm Alberto, formed off Charleston, South Carolina.  It was named by the National Hurricane Center at 11 PM EDT (0300 GMT) at 32.5 N, 74.8 W.  It is headed southwest toward Jacksonville and is predicted to make landfall in Florida before looping back up the East Coast.

Beryl formed in the unusual shape of a giraffe, the tallest land animal.  The giraffe symbolized Abraham Lincoln, the tallest US President, who was 6' 4" tall.  Lincoln's hollow cheeks and gaunt face with bearded stubble also had some resemblance to a giraffe.  The giraffe coupled with Subtropical Storm Beryl off Charleston, SC, was verification that the weather angels were pointing to Abraham Lincoln and the War Between the States.

Beryl is a feminine name derived from the green color of the stone, beryl.  The beryl stone symbolizes the Tribe of Joseph and Ephraim as the fruitful bough.1,2  Giraffes eat the green leaves of trees, such as the acacia tree of Africa.


Subtropical Storm Beryl formed as a giraffe off Charleston, SC, following the pattern of Tropical Storm Alberto, to call attention to Abraham Lincoln and the War Between the States.  That is because the end of the era, which began in 1882 is coming to an end June 5 with the Transit of the Morning Star.3   Reconstruction after the War Between the States ended in 1877 as one of the last events prior to the end of the last era in 1882.  The current era of World War will end on June 5, 2012 (ref. Meaning of 2012).  So, in order to ring out the old and ring in the new, the weather angels are celebrating by calling attention to the end of the last era that ended after the War Between the States.


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Released May 26, 2012

Author:  Larry Wood