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Tropical Storm Alberto Forms Off South Carolina

Tropical Storm Alberto, 5-19-12, 1230 GMT, PSC Tropical Storm Alberto, 5-19-12, 1315 GMT, UW Tropical Storm Alberto, 5-19-12, 2215 GMT, Navy

Tropical Storm Alberto Forms Off South Carolina

May 19, 2012 (Day 140, Passover):  Tropical Storm Alberto, the first tropical storm of the year, formed off Charleston, South Carolina.  It was named by the National Hurricane Center at 5 PM EDT (2100 GMT).  It is only the third Atlantic tropical storm in May since 1981.  Tropical Storm Alberto is moving southwest toward Jacksonville and is predicted to loop back before becoming extra tropical and blowing away to the northeast.  A loop symbolizes a criminal.

Alberto formed in the unusual shape of male genitals opposite a large scorpion.  The scorpion was opposite Camp David where the G8 Summit was being held.  A scorpion symbolizes Satan, the enemy and criminal.  Satan as world ruler is the host of the G8 Summit.  Later, the image of Tropical Storm Alberto turned into a horse, the symbol of war and a male phallic reversionist.


Tropical Storm Alberto formed off Charleston, SC, which is south of Camp David.  The storm formed in the shape of male genitals.  The name, David, in Hebrew is dw!D*, from the root which means delight from love, or lover.  The first letter of his name is the pictorial for the point of a female breast.  The middle letter could symbolize a male phallus (ref. David's Wives).  So, the relation of Camp David to the weather image of male genitals is not too far fetched.  Tropical Storm David symbolized cursing from the G8 Summit, which was under the power of the Prostitute of Babylon.  A tropical storm and the Prostitute of Babylon are female symbols, which seek to destroy the Grace-Oriented Right Man, or pastor.  The image of the scorpion facing Camp David symbolized Satan, the sponsor of the G8 Summit.

The location of Tropical Storm Alberto off Charleston is a reminder of the War Between the States, which began in Charleston on April 12, 1861.  The attack was incited by President Lincoln when he sent a resupply mission to Fort Sumter which escalated the crisis with South Carolina and started the War Between the States.  Satan as the ruler of the world (corresponding to the scorpion of today's weather image) used Lincoln.  Lincoln did not save the union but started a war and annihilated his enemies.  He was subsequently murdered by Satan when he had finished using him.  The same scenario is playing out today in Syria.

Released May 20, 2012

Author:  Larry Wood