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Navy Jet Crashes into Virginia Apartments

4-6-12 Scorpion, 4-6-12, UW

Navy Jet Crashes into Virginia Apartments

April 6, 2012 (Day 97, Reduction in Force):  A Navy Jet F/A-18D Hornet crashed shortly after takeoff into a senior citizens apartment complex in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Miraculously, no one was killed, and there were no significant injuries.  The pilots ejected safely, and the apartment residents were able to get out before the fire engulfed them.

The Navy jet had just taken off from Oceana Naval Air Station two miles away when it apparently developed engine trouble.  After dumping fuel, the jet crashed into the Mayview Mews Apartments  about 12:05 PM.  Some of the apartment buildings were immediately engulfed in flames and propane on the ground began exploding.  The crew ejected at low altitude and one of the parachutes was left dangling from the roof of one of the apartment buildings.  Local residents rescued the downed pilots.

The two-seater jet from VFA (Strike Fighter Squadron) 106, a training squadron, was on a training mission.  It crashed on April 6, where 6 symbolizes a man stripped of his power (ref. year 2006).  It carried a pilot and flight instructor behind him.  The crash site in the Mayview Mews Apartments was in the center of Fleming Circle off Birdneck Road in Virginia Beach.  Overhead, the satellite weather image revealed a scorpion over the Atlantic with a head like an angel butted up over Virginia Beach.  A scorpion symbolizes Satan, the evil one, who is allowed to administer cursing, with God's permission.

Navy Jet Crash Chart

Navy Jet Crash ChartThe Chart at the time of the crash contains an undermined Castle, a Plow, a Carafe, and a Rectangle, symbolizing a field.  The Castle corresponded to the Mayview Mews Apartment Complex.  The Plow symbolized the jet plane that crashed into the apartment buildings.  The Carafe symbolized the tanks of fuel of the jet and the propane on the ground.  And the Rectangle symbolized a field, corresponding to the crash site.   The field inside Fleming Circle can be taken to mean Flanders Field, since Fleming means from Flanders.  Flanders Field is a famous World War I graveyard.

The Ascendant was Gemini, corresponding to California and to a witness.  The Descendant was the Last Adam in Sagittarius, for an enemy attack.  The jet crash was like an enemy attack upon the citizens of the apartment complex.

The Sun was in Pisces, for Divine glory.  The crash was a miraculously demonstration of Divine punishment.  The Moon was Full in Virgo, for the glory of the woman or civil servants.  The Moon was Full at 3:19 PM EDT, which was 3 hours and 14 minutes from the precise point of Full.

Midheaven was in conjunction with the Mediator Planet, for a famous pastor.  The region of Chesapeake and Virginia Beach is the home of Church members who studied under R. B. Thieme, Jr.  And the Bottom of Heaven, IC, was in Virgo, for a mortal human going down to the grave (or pit).  The crash of the jet certainly symbolized going down to the grave.  However, the pilots bailed out beforehand, and God had mercy on the residents on the ground.

The point of the Plow is the Morning Star in Taurus, for the conqueror of the world or an empire.  This corresponds to Satan and his latest attacks on the US through the Health Care Reform Bill and Syria, where Assad is shelling his own people.  Taurus corresponds to Belgium, the location Flanders Field. Taurus also corresponds to The Hague, where the world court (of Satan) is located.


The Navy jet crash in Virginia Beach was no accident in the Plan of God.  It bore the marks of Divine punishment administered by Satan, as symbolized by the scorpion on the satellite weather picture.   The crash occurred just like the plane crash into Publix in Deland, Florida on April 2.  Both planes had apparent engine problems immediately after takeoff and never gained altitude before crashing about 2 miles from the airport.  And in both crashes, there were miraculously no deaths.  In addition, the Ascendant Sign of Gemini, corresponds to California, which is associated with Midheaven in the Florida crash and the Ascendant in the California Oikos University shooting.

The destruction of the Mayview Mews Apartment complex by the Navy jet also symbolizes the destruction of civilian housing in Syria by the Assad government.  Thus, it is Providential Preventative Suffering.  Virginia is in the region of Leo, and the Red Planet in Leo symbolizes intense suffering from a tyrant.  Thus, the jet crash in Virginia symbolized the suffering in Syria, where the people are demanding freedom in the face of government tyranny.  The people in the US are demandng the same in the case of the Health Care Reform Bill.

The Plow pointed at the Morning Star in Taurus corresponds to Belgium where Flanders Field is located.  The Navy jet crashed in the center of Fleming Circle, which corresponds to Flanders Field, a World War I cemetery.  The home of the World Court (of Satan) in The Hague, Netherlands is also in the region of Taurus (Zodiac Map).  The judges of the World Court correspond to the judges of the US Supreme Court, which is currently hearing the Health Care Reform Bill, which is Utopian Socialism sponsored by the devil.


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Released April 7, 2012

Author:  Larry Wood